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Found 34 results

  1. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    hey guys, I'm new to the forum and new to us cutter and all! well i think i want to start this vinyl stuff and give it a try. any tips of advice? I'm thinking about getting them us cutter SC series 24" that comes with the sure cuts a lot pro software. will that work? do i need to upgrade or purchase a different software? All advice is helpful. maybe not critical a dive.. i don't want my feelings hurt on something i want to try
  2. hi all. i have an odd question, if you are starting a sign business, t-shirt business, or any side/full-time business where you will be using decals, what do you guys think is a more viable and sustainable business model: 1. - buy all your own equipment, learn the software and market yourself? - OR - 2. - outsource all your cutting needs to a cut store and then use the decals for whatever your venture is? i know it depends on quite a few factors but let's assume you have someone who knows how to operate the software and equipment if you're going the "on your own" route. i'm not sure the long-term costs of continually purchasing your own vinyl roles and machinery upgrades/maintenance, that's why i'm posing this question. any feedback is appreciated! fyi working off mac and have posted same question in mac discussion forum.
  3. Hi everyone, It's been almost a month since I started making decals and one thing I have noticed is that no matter how high of a quality your file is, if you don't have your settings setup properly, your decal will not come out well. For every decal that will be made, I have to customize the settings: contrast, soften, optimize, etc. It's a real pain when you have to make the same decal over and over to figure out which settings are best. What I want to know is: are there guidelines or best practices to adhere to when it comes to making decals, specifically with Sure Cuts A Lot, of course? What is the best file type to use? What should I set the contrast, smoothness, optimization to? Do I always have to customize those options for every decal? How do you do it?
  4. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    Does anyone know of an "affordable" stand alone software for making rhinestone templates with my US Cutter Pcut 24". I found a bunch of "add on" software but nothing in the stand alone dept. I am looking to make simple rhinestone font designs. I looked into getting templates made by a forum member on here but after two emails not responded to, I am moving on.
  5. Hi! I am having trouble with cutting software for the SC series of US Cutter plotters. Currently I have been using SCALpro as that came with my machine. I have also tried- Flexicut pro: it seems fairly complicated and will not import my scal designs properly at all, no SC model drivers Make The Cut: no drivers seem to be compatible with the SC model Signcut Pro- looked like a complicated mess. On the other hand, I have learned cutting by using a Silhouette cameo with the silhouette software, which is very easy for me to navigate. My question is this: What software can I use that is USER FRIENDLY and also has a driver for my SC model? If it can read my SCAL or .studio files that would be great so I wont have to re-do all of my files. I have tried exporting/importing as svg files and they aren't copying the cut files properly. :/ I am beginning to feel like an idiot, so thought I would check and see if anyone could help. Thanks so much!
  6. sharynallen

    sure cuts a lot

    I'm new to this vinyl world. I'm trying to import some water waves (cartoon like ocean outline) and I have on my saved art 6 different wave designs. How do I drag just one or delete the other 5? Please no laughing...this is my first time to Also, any tid bits on applying vinyl to galvenized buckets (round)? Trial and Error I'm guessing. Would love to see it go on straight, and yes I truly have watched the videos. Thanks so much!!!
  7. kmm0305

    Signblazer on a mac

    I have been using sign blazer software for years and have recently purchased an IMac is there anyway to use sign blazer software on a mac?
  8. I'm completely green to vinyl cutting. What I'm trying to do is create a template to be used to etch aluminum. What I am planning on doing is to stick the vinyl to the aluminum, then remove portions of the vinyl so that part of the aluminum will be exposed to the etching solution, while the rest of the aluminum will be protected by the vinyl. My question is which cutter would be best suited for making this type of cutting, and which software would I need/want? Just about everything I cut will be imported graphics. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. I am new and trying to find out what the best software to use is I plan on using my MacBook pro. I want to be able to be mobile and want a reliable software on the go. I currently use SignBlazer on my PC but it does not support Mac. I will be using mainly vinyl and I own a UScutter Laserpoint machine. I will be doing t-shirts, banners, decal, vehicle graphics, and signs. Thank you for you input!