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Found 152 results

  1. wguzman

    Circle label cutting

    Hello I want a cutter for use in vinyl adhesive labels cutting 50 to 100 square feet monthly, I'm in a budget, please tell me what equipment you sugest me. Thats for circulars labels 1.90 to 5.75 inches most of them will be 2.90 and 3.75 inches. I'm not in a sign business I just need decals for warning labels for pillar candles. I will print in a wide format printer 17 or 24 inches. See the image. Thanks
  2. MMPFrankston

    Problem with Roland Versacamm vs540

    Hello Im having a problem with my VS540. When I send a job from Versaworks it will roll out all the vinyl needed for the print/cut job, then roll it back in to the base point and then start printing and cutting. This has only started in the past 2 weeks so its obviously something somene has changed in the settings. Its not causing any print or cut problems it is just anoying( especially on the larger runs). Has anyone encountered this before and if so how do you stop it? Thanks in advance! Steven
  3. nanosplit

    Best way to layer this logo?

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the best way to layer the attached logo and get it setup correctly to cut. In the past I had just cut out the various colors then aligned as best I could but I'm not happy with the results as there are little gaps in various spots, I can never get a perfect seam. I was thinking the blue first, then the black, then pink, then yellow. Only issue I'm having at this point is I can't get the blue to completely fill in so that I'm left with basically a big blue circle. I was attempting to just draw a new one to substitute in but it's actually not a perfect circle and was just having issues getting a good alignment... I'm still learning on the vector side of things, so I'm not sure if I am making things harder on myself or if this one is just a doozy! I'm using Corel if it matters... logo.svg
  4. I'm looking for an affordable solution to applying application tape over large cut vinyl pieces. I've been making text-only based cut vinyls but have been outsourcing the application layer to another company nearby. Unfortunately they can be quite slow and I would like to move that in-house. I have a 26" Big Squeegee that I tried using on a large artwork but it didn't turn out well (the center of the artwork, where the BS was centered on, was very smooth but the12" on both sides were not). From what I can see the only BS that is larger than that is the 32" but that seems like it will still be 8" short on each side for some of my artwork. Have any of you tried using a BS on such large artwork and if so has it worked? Is there another solution? I'm also considering getting the APPRoller which seems like a possible solution, but I'm just worried about using it on very long pieces. Would the height of that be enough to prevent accidental application on longer (50-100" long) decals? If not have you come up with a work around? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone, I've been vinyl cutting for 3 months now and been learning every thing the hard way but good lessons have been learned. I have One older desktop and one new laptop that i bought so i wouldn't have to lug my desktop around to fleamarkets, tradeshows etc. So I was wondering, has anyone deactivated SCAL Pro on their Computer to use it on another. I am afraid of losing all my saved work on the program. Any information that ya'll can share would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Marc
  6. galaxygraphics

    One of our shirts!

    A shirt we did for my girl! Let me know what you think!!! J&K Rosewood.pdf
  7. definitivegraphix

    Where to buy, and which brand?

    Hello, Im pretty new to the game, so what are some of the best websites to buy adhesive vinyl rolls? besides UScutter of course! Im mostly going to be making decals for snowboard companies, and a few job signs here and there. Also maybe doing a few lettering/graphic jobs for different company vehicles ..... which brand or specific adhesive vinyl would you recommend? Thanks!
  8. katebisih

    Vinyl Cutter

    Hi everyone I am new here and have a few questions: 1. My rollers seem to be leaving marks on the vinyl. Is this normal or is there a way to adjust them and if so how? 2. How much vinyl is needed per cut? For example when the cutting starts the vinyl rolls in and out a few times and I can't seem to get it to cut at the ends so I am loosing a lot of vinyl. Any tips on this? 3. Where does everyone get their monogram fonts? 4. What settings should the cutter be on an dhow are those adjusted? I know the set-up guide said 500 and 100 but is this what the majority uses? Thanks so much to everyone reading this and hopefully I can help answer one of your questions one of these days!
  9. Hello again, I have been battling with a 4 layer piece of vinyl all day and have been scratching my head as to why it isn't working. I keep getting air bubbles and wrinkles in the second and third layers. I have tried to install wet and dry and have had no luck. Wet worked a little better but kept drying while I was positioning. If a flood it with app fluid I can get it placed correctly but then when I remove the app tape it pulls on some spots and creates bubbles. I just moved into a new building and it is hotter inside then I would like. Here in California the summers are hot and I know I can only do outside installations in the early morning or at night. I want to know if anyone else has had trouble with heat or cold when layering or installing vinyl and if so what temperature is too hot?
  10. Man I have been needing a lot of help, I am still struggling with pricing, I got a call today for cut vinyl on office windows. 6 windows total, two with their logo 26" x 26" and 4 with text. Most are 6' tall and they want the font big. I estimate 4700 square inches of vinyl and 1.5 hours labor to install. What do you guys think?
  11. xobeckaxo1

    Copam Help!! (please :) )

    So I recently posted about going from an MH to something else I ended up with Copam 3050. I came into the forums read around got it set right cut a good 10 decals turned it off for the night. Come back on today and now it either says it's cutting and it's not doing anything or I have been trying to cut something 15x30 and it's jumbling it (cutting it ontop of what it's already cut) on a 12x12 portion of the vinyl. I slowed down my speed, lowered everything like some forums suggested to get it going that's how I got it running today. Now i'm confused. I run Sure Cuts A Lot Pro never had an issue like this....
  12. ladymare

    Racing Stripes

    Hey everyone, I've never done any wrapping or anything before and I've researched this out for a few days now. I have a buddy who wants to put two red racing stripes on his mustang. He was quoted in the thousands of dollars by a company to do it. Then he found a place online to sell him a DIY kit. Even that kit was astronomical. I know I can just order him in some cast vinyl, but which is going to be best for these stripes? 951? I'm a fan of Oracal so I've only stuck to what I know there. Does anyone else have experience with 3M or FDC cast? Any input here would be great. Thanks!
  13. wrighteer474

    Choosing the Right Vinyl Art for You

    Wall art can look great in any room or any area of your home or office, but choosing the right wall piece for your space is critical. Quotes, monograms, images and shapes are available in numerous designs. However, prior to deciding on a particular design, there are some things that need to be considered. First, consider where you will place your wall art. You wouldn’t place the same design in the living room as you might in a child' bedroom, and vice versa. Consider the coloring of your walls and furniture to find a vinyl color that would accent nicely. Consider the theme of your home; would a simple, clear vinyl quote look best? Or perhaps a more artsy, curly, elegant look? Second, look at the size and area of your space. You want your wall art to fill the space, but not overfill. Try to leave at least 2 inches of blank space around the wall. You also don’t want to apply a vinyl decal that is too small if you have a large surface to work with. Consider the rule of threes when choosing which vinyl décor to use. You want your wall art to take up no more than 2/3 and no less than 1/3 of your wall space. Whether your space is an entire blank wall, or merely a small area, the rule of thirds remains the same. Remember that wall vinyl is always removable, changeable and easy to update, but you want to find something that looks great all year long. One of the best uses of these vinyl quotes is to apply them in a child's room. Bright wall art provides a great way for children to have something interesting and inviting on their walls, but adheres so smooth, it is virtually impossible for them to peel off. Then when the child gets bored with them as they grow older, it is very easy to change the existing design to something that is more appropriate.
  14. Hi everyone, I just got my US Cutter MH 871 in the mail yesterday and I'm interested in doing reflective material. I was wondering if anyone who has the MH 871 has cut reflective material and what speed and pressure I would use. Thanks!
  15. livingagain75

    I ran out of Oracle 751 but still have 651

    I want to put new graphics on my Mustang but am afraid the 651 will harm my paint. The surface area will be straight and I will have the design on for 1 year. Thank you for your time.
  16. LMG0822

    Newbie - Please Help

    Hello. I have been researching different vinyl cutters for over a month now and still have no clue which one I should get. I have found that there are good and bad reviews on basically every company and every machine. Im trying to keep the price at $600 or less. I make (and sell) wreaths, signs, decorations, etc..As my business is growing I now have a higher need for a vinyl machine. I want a machine so that I can do my own customizing instead of having to get someone else to cut my stickers (Of names, quotes, etc) My husband is a sports coach, so I was hoping to also be able to make things such as magnets, decals, signs for his team Basically, I would mainly use the machine for smaller objects (20" or less), but I want to have the capability of making something larger (48" or so)if possible Another question I have is - (I hope this makes sense) Does a larger machine do just as well with smaller projects as the smaller machine. For example, would a 12" decal look the same if cut with a 54" cutter vs a 28" cutter? Would the lines/curves be as sharp? Any advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance!!
  17. This might also shed some light on these 2 vinyl cutters I had in mind to help others decide on which cutter might be for them. I have my eyes on the GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 and the Roland GX-24. From specs and such they both do the same thing but at the end I have few concerns. The key points that I like about the Graphtec vs. Roland are: For about 1,700 bucks not only do I get the stand but I get free shipping. It works very well with Corel and or Illustrator or other software like Flexi. The key points that I like about the Roland are: Name brand, been around and huge community online. Be able to find parts or able to fix it/etc. Support and Warranty? Well they both do the same stuff, with the exception of price. The concerns I have are. Can I cut vinyl with enough down-force to do the type of vinyl that it is used for Sandblasting. I will most likely be using multiple vinyls for 2-3 color t-shirt printing so accurate cuts is a must. Can I cut Magnet Vinyl (car magnet) Magnet vinyl for cars? Replacement parts are Graphtec parts as easy to find as Roland, and I’m guessing Graphtec parts are cheaper. I read something about Contouring that Roland was way better vs. Graphtec, true or untrue. What I read is Graphtec does contouring just as good. Roland uses quality bearings on metal parts (metal on metal) and Graphtec bearings on plastic (causing problems down the road) Hope that I am not asking too much of a vinyl cutter, but it would be ideal to be versed all around and put it to good use in various areas nut just vinyl decals, but t-shirts, sandblasting glass, mirrors, or even plastic.
  18. d0m0nic

    I made a website!

    I have been working on making my own website to sell my vector images for use with cutters. It has taken ages bu has been fun, here is the result: I am still workng on the style and colouring as it is based on a pre made template from Shopify and I have lots of designs to add but it is tried and tested and working well. Here are a couple of files I have in the shop:
  19. 65rambler

    Just starting out

    I'm just starting to get my mh 871, so far i've made a few demolition derby roof sign stencils with it, and i'm now starting to some vinyl skulls for my local fire department, i've also modified my own welding helmet with a design that was prior to the fire department design.
  20. Here is a little video I did with a time lapse of weeding a project for a shirt.
  21. mrrask

    where to buy 3M Di-noc sheets

    Hi all. Have a small business make skins and covers for devices. But i need some place to buy 3m di-noc film sheets like 122 x 5 meter or smaller pieces instead of a whole rolls. The series i want is metal, fine wood, leather, carbon and matte single color Does anybody know a place it would be nice to know. Now i have been looking all over the internet, could only find wood, metal, and carbon. Now is my question, what is the best alternative to 3m dinoc film single color and brushed metal. what i need i alternative which is also thick like dinoc, and have the same attributes like if your are heating it you can change the form shrinking. Thanks.
  22. Hi I'm Jude and have been drawing vector files since 2000 for the sign, engraving and print industries. If you have a vector graphic but can't cut the right objects, I can make it cut-ready. Raster to vector conversion is what I do. If you need a bitmap image "cleaned" up and redrawn in vector format I can help. Even if you don't have the actual graphic (e.g. if you only have a photo of a truck with the graphic sign on the truck) I can reproduce the vector art. I can be your online "fix this graphic" person. See samples
  23. I am looking for a machine, manual or electric, that will assist me. I purchase bulk rolls of vinyl and cut them down into smaller rolls for resale, to be more cost effective for the smaller businesses. I am trying to find a machine that will allow me to transfer from the bulk roll to a smaller roll, and also be able to measure the smaller rolls. I carry approx 25" wide rolls and 15" wide rolls. The length is 25 meters, so they are not the huge rolls, and that is what I get when I search online. Searching for rolling machines gets me a lot of information about "cigarette" rolling machines... Thank you for any help..
  24. airhead101

    vinyl decals

    What type of vinyl is used on motorcycle helmets
  25. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I'm mickey and new to the cut, press game but i am excited to try my hand at this. I just got into some low end equipment to wet my feet. A simple 15X15 shirt press, and hat press and one of the low end US CUTTERs in the 28". Hope to learn a lot from this forum and pray that I can get some cool clothes out there. Anyone in the Columbus Ga area, I would love to talk to ya and get some inside tips