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Found 155 results

  1. Hi I'm new from Western NY. I have a small business where I need to add something more to the shop. I was thinking of making personalized mugs where someone can bring in a picture and add that image to a mug. I was also thinking of doing plaques,and plates. I also have seen wine glasses with some sort of decal added such as for weddings: names and dates. I just don't know what I would need equipment wise to do these. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! I don't have a big budget to work with so if it's several different set ups, which should I go with first to get started? Which would be cheapest to start off with and on a beginner level?
  2. Moody Blue

    Satin Black Vinyl

    Im looking for a good satin black vinyl. Needs to be equivilant to 751 or 951 being that I am using it for truck graphics. I can go with the Avery SW900 wrap vinyl but I am afraid the thickness of the wrap vinyl will be noticeably different than the 751 Cardinal Red I have for the F-150 part.
  3. abullock22

    textured vinyl

    I have someone who is looking for textured vinyl to be used on thier car for a decal - and I have never dealt with this kind of vinyl. Anyone have any reccomendations? thanks
  4. Diva D

    Wall Decal HELP

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but stumbled here because I am in desperate need of some advice and also at a complete loss for words!! (Definitely not my norm.) I had a customer write me last night and started the conversation with "Before I review this decal, I just wanted you to know....." I sell on Etsy and for Etsy sellers reviews are everything to them!!! She had said that she couldn't get her decal to stick to the wall. I use Oracal 631. So I asked a series of questions trying to figure out the problem. She did say that her walls are "slightly textured" but then went on to attach these images. This is where the loss for words came into play! In my shop policies it clearly states that this vinyl will stick to any smooth/slightly textured walls and it is not recommended for highly textured walls or in this case I would say Extremely textured walls! Any advice you could give me would really be appreciated!!
  5. Hello I an new to the forum and to vinyl cutting. I am looking to cut some stickers for a buddy and I need a good outdoor vinyl with no branding on the back paper. After the stickers are cut he stamps company information and instructions on the back. I have called a couple of time to US Cutters and have been told the 651 does and does not have oracle branding on the back not sure what to believe before I order 5 plus 50 yard rolls of it. I have been told the GreenStar does not have branding but I am not sure if that brand is worth messing with. The stickers will primarily be used on the back of cars and windows. Please help a newbie out. Thanks Matt
  6. I would like to try printing and cutting some xbox controller decals but want to make sure I have the quality I need. Going online I see a lot of these removable, leave no mess, etc etc type decals for $7 or so (see below). What vinyl would this be and is it available in 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, or 13 x 19 sheets? I purchased some 8.5 x 11 vinyl sticker paper (I only have a desktop consumer printer) from amazon but the stuff is so thin it bends after cut out and doesn't look good. It's also paper and not vinyl so that is no bueno. Thanks
  7. PhaedrusZen

    10 yard Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Home Workshop Setup

    A second rack I made for 10 yard rolls. The same setup as my 50 yard rack, but the bolts are spaced every 4 inches instead of 6 inches. Clips on the left bolts hold the reorder name/numbers for the different vinyl colors. Holds sixteen 10 yard rolls.
  8. I am totally new to the whole vinyl cutting. I have been experimenting and learning as I go. I have been building simply unit numbers for equipment. I have a request now to build DOT #'s in black with a green outline. is there a way to do this besides making the numbers in green then making them in black just a shade smaller and combining them?
  9. Recently I have come across some jobs that I have had to remove old vinyl. It sucks, there is nothing fun about it and we all know it takes longer than you hope it does. My question is What do you use to remove it? I was using goo gone just because it was what I had at the time. I just ordered a bottle of rapid remover in hopes the product actually does what its supposed to. what have you had success with ? Thanks for reading
  10. Hello to everybody So here’s the deal. Sign making or decal cutting is not something I have had experience before. I have thinking of about it last 6 months though cause it is not just seems like a way to make living, but really to do something with passion and offer people products that they really love. I have many great ideas about vinyl decals as well some lifestyle products that i really would like to offer to those who are after them. Now the good thing is that there is plenty of information around and googling alone gives you all the basics you need to start off. But there is one particular topic that cuts me off the progress at the moment and that is legality of using logos and artwork. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ As I understand (correct me if i am wrong) when you want to use a brand logo for example and sell your product there is two possible ways to do it: A) Get a permission from original holder of the copyright or B)Buy a product from an authorized distributor and sell it then. Now there is a row of questions I came up but can’t really get the answer that i am looking for from web. 1. Let’s say you want to get a permission to print and sell a logo of popular brand from an original owner. That does probably require proof of huge sale numbers no matter how good your idea is right? 2. Let’s say i want to buy a large amount of brand name stickers from a random manufacturer. How can I make sure the seller has copyrights? Do I have to ask any particular proof from seller or contact original owner of the brand logo and ask them instead? 3. How can i really determine what can I sell and what not? It is obvious that “Porsche” logo is protected but what about numbers “911” or lets say the letters “GT”. 4. Is there a thing like a logo or brand name manipulation - changing part of the logo or name. For example making a Red Bull logo but having cats’ instead of bulls. Or adding extra letter end of the brand name. For example “Apples” instead of “Apple” which of course means that an user can just remove letter “s” and still have a original name of the brand. Is it legit? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know that laws vary in different countries and there is probably no straightforward answers but I would bring as much glance into the subject for myself as well other beginners so one could make his living in honest way. Also i personally would like to create something original not to just copy others products. Any information, experience, examples or articles (if not overly complex clauses) would be much appreciated. Nice to be here and thanks in advance
  11. BlackLiteSpecial

    GreenStar 18oz Banner and FrogJuice

    Has anyone out there used the aerosol version of the FrogJuice 7000 UV resistant coating on the GreenStar banners? I am putting together a cut vinyl banner for a customer who is hoping for better outdoor longevity, and asked if I could put a UV coating on the finished banner. My research lead me to find the FrogJuice, and I've seen it recommended for not just printed banners but to help seal the edges of cut vinyl. I'll be laying down white Avery 900 series cast vinyl on an 18oz red GreenStar banner. Thanks in advance!
  12. PhaedrusZen

    Vinyl ID clips

    From the album: Home Workshop Setup

    Detail of the clips I use to make sure I know which vinyl roll is which. Also simplifies reorder.
  13. wyatt0124

    Purchase vinyl

    Where do u purchase y'all's vinyl??
  14. wyatt0124

    car decal vinyl

    what type of vinyl do y'all use for car decals??
  15. Hi, my name is Gabe and I am getting into electro etching. What I am looking for is a good source to get small, detailed stencils made. Since I do not have a vinyl cutter myself I figured this may be a good place to find someone who could help me out. I understand that what I am wanting may be too small/detailed for most/all cutters. If so then I would want to see what is possible to cut at the sizes I need. Some examples of what I am looking for are symbols like the images below. I am hoping to get them small enough to fit inside a 1 inch or so circle. Is this even possible with current cutters available? I am more than willing to pay materials/time/shipping costs.
  16. I am in the middle of a shirt order and the vinyl doesn't want to peel away from the plastic. I've never had this happen before. I have tried increasing the temperature and time but it doesn't seem to matter. The only way I can get it to release is by pressing very hard with the weeding tools and carefully peeling away. I am using the Siser EasyWeed in white.
  17. Sending a wall decal to Google's San Francisco office today. I hope they didn't use Bing to find me
  18. hi all. new to this forum, and forums in general. also new to vinyl cutting! i'm wanting to buy a good quality and fairly priced vinyl cutter/software, beginner level. open to USCutter brands or others. any support is appreciated! i'll be using the cutter to make sticker designs.
  19. BAM

    Logo Design Recycle

  20. opulent.designs

    Need help recreating this

    Already got the hand having major trouble with the rainbow Please help... If someone can get this with the white outline I'll be in your debt. THANK YOU! hand.svg
  21. hi all. i have an odd question, if you are starting a sign business, t-shirt business, or any side/full-time business where you will be using decals, what do you guys think is a more viable and sustainable business model: 1. - buy all your own equipment, learn the software and market yourself? - OR - 2. - outsource all your cutting needs to a cut store and then use the decals for whatever your venture is? i know it depends on quite a few factors but let's assume you have someone who knows how to operate the software and equipment if you're going the "on your own" route. i'm not sure the long-term costs of continually purchasing your own vinyl roles and machinery upgrades/maintenance, that's why i'm posing this question. any feedback is appreciated! fyi working off mac and have posted same question in mac discussion forum.
  22. hi all. i have an odd question, posting here (as I have a mac) as well in the general discussion forum. if you are starting a sign business, t-shirt business, or any side/full-time business where you will be using decals, what do you guys think is a more viable and sustainable business model: 1. - buy all your own equipment, learn the software and market yourself? - OR - 2. - outsource all your cutting needs to a cut store and then use the decals for whatever your venture is? i know it depends on quite a few factors but let's assume you have someone who knows how to operate the software and equipment if you're going the "on your own" route. i'm not sure the long-term costs of continually purchasing your own vinyl roles and machinery upgrades/maintenance, that's why i'm posing this question. any feedback is appreciated!
  23. My Bf and I made this in illustrator for a mining service Tell us what you think! Please and thank you!! Thinking about adding some pick axes and maybe a coal cart or something let me know what you think! There current logo is just WMT and a bull head they wanted to keep that so I did
  24. So, I made a leap and spent 500 dollars on some vinyl and IT was a freaking steal!! No, like, there is over 1000 ft of vinyl most 12in.x24in. some 24in.x24in. some heat transfer TONS OF application tape like industrial sized rolls!! So, if anyone needs some samples of colors I can help you out. Most is Oracal, some is easy weed! BUT, here is the thing not all of it is labeled sooo, i'm having some trouble finding the brand and the type; is there a way to differentiate between heat transfer, indoor and outdoor rating without markings!? Also, I have a ton of chalkboard vinyl if anyone is interested in buying some I can take pictures of what I have and upload it. I have sample squares I cut a 1inx1in. square of each sheet of color I have, no rolls yet but, I can get those going. Actually, i'm going to make a sample sheet with the squares now and take a pic.. I know the colors won't be exact but you'll get the point and if you want a color I'll list every color I have and the amount of sheets too. Keep in mind its 12in.x24in. THANKS AGAIN GUYS YOU ALL ROCK!! EACH BOX IN THE PICTURE IS FULL OF 12x24 Sheets I added a picture of the chalk board vinyl tell me if you like the project (the giraffe) I made for my Niece. Rough stages but I plan to do better.
  25. ZombieWrangler

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    I had spent way too much over the years buying vinyl graphics for my Jeep, ZombieWrangler, and with the harsh nature of off-roading they were starting to show some age, had damaged some parts, mud and dirt and many power washes had started peeling parts away. I decided to redo all the lettering at once, and figured I would outfit new newest family member, ZombieElement, I was staggered by the cost to get custom work done. I looked at the small hobby units, but it just wouldn't do the scale of my ideas. That landed me here and with a Laserpoint II starter bundle. So I jumped in head first and cleared the initial obstacles, but now I've got to step back and read a little more of the instructions. Love it so far, have made my share of dumb mistakes like trying to cut too close to the edge and not setting home point right, but so far so good. I was already an IT professional and web designer, so the setup and application use has been pretty easy. My questions are now more like 'how do you know when a blade needs changing' and what materials work best for what applications and are there speed/pressure guidelines that might work better than the default settings for some things.. Now I'm off to go read through topics, I'm sure there is months worth of tips to catch up on. Thanks USCutter, great machine, tutorial videos, and now I'm looking forward to the community. Alex ZombieWrangler