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Found 105 results

  1. mcknight5


    I have a uscutter mh1351 and the mother board just whent out. I called customer service and they don't carry generation 1 mother boards any more does any one have any ideas of were i can get one. please help!!!!
  2. cut me

    refine MH 1101

    OK have this cutter (refine MH721)43" No stand Have USB to serial adapter Art cut software 2005 CORELDRAW graphics suiteX4 -☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆- Need help to get it all set up and is it worth setting up or is it to old. Any help would be great.
  3. BAM

    Please Help soon :(

    Please Help.. Why are the sizes changing when I go to cut If you see the size in design central then the size when i go to cut they change... I need The size to be exactly what it is how I made it If it changes it will not fit.... PLEASE PLEASE Help I'm supposed to have this done today and I was not expecting this problem... I Had it done already cut out then they wanted bigger letters so now i'm in a real bind.. THANKS EVERY ONE
  4. felipeagm

    MH721 AYUDA - HELP!!

    tengo un plotter nuevo mh721 MK2, al hacer la prueba de la estrella se dibuja con el recorrido del cabezal, como corrijo este problema??, adjunto fotos y video de mi problema, espero alguien me pueda ayudar a solucionarlo. I have a new plotter mh721 MK2, when testing the star is drawn with the head travel, as I correct this problem??, attached photos and video of my problem, I hope someone can help me fix it. img error video error por favor necesito ayuda, no se que hacer... Please I need help, I do not know what to do ...
  5. BAM


    Here is a great link for those of you who need help with illustrator or even those who do not and just want to learn some new things.. If you have the new CC like I do you are in luck !! Check out this link you will not regret it!!
  6. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    okay guys, i am new and i just tried my first cut with the sc cutter. NOTHING came out clean and EVERYTHING was ragged and rigged… any body know why?
  7. I am in the middle of a shirt order and the vinyl doesn't want to peel away from the plastic. I've never had this happen before. I have tried increasing the temperature and time but it doesn't seem to matter. The only way I can get it to release is by pressing very hard with the weeding tools and carefully peeling away. I am using the Siser EasyWeed in white.
  8. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    hey guys, I'm new to the forum and new to us cutter and all! well i think i want to start this vinyl stuff and give it a try. any tips of advice? I'm thinking about getting them us cutter SC series 24" that comes with the sure cuts a lot pro software. will that work? do i need to upgrade or purchase a different software? All advice is helpful. maybe not critical a dive.. i don't want my feelings hurt on something i want to try
  9. wyatt0124


    hello i am new to all this designing and what not, i will be using inkscape it looks like, and cutting from SCALP. how do i get clip art and stuff into ink scape…?
  10. opulent.designs

    Flexi HELP!! Can someone tell me how to scale using pictures like at 1:40 Of this link... Please and THANK YOU!!
  11. opulent.designs

    Need help recreating this

    Already got the hand having major trouble with the rainbow Please help... If someone can get this with the white outline I'll be in your debt. THANK YOU! hand.svg
  12. FireOnEarth

    Cutting help!?

    Hello I am new here so work with me if I am not 100% sure what I'm talking about. I am using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro and I can get the image onto the screen correctly but when I go to cut it everything cuts correctly except that the 2 and the 6 end up on top of the 1 and the 1. I have tried everything to get it to not happen this way but nothing seems to work. I have attached the image so what I am saying makes a little more sense. Also i was sent items as eps or ai (not sure what that means) and when I try to open them in the program Sure Cuts a lot Pro they are not compatible with it or just wont open in it, the only thing I can do is print them and then scan them back to the computer, what do I do?
  13. Hi everyone! I probably put this in the wrong category, but i need some advice on application tape. Is there such a thing as one "Perfect" Application Tape ? Up to now I've been making do with clear contact paper or Oracal Tape sheets from the craft store. It gets pricey this way in the long run, and I am thinking of making the leap to ordering a roll of application tape. I use Oracal 631 and I have some Greenstar that I use for exterior projects. , Once I'm out of Greenstar, I'll likely switch over to 651 for our out door projects. Here's what I'm looking for: 1-Can be used for Oracal 631 and the occasional GreenStar project. (if that's possible). 2-I'd also like it to be clear (a paper that has some transparency would be OK too) because I occasionally come up wth a design that is multi-colored so I need to see my registration marks. 3- something that won't drive complaints back to me if I have someone else do the application. 4- Last but not least, needs to be available in 15" width. I appreciate the your feed back! I'm just not sure what to order and I feel sort of overwhelmed with all choices. Thanks again....
  14. If you can identify this font i'll give you a gift find out what the prize is when you correctly id it
  15. BAM

    SignBlazer paid

    Please help, I cannot figure out why signblazer will not import any files besides raster,bitmap. NO VECTOR! I've tried eps pdf ai Pretty much every type i could think of and it will not import them even in the preview it shows the images as black!! Thanks! Where my cursor is in the second screenshot is the setting i chose( use full post script) the final screen is the result. New to sign blazer usually use sure cuts alot pro3 or Flexi but I lost the discs and dongle while moving and my computer that had the software was just wiped clean do to an upgrade! Don't have the money to get new software at the moment.
  16. im looking to buy a low end vinyl cutter. id would be using it to make stencils for airbrushing. never bigger than 11x7. or can someone make them for me for a good price?
  17. Big Rob

    total noob

    hi guys and sorry if some of this is in the wrong place..... I found your forum when doing a google search today I am based in the UK and have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and am currently buying a ce5000-60 My wife and I have been designing and making some decals for cars..... I have noticed the Silhouette studio and the Graphtec studio are like identical, however neither allow me to save a file as a vector to be used by our clothing company which is a real pain. I have tried to use Illustrator and traced my png files, and I have tried to print from the software to pdf and load it in and trace it, but I am not happy with the quality. so my questions are if your able to help or point me in the right direction. is there a way I can get all my Silhouette files to load in my Graphtec studio? ( otherwise I am likely to have t printscreen each project/layer and trace in the Graphtec ) is there an easier way to get my files to a vector file for others to work with? and any tips anyone had for me would be great many thanks in advance.....
  18. Ceddy

    Seal vinyl

    I am trying to seal a vinyl cutout to a dish. I saw online a person painted something on top so that the vinyl wouldn't peel off and I can't seem to find what product I need to use. I want to be able to cutout monograms etc and put them on some vintage dishes I have. I have used Blair spray, liquitex and several other sprays as well as heat and none of them make the vinyl not peel up. The one I have was given to me as a gift from the etsy business, but all she would tell me was that she didn't use a spray. HELP!!! Does anyone know what product I need to use. The dish I have you can't see brush strokes or even tell where something was put ontop of the vinyl, it just has no edges where it can be peeled off.
  19. cmaxey

    Shrinkage problems HELP!

    Having some issues with my Geo Knight 25s Heat Press. I'm sublimating lycra blend fabric panels, and have two different heat presses to work with. The 25s is shrinking the fabric excessively, and causing the color to come out very saturated and darker than when pressed on the other machine. We've tried pressing anywhere from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, at anywhere from 25 seconds to 1 minute. Any help would be much appreciated, as i am up against a deadline and cant find the answer anywhere. Please Help!!
  20. Hello all, My names Mike & Id just like to start off with I'm new to the page and the vinyl world as well. I apologize for posting in the wrong section ( If I even did, I tried my hardest not to ). I have done research for the past month now on vinyl and plotters ETC and having trouble getting to understand it all. I want to open a small out of home business doing decals for cars (Im on many different car pages with thousands of people on each) and maybe even making banners depending on how successful I become at it all. I also use a Macbook Pro 13" laptop and see some issues with that alone but then I see some greats and how Mac is the way to go. My overall question is I see two starter kits I feel is good but just not 100% sure for what I want to do. One is the Vinyl Cutter Bundle - Sign Cutting Plotter w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro Design Sale 31.5" Laserpoint II, Tools, Supplies, Tot Value $1,200+ Off Ebay threw UScutter and The other is the SC basic business kit. PLEASE HELP, as to not wanting to spend a crazy amount upfront and just want to get my feet wet to make back what I put into it and after that start to profit. - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE _ Mike
  21. Bionic_

    Im Such a Newb!!

    Hey!! I'm completely new to this whole world of cutters, and I have a US Cutter Laserpoint II. I need some guidance with the SCAL Pro software (or if anyone can suggest other softwares to use with it). I've been trying to cut this "Paul Walker" quote, vinyl decal for my car, but every time i import an image and try to cut it, it's just a complete mess of overlapping cuts. Is there any way to make the image a solid image and not have all the little random cut pieces in it (if that makes any sense at all) PLEASE H E L P & Thanks!! -Reina
  22. Please help! I am brand new to this thread so please forgive me if I am putting it in the wrong spot. I have a USCutter Model SC Plotter which I run with SCAL Pro. I have done vinyl designs on it for a couple of months now, upgrading from my personal desktop machine. The problem I am having is that no matter how I set my vinyl to feed through the machine, it keeps feeding crooked as it cuts. It basically starts out straight, but it is feeding at a slant. I have tried taping a ruler to be sure I am putting the vinyl straight, using every single possible guide line, adjusting the rollers to different widths, but am stumped. How can I make this machine feed straight? Can anyone please help me as I am losing so much time constantly correcting the angle of the vinyl. Thanks so much!
  23. cjdraper

    Just Starting

    I'm a designer with some sign shop experience from college and we've been having a ton of small decal jobs come in for a restaurant that we've just launched. So I've convinced my boss to looking into purchasing a plotter for our office so we don't have to continuously bother printers for these little odd jobs. Are there any recommendations for plotters on the cheaper side that produce decent work? We're not looking to purchase a $1,000 plotter or anything. Just one that can get some simple tasks done. Do you think that it's worth it to purchase a cheaper plotter? Thanks in advance -CJ
  24. Let me start off by saying hello and thank you for a great forum. I have learned quite a lot from reading countless posts. That being said I have a problem of my own that I cannot seem to fix. I recently acquired a used pcut 630 that I was told worked great when I got it. After getting it home I turned it on for the first time to verify the settings, I tried to turn the feed rollers by pushing the up and down arrows on the keypad and the rollers don't turn either direction, there is only a humming noise coming from the stepper motor. I increased the cut speed to 090 and the rollers would only move above one step and the motor would hum again. If I decrease the cut speed to 010 the rollers don't move at all and the humming is quieter. The feed rollers can easily be turned by hand when the machine is turned off, but they seem frozen when the machine is turned on. I don't know where to go from here. Any advice will greatly be appreciated.