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Found 69 results

  1. I have a Graphtec CE5000-120 and after someone (who shall remain nameless) used it, destroyed the cutting strip, and messed with settings, it is no longer closing the cuts on letters and shapes. I have replaced the teflon cutting strip, I have changed out the blade and the blade holder, I have checked the blade and holder for dirt/vinyl reminants, etc; I have put a drop of oil into the holder, I have tried everything that I have seen suggested for people having a similar problem and nothing seems to be working. I am open to other suggestions! Thanks!!
  2. So I am having trouble getting the proper settings for cutting 3M DG3 material, I have had no problems cutting 3M and Avery HIP but this DG3 seems to be a bit more tough, have any of you had any luck in cutting this material?
  3. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my questions! I am wanting to start a small business of home decor wall decals, any type of adding vinyl to wood blocks or glass crafting, and making quotes for mirrors... that general direction. So with that being said here are a few of my questions.. 1- Would you recommend the Graphtec CE6000 24" or the Vinyl Express Qe6000? 2- Would those machines be proper for the goal direction of my small business as listed above? 3- I have both a Mac and PC computer but would rather work on my Mac. Is there good software for Macs that work with either machine? Or is the best software for PC computers and what is it? 4- Finally, is there a better place online than others to buy the machines? And how often are there deals or should I pull the trigger and just buy one this week? Thanks again for your help I so much appreciate any feedback!
  4. busterbay

    Graphtec Question

    I have been saving a few pennies and I am not at the point where I am thinking about upgrading my cutter. Which Graphtec is the best ? A must have is auto registration for contour cutting.
  5. Hello, I'm a newbie poster to this forum, although I've gotten some great information from it over the years. I'm hoping I can get an answer to my current problem. I've recently moved from a US cutter to a Graphtec CE5000-120 plotter. I am using the Cutting Master 2 program to interface between my Mac G4 Powerbook (yes,a very old model, but still working great) and my plotter. I have been running a few different files from logos to designs trying to get the settings right. I am trying to print a simple design for a vinyl dance floor applique. The design is 27" wide x 117" tall. I thought I had everything in the dialogue box set right, but when I send it to cut, somewhere along the way it gets turned 90 degrees and only cuts the first 27" section at a right angle to what it should be. Here is a screenshot of the dialogue box. And what it seems to be printing is the bottom section of what is in the preview pane of the following screenshot, and then it stops. Thank you for your help. What am I missing?
  6. graphy

    Reflective Vinyl tips needed

    im using CorelDraw x6 for designs and a Graphtec ce5000-60, I just started using flexistarter10.0.3 with the Graphtec cutter plotting controller. Questions: 1. im using a new 60deg blade,blade out a credit cards thickness,force 17,speed 6 & quality1. I still get some marks/lines on the back of the carrier paper but the image is still hard to weed, what process do some of you guys use out there? should I do 2 passes with lighter force? using flexi starter better than using Cutting Master 3?
  7. Having problems installing Graphtec cutter, make sure you are not plugging it into a USB 3 (blue) port. After hours of frustration, it simply came down to switching it to the USB 2.0 port. story goes I had a computer go down and had a few RUSH jobs to do, so I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to install my cutter. I mistakenly was plugging it into the blue usb and the computer insisted i was installing a printer with problems.
  8. I picked up a slightly used FC3100-60 this weekend for $300. The owner claimed it had been in storage for 10+ years after he replaced it with a larger cutter. It test cuts perfect but I cannot get it to communicate with my computer. I have tried HP-GL and GP-GL settings. I am using the parallel interface on LPT1. The interface setting is at RS-1 (9600 8bit N H)I also tried (9600 8bit E H). I checked that the COMM settings match. I can switch the cable over to my Copam and change the settings in SB and the Copam works great. SB has a setting for the FC3100-60 and from the literature I found from GraphTec it does not need a special driver and it should work with generic HP drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Normally we can just take our equipment into our usual supplier in for whatever maintence we need, but our go to guy there is gone on his honeymoon (a three week vacation with the last week still to go >_<), and of course our new cutter decides to start giving us trouble the day after he leaves with a whole mess of orders getting backed up. We're getting a little desperate and can't wait for him to get back to fix this so if anyone here can help it would be beyond appreciated. We have a Graphtec 6000-60 that we've only had for 2 months. About a week and a half ago it started lifting the vinyl at the corner of cuts. At first it was only on the more intricate designs, the it was on every corner, then it started lifting up pieces of vinyl. Now it chews up the vinyl if we try to cut anything. We've tried putting in a new blade, switched from a 45 degree to a 60 degree, took the blade holder apart to make sure nothing was gumming it up (at first nothing was, the last two times we tried cutting it had gotten all gucked up with bits of vinyl. These were the times it chewed up the vinyl.), checked the alignment, the rollers, every part of it we can think of top to bottom. We haven't been able to get a hold of the manufacturer, just keep getting an answering machine service. Any ideas on what could be causing it? It was cutting fine for weeks, and we're at a loss.
  10. Hi All, Hope someone may be able to advise. I'm looking for a vinyl cutter that will also cut CARD, ideally 350gsm weight and above. Looked everywhere but cannot get clarification on this. Have seen YouTube video showing GCC Expert or Puma cutting card, but no info as to what weight the card was. I understand that a carrier sheet will be required and the pinch roller pressure good to keep traction of the material. Has anyone ever cut card on their cutter..? Any suggestion/advice welcomed. Thanks, Matt.
  11. Hi, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to deal with the cutting order when sending a job to Craft Robo Pro (CE-5000-40-CRP). I typically work on AutoCad/Rhinoceros 3D to generate my 2D file, which I then import into Adobe Illustrator. Following the typical instructions of setting up at Cutting Master 2 in Adobe Illustrator, the eventual job gets done without a problem. But in my case, I am looking for a particular method to speed up the workflow. The file that I that I have been working on has enormous amount of staggered cut lines (please see attached screengrab). What I have been trying to do is to find out the way to control the order of the cut. But with several attempts of trying, there are many cases that it will cut certain portion of the far left hexagon and then it jumps to other hexagon and starts cutting them. Lets say that this file can potentially be done in 1 hour, but this inconsistent jump to other cut will subtly cause a certain amount of time wasted, maybe another 15-20 minutes will be wasted for non-cutting head travel. I would like so that the machine will cut them in particular order (say from inside to out, and clockwise) so that the work flow will be a bit more smoother. If anyone have any suggestions or similar experience please let me know.
  12. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    I have a graphtec FC7000 and it does not want to turn on. i flip the switch but nothing happens but a clicking noise from the side where the switch is. does anyone know what might be the problem and if it can be fixed. sometimes we get power outages quite often actually, could this be the reason why the machine doesnt want to turn on?? Please help i have a huge project nextweek.
  13. I decided to buy a GraphTec ce5000-60 but just noticed today that there is a new cutter out there in the wild? The GraphTec ce6000! I checked the GraphTec site and couldn't find it. I did notice a small design change where the buttons and such are top, right vs to the side (right). Anyone have any specs or input on this. I'll hold off for a month or two before I'm buying. Hope it has better specs than 5000 because the price is about/is the same. I found the specs, plus I emailed GraphTec and they got to me with an email asking me where I lived so they can have the proper person contact me.
  14. This might also shed some light on these 2 vinyl cutters I had in mind to help others decide on which cutter might be for them. I have my eyes on the GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 and the Roland GX-24. From specs and such they both do the same thing but at the end I have few concerns. The key points that I like about the Graphtec vs. Roland are: For about 1,700 bucks not only do I get the stand but I get free shipping. It works very well with Corel and or Illustrator or other software like Flexi. The key points that I like about the Roland are: Name brand, been around and huge community online. Be able to find parts or able to fix it/etc. Support and Warranty? Well they both do the same stuff, with the exception of price. The concerns I have are. Can I cut vinyl with enough down-force to do the type of vinyl that it is used for Sandblasting. I will most likely be using multiple vinyls for 2-3 color t-shirt printing so accurate cuts is a must. Can I cut Magnet Vinyl (car magnet) Magnet vinyl for cars? Replacement parts are Graphtec parts as easy to find as Roland, and I’m guessing Graphtec parts are cheaper. I read something about Contouring that Roland was way better vs. Graphtec, true or untrue. What I read is Graphtec does contouring just as good. Roland uses quality bearings on metal parts (metal on metal) and Graphtec bearings on plastic (causing problems down the road) Hope that I am not asking too much of a vinyl cutter, but it would be ideal to be versed all around and put it to good use in various areas nut just vinyl decals, but t-shirts, sandblasting glass, mirrors, or even plastic.
  15. Just thought I would post this for all the people who were just like me.................dreaming, researching and trying to decide on a cutter to buy, the company to buy from, etc. I'm a newbie and just got started 2 days ago so I don't know much yet. The one thing I can attest to is that THIS company and the people in this forum have been GREAT so far. After reading, watching videos, etc I decided on the Graphtec CE5000 package deal $1695.00. I was amazed at all that I recieved with this package: Great plotter/cutter, 12 rolls of vinyl, Corel x3, clipart design software, x-acto knife, extra blades, 10 squeegees, application tape, application solution & spray bottle, weeding tool, another type of cutting tool. It is a sign shop in a box or 3 boxes! And....the FREE downloads from this site, Inkscape, Signblazer are amazing. As for support, I've had multiple people from this forum welcome me and offer help. Really made me feel great. And.....I called Customer Support at UScutter and actually got a human! Dave, I think was his name. He answered my question quickly and professionally. I may not get this dream off the ground but I do know I chose the right place to get started! Thank you UScutter and those that have helped me so far and those who will in the future. Jeff Bristol, Va.
  16. Hi there, I am so befuddled if this problem can even be solved. My intial computer for cutting was a Mac with Snow Leopard and Illustrator CS4. This worked great with my Graphtec 7000-75 and poll size works perfectly. We've just now upgraded to a Macbook Pro with Lion and CS6. I'm using the latest Cutting Master 2 v1.88. The cutter communicates with the laptop just fine, but it cannot poll size. You can click the button, but no values change. This is in GP-GL mode. I get an error when I try HP-GL. Any advice on getting poll size working on the new laptop? My last ditch solution is to put snow leopard on the new laptop, but I really don't want to roll back my OS.
  17. I am wondering what folks use as a backing material for cutting films that don't come from the manufacturer with backing materials? I am running a Graphtec FC8000-130 and I would like to cut a few specialty materials that are .0006" polycarbonate. These however don't have a backing material. What do I do if I want to run them through the plotter/cutter? Is there a material/adhesive film/transfer-tape-type-film that can be applied to substitute a "backing material"? TPD.
  18. I'm on my second pcut and they have served me well, but, I'm ready to get serious and am about to buy a Graphtec this week (possibly a Roland but pretty sure it will be the Graphtec). The big question is should I pay extra to get Corel Draw 4 or 5? Or, will Corel Draw 3, which is included free, be all I really need? Thanks! Carolane
  19. I've downloaded and installed Sign Blazer but I'm having trouble with it communicating with my Graphtec plotter. When I look at the options for the type of plotter the Graphtec isn't listed. Does Sign Blazer even work with my plotter? Also, I'm having some difficulty importing an image to Sign Blazer to cut. For some reason it still thinks the image is a bitmap. I've tried importing the image as an .ai verision 8 file and an .eps file with no success. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!