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Found 68 results

  1. Long shot posting for a replacement pen block on a Graphtec FC5100 Ribbon is torn that connects and screws into coil. Plotter will make clicking noises but will not go down to cut. Located in San Diego
  2. I have a graphtec fc8600-160 plotter and i recently got it so i know only the basics and it say awaiting ENTER key. im not sure what that means or what it wants. If any one has had this issue before and knows how to fix it that would be helpful.
  3. I hope this finds any helpful member as I am stuck with a brick of a plotter. So, I went to update the firmware for Graphtec FC7000-130 (USB) to v2.10 (from Graphtec website) to get the perf option. Downloaded all the updates on that page (Windows 7, 64 bit) and thought I followed the instructions well, it started loading, but now it gives me 3 different errors: 1. Straight power up - [bOOT START ERROR] or 2. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [CHECK SUM ERROR] or 3. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [PLEASE SEND PRGM] - I hit PRINT from the Data File Output Utility and [Cannot Access Output Destination] Pops up. What Gives? What should I do next? I attached a screen shot of all the relevant info I could fit. Please feel free to contact me by whatever means are most convenient to you. My contact info is below. Thanks for your help! Alex Wojciecowski Socha Visual Inc. (415) 508-5927
  4. andygeekboy

    Refurb or New

    Every now and then uscutter has a refurbished Graphtec CE6000-60 on sale for $1499. Would it be worth spending the extra $250 and getting new or would refurbished be good enough for casual use? Thanks
  5. I purchased a Graphtec CE6000 a year and two months ago. I am now getting a hardware error when I try and cut and per Graphtec customer support, I need a new main board. They have no record that I registered the product within the 30 days and will not honor the two year warranty. Therefore, I am outside the one year warranty period. I have contacted their approved service dealers, and for about $900 they will replace the mainboard (with no guarantee that this will resolve the problem). I paid about $1700 for the unit. Do I try to do it on my own? (I'm not sure how to get a hold of a replacement main board and I'm much less sure about my ability to install it myself.), Do I go ahead with repairs? Is there a market to resell this until in it's nonworking state? Do I purchase a new unit (if so, any recommendations?)? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  6. DoblW

    SignCut Pro vs MacSign?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my Graphtec CE6000-60 to a Graphtec FC8600-100 or SummaCut D120 or Summa S2 D120. As a Mac OS X user and not using Illustrator, since there are now better options, like InkSpace, Affinity Designer, Graphic from AutoDesk. I'm looking for opinions from users using SignCut Pro or MacSign. Thanks.
  7. I just upgraded from a USCutter SC 48" cutter to a Graphtec CE6000-120 (also 48"), and am hoping someone can help me figure out how to cut up to 22" wide on a 24" roll of vinyl. The way the rollers are laid out, I can't cut that wide, and I've got orders stacking up. I REALLY don't want to use wider vinyl - I know there has to be a way to do this. Thanks for your help!
  8. stealey1986

    graphtex fc 3100-120 HELP!!

    hi i have a graphtec fc3100-120. its been disconnected for a few months but was working in November. i have connected it back up to the computer it was running with sign blazer but when i send a job to cut it doesn't go to the cutter and the output on sign blazer says its idle?? any ideas please cheers
  9. Where do you find replacement parts for the Graphtec cutters? The cutting groove on our Graphtec CE-6000 is pretty cut up and we are looking for a replacement part. Has anyone ever replaced the cutting groove on the Graphtec CE6000? If so, where did you get the part? Thanks!
  10. I had some clear plastic cups laying around so I decided to mock up a superbowl cup. Nothing fancy, just the two teams' logo and a super bowl logo. The graphtec can cut some fine details, my camera not so much...
  11. help!! I have a graphtec ce6000. i can't get it to cut to the edge of my 15" roll of vinyl. All settings are correct in cutting master. I was reading there is a setting I can change on the actual Graphtec, my manual doesn't supply me with those directions. Can someone please tell me how i tell the plotter the vinyl is 15"?
  12. robrickert

    Graphtec CE-6000

    Sorry for the newbie question but I searched and can't find an answer. So anyway, I'm looking at purchasing the Graphtec CE-6000 and was wondering if anyone has had any experience cutting Anchor blast mask 226 or 227 #125.....or any similar products. can the graphtec cut this stuf?? Is there any other product (besides the Anchor product) that would be comparable?? Again sorry for the newbie question. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. hi, i have an old graphtec fc3100-120 cutter. it used to be connected to a very old mac that died. now i want to connect it to a newer pc, i have got signblazer elements, got the connecter cable and linked them up, set the cutter to HP-GL mode, but now a bit stuck, someone reccomended that i need a driver for the pc, is there any free ones i can get to see if it works? and is there any other things i might need to do? thanks
  15. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro users.... How are you guys? I know using that machine can be a rough ride seriously... I have some good use from using that machine. I have lots of weird tactics I use to make that machine work luxury You need some help or got a question I can guild you to a better understanding if you feel GCRP is a machine difficult to understand. I use Illustrator full time. I have no clue about Corel.... No clue about ROBO Masters .... You use Illustrator and GCRP... I can help you out to over come some hurdles... If you can't figure out from searching through Google... I might can help you out!
  16. Does anyone have experience using the Greenstar 7010 ssb with a Graphtec CE-6000? The Graphtec specs say max thickness of 10mil and the Greenstar just so happens to be 10 mil. Bad idea? Also, this might be an obvious answer I am overlooking but what if you want to cut a stencil in a 23" x 23" area and the max carrier sheets I've seen are say 13" x 19" ? Haven't ordered it yet but I am assuming I need a carrier sheet for the Greenstar 7010 ssb? Or not because it has a kraft backing adhered? Thanks!!!
  17. Hello! My name is Casper and I live in a tiny country called Denmark, all the way over in Europe :-) I've had my little sticker-business for 2 years now, while studying at the same time. I've been using the Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Studio. It treated me very good, but while my business grew, the cutter became too small. Last weekend i ordered a brand new Graphtec CE6000-60, which i just received a couple of hours ago. Looks very good. I've noticed that the Silhouette Studio software and the Graphtec Studio software look very alike. Basicly, they're similar. I was therefore hoping, that i could open all my Silhouette files in the Graphtec software, but no. Doesn't work. Have any of y'all had any luck converting your existing files? Silhouette offers some software upgrades, i'm wondering if the upgraded software, has the ability to somehow save the files in the correct format. Here's a quick overview on the basic-, designer- and business edition features: I hope some of you will be able to help me out. Thanks in advance. Casper Lauritsen. Please excuse me for my inperfect English, I hope you understood it anyway.
  19. Hello - I have been browsing this forum, trying to learn the ropes, for a few days now. Just thought I'd say hello. I really appreciate all the helpful information here. I stumbled into this trade by pure accident... we found a Graphtec Cutting Plotter in a storage unit that we bought in at auction a couple weeks ago. I am super excited, it was truly a blessing from God because I love graphic arts and interior design and my husband is in the Auto paint and body field. We are excited to start a new branch of both our businesses using this machine. I am blown away at all the possibilities! We are having some trouble getting our new machine to work initially, but I can't wait to get started!
  20. We purchased the Graphtec CE-6000 a few weeks ago. Read the manual front to back and read the forums the same! Set the blade depth twice now according to Mz Skeeters posts! Through our experience prior to having this cutter we knew the different colors of our Oracal 651 varied in thickness and have tried adjusting the pressure as we change the colors but something just isnt working correctly when we cut smaller images... The biggest issue right now is when we cut logo and text about 1/2" -1.0" tall. It simply won't weed and stays stuck to the sheet vinyl we are pulling up. We would appreciate any and all help! Katrina & Zac
  21. The Titan 3 is recently launched so the reviews are difficult to find. I'm not sure how new the Graphtec CE6000 is? The Titan 3 is a few hundred less (looking at the 24" cutter) but rates in the "Professional" grade, versus the Graphtec in the "Shop" grade on USCutter's buying guide. The Titan 3 seems to have one advantage over the Graphtec, and that is that it can cut the 23+ mil high reflective vinyl, which I'm not too concerned with based on the work that I do. I really don't know. Should I go with what's tested and proven or newer and potentially better?
  22. This should be an easy one for the pros. I need to pickup a Clean Cut Blade for my new Graphtec. Went to the site, not sure which blade to get. What is the difference between: CB09U Blue tipped holder CB15U Red tipped holder CB30U ??
  23. This is the main board for my wife's Silhouette-SD. The inside of the USB-B connector (plastic with metal contacts-not shown) broke off inside the machine. It looks like to me that someone could solder it back together, but I have neither the equipment nor the skills to do so. Actually, I'm pretty sure I could do this, but I'm not sure I could secure it properly to the board again. Where should I go to get this done? Can I send it in? In the alternative, could I order a replacement board? I can't find one anywhere online. Thanks!
  24. I am considering purchasing a GraphTec CE6000-40 or -60. I tend to mostly cut small things and need a way to quickly line up scraps. Does this model allow you to quickly line up scraps? The great thing about my USCutter machines is on most of them you can hit "reset" and the vinyl will quickly feed forward and backward so you can eyeball the staightness. Any help is appreciated!
  25. I have a Graphtec CE5000-120 and after someone (who shall remain nameless) used it, destroyed the cutting strip, and messed with settings, it is no longer closing the cuts on letters and shapes. I have replaced the teflon cutting strip, I have changed out the blade and the blade holder, I have checked the blade and holder for dirt/vinyl reminants, etc; I have put a drop of oil into the holder, I have tried everything that I have seen suggested for people having a similar problem and nothing seems to be working. I am open to other suggestions! Thanks!!