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Found 42 results


    Cutting in sections

    I have demos of each version of Vinyl Master. The tiling feature which you are referring to, is available in Vinyl Master LTR on up. You can also download the demos and check different features. Higher versions have more features. What do you mean that you can't transfer Flexi over? Why can't you run the Titan on the Flexi computer? Many were using the Copam 2500 driver to run Titan vinyl cutters. (at least they were doing that with the Signblazer software)
  2. slice&dice

    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    Design software is really more about personal preference than anything else. Yep, that's why I stick with SignBlazer. Cartoon interface, but I like it. By the way, you can try calling USCUTTER and speak with a sales rep to work out a discount pricing deal on the equipment & supplies you'll need. Right now, free shipping on material orders (not machine) over $99.00 (vinyl, HTV, weeding & cutting tools, app tape, banners, magnets, coroplast sign blanks, etc.) You can also save over a hundred and fifty dollars by getting one of the REFURBISHED units they have available.
  3. slice&dice

    So much out there.

    Your first order of business is to redo the graphics on the window and reapply them correctly, with improvements YOU create. Fonts are a world unto themselves. I've managed over the years with the standard set installed by SignBlazer (about 200 styles). Many people (including I) have used the MH profitably and successfully and US CUTTER brings vector plotting to the masses with their VM software partnership and offering the line-up from Mh to SC2 to LPIII. Upgrade to Titan? There's an old saying, don't try to fix what ain't broke.
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer signblazer&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and

    Titan 3 Cutting Issue

    I have read that many times on here, where people didn't want to relearn a new software, with the Titan cutter and they were using the Copam on Signblazer. I have even told people that before, because that is what they stated they used.
  6. I am trying to cut a file in VM Ltr. where the letters are positioned to cut conserving space(less vinyl waste). What I'm doing is, cutting the DROP SHADOW portion of a file with 15" letters which I want at apply, then place drop shadow pieces separately. Will take longer but, can't figure out how to do this. Can this be done in Ltr. version (or Signblazer) with Titan 2 cutter. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Does Signblazer work with the new Titan 3 cutter?

    Using SignBlazer...hate to change programs because I love it. Will it work with the new Titan3 cutter?
  8. Very disappointing though. Of course the 12th is Friday so that means I won't see it till probably the end of the following week... Yeah I've been wondering about the application tape (masking?). Do I need some kind of dispenser? Is that necessary? I'm sure my husband can build me one easily w a big dowel. And I need my work surface / table. I already downloaded signblazer and VM cut. I plan on buying VM Pro at that discount price of $299. But I can play with the other options first. Already read the Titan manual. There wasn't much to it. But I'll keep it on hand. Anything else you can think of?

    summa D60 - any good?

    I found the T140 user manual and it had a copyright on it of 1999. Many cutters can be ran on the same driver for many years. Did you try it? Many years of Graphtecs CE and FC are running on the same drivers. There are also some Roland generic drivers. In todays use, many people wanted to stay with Signblazer software, but they bought a Titan vinyl cutter. They are using the Copam 2500 in Signblazer.
  10. Vector

    Signblazer on Table Titan

    Has anyone had any luck using SB on a Table Titan? I searched the forum and found a post about how to for a Titan 2 and I tried that and it seems like SB sent the "command" but my cutter didn't do anything I have done a test cut through inkscape so I know the cutter works , just really love SB and would hate to move on to SureCutsalot
  11. Looking to step up to a shop series or professional cutter from an entry level/value cutter. I've got a 7 year old 24" PCUT that has gotten me by until now. I need a cutter with better cut quality, faster inches per minute without compromising cut quality and less noise is a plus. I currently struggle with precision, production time and limitations to jobs. I'd like to be able to do more precise images, produce more quantities and take on the larger jobs. I've exhausted fine tuning the PCUT many many times to still get disappointed with the cut quality with clean cut blades, pressure, blade exposure, offsets, speeds and so on. My budget is about $2K, lower the better. I've looked at the Titan series 1-3, Graphtec CE-6000 and the Mimaki in that price point. My main needs are to stay in the 24" cutter range, precision cuts, faster speeds, less noise and no need for contour cutting. I mainly use 651, and I'm the type to keep usable scraps for small jobs. I would like to be able to move the pinch rollers for that reason. From what I've seen in pictures, the roller positions are limited on the Titan series? Most jobs are small quantities and sizes but about once a month or so, I will have a bulk order request of 400+, detailed cuts and or large cut requests. Correct me if I'm wrong, I see that the Titan series uses VinlyMaster, Graphtech uses SignCut and the Mimaki uses Simple/Fine Cut. My question is, how is the transition and learning curve from using Inkscape & SignBlazer for 7 years? Are the programs easy to transition to and learn? SignBlazer files to the new programs? I'd like to hear some pros and cons and comparisons if you've had experiences with the cutters. If I missed anything, please chime in. Please let me know your thoughts to which cutter and why. Thanks!
  12. Ok, so I've read through all the threads about connecting a Titan cutter with SBE (I'm another die hard). I had it up and running using everyone's great advice and was thrilled. I went to bed after a long night's work and when I came back the next morning to get started, it showed the Titan as being "offline" in Devices and Printers window. Nothing I did seemed to revive it (unplug, replug, remove USB, plug back in USB, reboot machine, turn cutter on and off, etc.). So I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Whammo - seemed to get it back up and going again. Sweet. Fast forward a couple of days and I had the same problem this morning. So I go through all the same process again and now when I send a cut from SBE, I get a Windows error stating "Error Printing on TITAN-720i - US CUTTER Titan 24 The printer couldn't print SignBlazer". I am at my wit's end as I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, using a different computer, etc. etc. Any ideas from anyone would be a lifesaver as I have also spent a chunk of my morning trying to move a couple of my designs in to the Vinyl Master software that came with the Titan only to have HORRIBLE quality cuts from the vectorized images. Have orders that need to go out today so looking forward to your feedback. ALSO - would be totally willing to go back to another MH721 if that's all I can get to work with SBE. That's how much I want to keep using this program. I honestly wouldn't have even switch to a Titan from my MH if it hadn't totally died on me. ONE MORE THING - just to be clear, I am using a 28" Titan, I have my baud rate set at 38400 (same as the cutter), I am using USB port 1, and I have installed the drivers for the Titan from the USCutter website and installed as administrator. All of that worked before - none of it is working for me now.

    Titan 3 start up

    Many are using Signblazer with the Titan. They are using the Copam 2500 as their set up. Many same drivers work for different cutters.
  14. STUF"N"MOR

    Titan 3 start up

    signblazer has no cutter option for Titan 3
  15. I have been using SignBlazer for a several hundred years (it seems like). It sucks I cannot get my Titan 3 to work on it so I am forced to upgrade this new program "Vinyl Master" to do everything SignBlazer can do free. I realize I can continue doing everything in SB and just import it into this VM Program. which is what I will have to do anyways since my files are saved in SBE rather then eps. (what a headache) hopefully someone has came up with an easy solution to this. right? anyway my main question is what upgrade do I have to purchase to get it to work like SignBlazer? I use almost all the features on SB ---F.Y.I If anyone says I have to purchase the DSR version I am totally punching the first person I see in the face I will really miss the workspace feature on SB as well as my customizable right click menu. Ps. Hello to all the "O.G." members on here, much respect for those of you who have continued to help everyone with becoming successful and answering tedious questions. Hats off to you, you have a big heart! -Much respect.
  16. jet1012

    SB with Titan 2

    My laptop fried last week, bought a new laptop and trying to get my Titan 2 to cut with Signblazer, seems I can't find right ports to cut with. Has anyone successfully made this switch? Otherwise, any tips how to transfer my files over to VM? I am not having luck there as well. Thanks for any help
  17. slice&dice

    Any help please!

    VinylMaster Demo allows cutting or saving? I seem to recall the Demo/Trial version had those disabled, but I could be wrong. SignBlazer is an alternative software that'll work. Try using Copam driver for Titan.

    Pulled the trigger today

    Anybody seen these ongoing issues with SBE using the Titan cutter? Hoping for some answers. I got it to work for a few days, but now it keeps putting the Titan as "offline" and when I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers (which I finally got to work from some help off of another thread here), now it keeps giving me an "Error Printing Signblazer" message every time I try to cut.
  19. mb20music

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    Did you try using different software, such as Signblazer, it is free if you want to download it and try it and that way you can rule out it being a software issue. If it turns out not to be a software issue, it might be time to consider upgrading to a Titan or better yet Graphtec cutter.
  20. ok first let me explain what I am doing,I am trying to get my titan 2 to work with signblazer and I know on my copam the baud setting on the cutter had to match with signblazer and I could adjust it on the cutter and on the signblazer set up page.It was always 9600 on the copam but on the titan 2 it is 38600 I think I matched that and still no ability to cut.I got everything set like on the thread I seen the setup of someone else who is using signblazer with the titan 2.I will keep playing aroumd I am sure I am just missing something
  21. Dakotagrafx

    driver for titan 2

    not sure but think people was using the copam cp 2500 with signblazer. signblazer quit develpment about 7 years before the titan was thought of
  22. First impressions of LPII --- Substantially quieter than both the SC and MH units I've had. The keypad is the same basically as the SC, and there's the same awkward key combination in order to set the origin. It's running fine with RedSail driver. I very much want to migrate into VinylMaster, but I'm still knocking around with SignBlazer, it's like an old comfortable shoe. Best feature so far --- the spacious upper tray which holds tools very well. Oh, by the way, I went with the LPII and not the Titan 2 servo, because there's no 34" size Titan 2. If there had been, I would have gotten it.
  23. Right now i run a small sign shop as a side job and i gain more and more business. I started with a cheap cutter and signblazer. I used that for the first 3.5 years and finally decide to upgrade my cutter. I bought the uscutter titan 2 28". About the same time i started thinking about upgrading my software and i ended up buying Vinylmaster Ltr. The problem is i find my self doing more and more jobs that involves tiling. Ltr does not including tiling so i have just duplicated the objects cut them in half and then matched them back up. My question is.......i'v never had the tiling feature so is it worth it or is the way i'm doing it now going to be almost the same? Is upgrading to vinylmaster pro worth the $275? i've tried to look at the differences between the two and nothing really sticks out that i need. But i'm fairly new and self trained thru youtube so there might be a whole lot of new tools that i'm missing out on that could make my life alot easier? Any input on this subject would be appreciated!
  24. Lou

    SignBlazer files

    I currently have a MH871 and SignBlazer. I am looking into upgrading to a Titan or a Graphtec. My question is will my SB files transfer to be usable with one of these? Thanks
  25. slice&dice

    Signblazer on Table Titan

    Let us know when you get it connected finally --- there are several threads concurrently running with you seeking advice on having SBE and the Titan to get talking to each other.