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Found 17 results

  1. Can some please help me. I new to using my software and I'm trying to get my text to be 4(h) x 11(w) on my cutter. When I keep trying to put it in the program it's changing my size. Can someone please assist me with this. Thanks in advance.
  2. VolleyChick

    Fonts disappeared

    So weird - the only fonts showing when I click the dialog box are the most recently used fonts. I can't get the list with all loaded fonts. I have not made any changes to my pc or the SB software. How can I get my fonts back? Thanks! Di
  3. Kelly54487

    What fonts are in this graphic

    Can any one tell me what these fonts are? My customer had someone else create this years ago and she does not have the origional art work. I traced it in my program but the fonts are not nice and crisp. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. mcknight5


    I know a lot of you are wizards at fonts and I am as bad as can be so i thought i would ask what this font is if someone could please help. the font on the shirt not the Hat. Thanks
  5. If I have a font on a computer that I'm designing on, then save the file ready to cut, and load it to the computer that is activated to cut. Will I be able to cut that text file, even if the activated computer does not have that font on it?
  6. VinylRevamp

    Font help

    Can anyone help identify this font? Thank you!!
  7. Terrabang


    Hi all we are new to the forum can anyone help with our question that is, i would like to download more fonts than my computer or signblazer will hold. ie the files don't seem big enough to hold all the files i need, can i make the folder bigger on my computer which i am running windows vista and signblazer 6.0. i don't really want to keep changing from folder to folder can i just enlarge the folders i have. thanks terrabang
  8. This isn't a graphic request actually. It's a gift presentation of several wingdings fonts which contain a variety of Christmas-themed items, including Santas, candycanes, wreaths, candles, angels, trees, etc etc etc.
  9. tictac3410

    Identify font Please

    Can anyone tell me what font this is or something close? I looked on two different sites and I have yet to find anything close.
  10. ShowMeCleaning

    Help with fonts

    anyone know this fonts I keep getting around town. But there is tons of them.
  11. Signs and Designs

    Any idea on this font

    anyone have any idea? thanks Bob vdbheadlogo.bmp
  12. julie77

    Font Glyphs in inkscape ?

    I just purchased a few fonts because I liked the fancy swirls etc for creating vinyl graphics. I find out now that these fancy fonts can't be used in a lot of programs. I have CorelDraw 4 for designing and I can't seem to get them to work I'm also trying in Inkscape now .. but can't get them to work in this either.. anyone know much about glyphs and how to get them to work in a cutting program ? Thanks.
  13. I am looking for a font that I could spell out the Word ( Shorty ) so that it could be used like a fishing line that was cast from a fishing rod so that I could put the word Shorty in between the rod & the hook but can't find any font on Corel x6 that I think works.
  14. badass69777

    Can you guess the font?

    Trying to figure out what font this is or if its custom (the #2 on the door)..... Any help would be appreciated.
  15. [attachment=95900:18062010010.jpg]
  16. I am loading fonts into my program and when i close the program and reopen the program the fonts are not there. What am i doing wrong?
  17. Ronni

    Name That Font...

    Can someone please help me find this font..... Thank You 11.bmp