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Found 374 results



    Maybe try 2 passes instead of just 1 pass.

    Return to beginning?

    That is something in the in run 2 passes... then it will do both passes. 1 after the other.. I don't use Signblazer, but take a your cutting features.
  3. JessXEmoji

    Cutter Tracking Help

    I've been practicing cutting large vinyl designs thats 20" W and 120" Long. However my SC Cutter will not keep the vinyl straight. After a few passes from front to rear the vinyl moves over about and inch. I've tried adjusting the rollers etc...And it'll stay straight for one pass but SCAL likes to cut from front to rear and those extra passes aren't helping me out. Is there any tricks I can do for such large designs on the cutter? And is there a cutting software that cuts just from front to rear and not back and forth? thanks.
  4. SeeJaysPlace

    Sandblasting wood - Which mask?

    I have 2 .09 blade holders one has a crappy 45blade in it and the other one has a clean cut blade in it! One i only use for HTV, 631 and 651 - stock blade that came with the machine The other one i use is for Htv Glitter, Sandblast stencil, and Cricut Crafting Crap for my mother! - my clean cut blade! I should of done 2 passes but i didn't i only did 1 at the time but i used the 31 of force and speed of like 8 or 10 not very fast! It would of came out better if i would of done 2 passes for sure so i did the 1 pass and pealed it off and put it on the granite, and then i weeded out the letters once it was on the granite! I will show more images later tonight when i go and get it sandblasted! I'm kinda exited actually 4pm can't come soon enough
  5. dcbevins

    Big Squeegee Tools

    Thanks for the input. Are you using something like this pshawny? I generally have smaller roles of transfer tape than the size I am using so I end up making two passes. Will a BS be useful when my tape isn't as wide as the graphic and I have to do multiple passes or should I just start getting bigger tape? I am tending toward the Big Squeegee Cut Vinyl/Tape Applicator Tool, 32", but the 18" Rivet/Dent tool looks like it would be easier to wield for smaller things. Would both be redundant?
  6. Our little niche is strictly reflective decals. I've been playing around the past 2 days on settings with just the 45° blade. I can cut 5 mil 5500 in one pass at 450g downforce at a speed of 200. The laminated and printed stuff is quite the challenge but at 375g and two passes at a speed of 300 rocks the cut pretty good. I'll get this batch cut and then switch over to the 60 as some of the intricate details are not quite as clean as I'd like...really good but just not quite where I want them!
  7. Ironbar

    Cut Studio

    kayhold, The picture you show is CutStudio. I just bought a new Roland it only came with CutStudio. No SignCut for me. They just upgraded it to 3.0 which is a little better but not much. I can deal with most of its quirks except I have to separate out the colors before I send to CutStudio because it won't import them. Lame. What really does not make sense to me is: In CutStudio you can manually change the colors and then cut what you want. I don't get it. I don't know why Roland does not give VeraWorks with all of their products. With CutStudio you can't even do perforated cuts without doing two passes but you can with VeraWorks.
  8. MadHatterGraphix

    Another sad day for me

    That is an understatement. Jan Mom loses half her foot Feb Mom has heart attack makes it through April Trouble one of the family cats passed away May 19 dad gets hip replaced May 25 Mom passes away July 22 uncle passes away Do I get a no problems for the rest of the year pass?
  9. mxracer394

    Quick bubbles question

    I have always had trouble with racecar decals having bubbles. Most have always been multi layered but the other day I did a simple single lay decal and it had bubbles. I don't apply them wet seems to turn out worse for me. I use mostly greenstar vinyl and app tape. Majority of the time I have to use two passes of app tape due to buying 12" tape and doing 21x33" numbers. Is haveing to make two passes with the app tape cause the bubbles?
  10. I always cut two passes when cutting Flock,just to make sure no lil fiber hang tag is present,
  11. I don't have a LP11, but doesn't your cutter have a TEST option on it? Most all cutters do. As far as the flock.. have you tried to cut 2 or 3 passes , instead of 1 very deep one? ... I have read several times, that people do that with flock and other thick materials.
  12. Hello, Sorry for the long post. Just trying to give as much info as possible up front to minimize any followup questions. Summary: I'm new to the forum and this is my first experience with a vinyl cutter. I'm having issues cutting small circles consistently and would love some help and suggestions for tuning the equipment and settings to get the best possible cuts. Background: I purchased a new Graphtec CE6000-40 and I'm cutting using Adobe Illustrator and Cutting Master 3 software/plugin. I'm cutting Oracal 951 vinyl. Attempting to cut small circles, 5mm in diameter. The circles are set up in groups of 3, spaced about .5" apart. The issue I'm having is that the third circle in each set is showing what I would call a blade mark, or what others have described as a "hangnail" or in complete circle. For whatever reason, this is ONLY happening on the third circle in the set. The first one is fine, the second is slightly worse, and the third is unusable. What's also interesting is that the problem gets progressively worse on the right side of the sheet vs. the left. In other words, the third circle in each set is the worst, but the third circles on the right of the sheet are worse than the third circles on the left of the sheet. I watched the movement of the blade and the third circle is the last circle it cuts in the sequence before it moves to the next tile. It's almost as if the machine is "rushing at the end" to move to the next tile and that's why it's imperfect. (Although I know that's probably not really what's happening.) It may seem minor or that I'm being too picky, but the fact that the first circle is perfect leads me to believe that they can ALL be perfect. I'm viewing the circles under a loupe, and also under a 10X macro lens. That said, the issue is still visible to the naked eye upon close inspection. I've read a lot of info on the forums here and I think I have my blade height set correctly. I've also experimented with various speeds and levels of force. I checked the file - it's nice and clean. It's just a simple circle drawn in Adobe Illustrator. There are only 4 nodes on the circle. I've attached some macro shots to show the issue, along with the EPS file that I'm cutting from. Details: Here's are the details of my equipment and settings: Graphtec CE6000-40 Cutter Blade: Graphtec CB09U-K60 (60º, 0.9mm) Condition: Blade: Graphtec CB09U-K60 (60º, 0.9mm) Offset: 0 Speed: 1 cm/s Acceleration: 0 Cut Force: 10 Passes: 1 Tangential Mode: Off Tool Setting: Step Pass: 0 Offset Force: 2 Offset Angle: 0 Initial Blade Position: 2mm Below When Tool is Up: Speed: Auto Advanced: Move Step: 0.1mm Step Size: 0.010mm -------- Any help or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. small-circles.eps
  13. I'm sure flexi will have multiple pass options somewhere. I use SignCut Pro and just set it at two passes. It took a few test cuts on scrap to figure out the sweet spot on pressure. The other little thing I would caution you on is the claimed down force is 750 but Chinese workmanship is notorious for being less accurate so I would wonder of that is actually up to par as compared to an FC machine. Even the True tangential Summa cutters only put out 600g force and they will chomp through some thick stuff. I am not knocking the Chinese but I tend to doubt the claim.
  14. Two passes at a lighter setting is what I do when I find a situation like that.
  15. mfatty500


    I don't use that brand of plotter, but a good sharp 60* degree blade would be where I would start with, you'll have to experiment until you find that sweet spot. What brand of glitter vinyl are you using? Sometimes you may have to make 2 passes, let the machine do the work, not the blade, (as in to much exposed) I have cut thousands of yards of the stuff with very little troubles, other than dull or bad blades.
  16. Hello, I am having extreme problems registering a contour cut on Printable Glitter Heat Transfer Material on out Titan3 ARMS Plotter. It seems that the plotter will not recognize the printed registration marks possibly because of the reflective qualities of the material. It passes the registration marks up and starts looking along the edge of the material or refuses look go find them at all. Has anyone had this problem? I have found a work around but it involves a lengthy process of adhering white calendar vinyl onto the glitter material and then printing, then cutting. Too much time. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Charlie
  17. signyouup

    New from Southern California with questions too

    For cutting the Mylar on your machine you could try using multiple passes on the cuts.
  18. storm2313

    Any suggestions when cutting polypropylene?

    The substrate has a clear backing layer. I've cut it in one pass with ease, but I do notice a very slight dimpling in the material where the cut line is. I didn't know if this was normal, and decided to ask for some advice. How do I set up the CE-6000 for two passes with lower pressure. I'm using VM PRO. Thank you for your assistance.
  19. Wildgoose

    Any suggestions when cutting polypropylene?

    You are just going to have to work into it with test cuts. If you end up way up in pressure you might find that 2 passes at a lower pressure will get better results than one high. When I cut stencil material I use clear backing from regular performance vinyl most of the time and I keep a small piece after the job and leave my cutting force and speed written on it with a sharpie so I don't have to go through that every time. 6 mil is pretty thin so I would think one pass will work. Does your product have a carrier sheet?
  20. What's the difference between Oralite 5500 and 5600? What do you guys use? Do you have any tips or tricks for cutting reflective vinyl? I've been cutting on some Oralite 5500 and it's a huge pain. I've adjusted the blade and pressure but I'm still having to make 2 passes to be able to weed it. I'm also getting some lift in the corners. I've moved the blade in very VERY slightly (Talking 2-3* turn) and it doesn't cut all the way through. I've upped the pressure and it still doesn't help, I'm even doing 2 passes. Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice to provide a good easy weeding cut without lifting the corners. BTW I'm using a MH-871
  21. Cosmo Kid

    help cutting reflective vinyl with the titan 3

    It's the 3m hi intensity prismatic 3931. I have tried all different blade depths and pressure along with multiple passes. it will cut throw the material but will not cut throw the sticky layer. I really hope I don't have to manually cut it.
  22. So, It is still not working. I'm using a US Cutter laserpoint2 with iMac El Capitan 10.11.3, A USB serial adapter FTDI chip based. Nothing came with a manual, It's not connected via bluetooth. I have tried everything that the people at signcut have said and US Cutter is impossible for me to get in contact with... Every time I open a ticket with them they just close it (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE...NOT) If I tell it to make one pass it leaves out alot of pieces, If i tell it to make 2 passes it seems to do a little bit better, but will still randomly decides to not cut out random pieces. the weeding frame hasn't worked one time since I've started trying... I know that I have the depth of the blade setup correctly. I'm thinking about just returning the whole thing. This has been more of a headache than anything and it won't cut anything consistantly. I've worked at sign shops for quite some time and know how to make those cutters work, but this is just not working... If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know because I would really like for this to work properly. If I don't get this resolved in the next couple days I am definitely sending this back and never dealing with US cutter again. I don't know if it's the cutter, the connection between the plotter and computer, or the software and the lack of information anywhere online hasn't helped at all.
  23. When I turn ON the "Use weeding frame" it does NOT cut the weeding frame correctly. If I turn OFF "use weeding frame" and draw a box in illy it finishes the cut around everything. If I tell it to only make one pass it leaves spaces in the design randomly EVERY time. If I tell it to make 2 passes it cuts everything out. Someone from Us cutter told me this: "What profile are you using within signcut? I would recommend trying the manufacturer of "liyu" and the model of "SC 631" and then try another design on some scrap material." Which didn't make a difference. I shouldn't be having this many problems with something so simple. I only drew the red box around my file (jpeg) to show you exactly how it is cutting the "Weeding frame" every time. I'm saving as illustrator 8 (Even though I'm not so sure if it has made any difference at all.) I'm pretty disappointed in the US Cutter support, the fact that I received no instructions at all, not enough screws, the fact that it's pretty impossible to find any consistent instructions online, etc.. I really wasn't wanting to spend DAYS trying to do something so simple. So if anyone could please help me with this issue I would really appreciate it. I've attached everything I can think of so hopefully that will help. I also really appreciate every one's help. I really don't want to give up on this, but also don't want to spend another week wasting vinyl and having to do "work-arounds" for EVERYTHING.
  24. After trying another cut, it left out spaces again. So i guess that I have to make it make 2 passes... which doesn't seem like it should be necessary....
  25. Ok, so I am getting it to cut simple shapes correctly now. I'm not sure if it was saving as an .AI 8 file or because I told it to make 2 passes instead of one. BUT it is still not completing the weed box around my shapes. It does it EXACTLY the same cut every time I cut something and looks like in the photo attached. The red line always starts on the bottom right, goes counter clockwise and stops a little passed the bottom left corner. Does anyone have any suggestions?