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Found 358 results

  1. MadHatterGraphix

    Another sad day for me

    That is an understatement. Jan Mom loses half her foot Feb Mom has heart attack makes it through April Trouble one of the family cats passed away May 19 dad gets hip replaced May 25 Mom passes away July 22 uncle passes away Do I get a no problems for the rest of the year pass?
  2. mxracer394

    Quick bubbles question

    I have always had trouble with racecar decals having bubbles. Most have always been multi layered but the other day I did a simple single lay decal and it had bubbles. I don't apply them wet seems to turn out worse for me. I use mostly greenstar vinyl and app tape. Majority of the time I have to use two passes of app tape due to buying 12" tape and doing 21x33" numbers. Is haveing to make two passes with the app tape cause the bubbles?
  3. Cosmo Kid

    help cutting reflective vinyl with the titan 3

    It's the 3m hi intensity prismatic 3931. I have tried all different blade depths and pressure along with multiple passes. it will cut throw the material but will not cut throw the sticky layer. I really hope I don't have to manually cut it.
  4. So, It is still not working. I'm using a US Cutter laserpoint2 with iMac El Capitan 10.11.3, A USB serial adapter FTDI chip based. Nothing came with a manual, It's not connected via bluetooth. I have tried everything that the people at signcut have said and US Cutter is impossible for me to get in contact with... Every time I open a ticket with them they just close it (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE...NOT) If I tell it to make one pass it leaves out alot of pieces, If i tell it to make 2 passes it seems to do a little bit better, but will still randomly decides to not cut out random pieces. the weeding frame hasn't worked one time since I've started trying... I know that I have the depth of the blade setup correctly. I'm thinking about just returning the whole thing. This has been more of a headache than anything and it won't cut anything consistantly. I've worked at sign shops for quite some time and know how to make those cutters work, but this is just not working... If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know because I would really like for this to work properly. If I don't get this resolved in the next couple days I am definitely sending this back and never dealing with US cutter again. I don't know if it's the cutter, the connection between the plotter and computer, or the software and the lack of information anywhere online hasn't helped at all.
  5. When I turn ON the "Use weeding frame" it does NOT cut the weeding frame correctly. If I turn OFF "use weeding frame" and draw a box in illy it finishes the cut around everything. If I tell it to only make one pass it leaves spaces in the design randomly EVERY time. If I tell it to make 2 passes it cuts everything out. Someone from Us cutter told me this: "What profile are you using within signcut? I would recommend trying the manufacturer of "liyu" and the model of "SC 631" and then try another design on some scrap material." Which didn't make a difference. I shouldn't be having this many problems with something so simple. I only drew the red box around my file (jpeg) to show you exactly how it is cutting the "Weeding frame" every time. I'm saving as illustrator 8 (Even though I'm not so sure if it has made any difference at all.) I'm pretty disappointed in the US Cutter support, the fact that I received no instructions at all, not enough screws, the fact that it's pretty impossible to find any consistent instructions online, etc.. I really wasn't wanting to spend DAYS trying to do something so simple. So if anyone could please help me with this issue I would really appreciate it. I've attached everything I can think of so hopefully that will help. I also really appreciate every one's help. I really don't want to give up on this, but also don't want to spend another week wasting vinyl and having to do "work-arounds" for EVERYTHING.
  6. After trying another cut, it left out spaces again. So i guess that I have to make it make 2 passes... which doesn't seem like it should be necessary....
  7. Ok, so I am getting it to cut simple shapes correctly now. I'm not sure if it was saving as an .AI 8 file or because I told it to make 2 passes instead of one. BUT it is still not completing the weed box around my shapes. It does it EXACTLY the same cut every time I cut something and looks like in the photo attached. The red line always starts on the bottom right, goes counter clockwise and stops a little passed the bottom left corner. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Dakotagrafx

    What should I look for before buying a used printer?

    first thing is make sure the dx2 print heads you are looking at are made for solvent- the ones that aren't won't last long before the solvent ink eats the manifold and possibly other parts. if it had sat for even a couple of months you would be replacing all the print heads - the solvent printers don't like to sit unused for even a few days. other replacement parts that will be a must at this point after sitting is cap tops and dampers for sure, wipers, wiper scraper and probably the ink tubes if it was not flushed. I would make sure you see it go thru the motions to print and budget about $1500-$2K to get it going - again with sitting that long the pump is probably going to have to be replaced too - the older style pumps are around but make sure you get the right one. Most of the used solvents you find for sale either have a problem or need the print heads replaced and the person doesn't have the experience or money to replace them - the reason they put them up for sale. if looking at any printer make sure you see a NOZZLE test print and it is near perfect - any deflection or missing nozzles will indicate a need to replace the heads as finer detail will not be crisp. Generally the cheapest you will find a decent used unit that still needs some stuff to bring it up to spec is more in the range of $4500-5000 and most of those need at least one head the first picture below shows one I would work with - it has a minor deflection in the black where the 2 passes meet - the second one shows a unit I would replace both print heads on that sat for a while according to the person. the problem with one that doesn't print at all is you don't know if the person tried to replaced the heads themselves and fried a $2K board by not doing it right (usually not removing main power thinking that turning the unit off is enough) as far as those machines that claim to clean solvent print heads - I have NEVER seen a print head recovered in any way that would be acceptable to me for my work output and are a waste of time - I personally believe there is no bringing back a head after nozzles are lost to an acceptable level unless you are printing billboards that are far from the observer. for someone that doesn't print every other day I would look at the latex printers (around $10K I believe) as they are very forgiving about sitting - but they will require a special electric service so plan a little extra for the electrician
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Vehicle Signage Do's and Don't

    any vehicle signage should be readable as it passes and intersection - which is a couple of seconds - too many new people try to get to fancy and lose the reason for the signage - to get a message across in a short amount of time
  10. Wildgoose

    Making Stencils

    You're going to want to have some sort of backing on whatever you choose to use. Clear app tape will work as a carrier. I have a cricut cutting mat I bought at wallyworld that I sometimes use. It's stiff which can be good in some situations but it's a bit too tacky when new. Gets better after a few uses. For stencil material I have been using the backing off some of the clear backed vinyl like Gerber 225 or Oracal frosted glass vinyl. Obviously you have to have some of this on hand to make use of but next time you order some frosted glass save the backing and it works pretty good for stencils. I too concur it's usually better to make a couple passes rather than trying to hog though in one shot. I start by drawing a small square and test cutting it twice at a given pressure then move over and try again until it gets to the right pressure point. I usually get the to the point that they are mostly still hanging and then just pop them out like a store bought die cut.
  11. You say it's getting off on a 5 inch cut? Did you mean 5 foot? When you say it's not meeting does it look like it would have but came up short or that it is out of alignment and missed the mark? Something you might try just for kicks is a couple lighter passes at 110g or something like that to see if it will change anything for you. If it does change then you are assured you are dealing with it getting pulled out of alignment. 12mil is reasonably thick vinyl and you may be at the limit of a standard 45 deg blade and fighting that too, a 60 deg might be a good idea. Don't know what blades you are using but you might try a Clean Cut blade. Much higher quality than most of the cheaper ones and will definitely decrease the cutting force.
  12. Primal Decals

    Can another category name be added to the site?

    oh ok.... wow good to know but even tho anyone can go to their site and get them we still cant share the site? but can we still have a "Share your vector file as long as it passes as legal to do so?
  13. Tangential emulation may or may not help but that's where I'd start too. I have mixed emotions on emulation. The problem being that there is no clear direction on when and where the blade needs to be raised to help cut, how tight a corner gets a raised or not etc... Summa makes a true tangential that the computer actually controls the blade spin and I'd like to have one for such things but I don't hardly cut that thick so I have never pursued one. You might try slowing it down a little or like mentioned trying two passes (a PIA to set pressure on though)
  14. I don't have that cutter, but how thick is that material? Maybe you need to make 2 passes when cutting, looks like the blade is extended out to far to me, maybe slow the machine down also
  15. If you want the file to cut over the top of it self multiple times select the number of passes in Send to be Cut.
  16. What's the difference between Oralite 5500 and 5600? What do you guys use? Do you have any tips or tricks for cutting reflective vinyl? I've been cutting on some Oralite 5500 and it's a huge pain. I've adjusted the blade and pressure but I'm still having to make 2 passes to be able to weed it. I'm also getting some lift in the corners. I've moved the blade in very VERY slightly (Talking 2-3* turn) and it doesn't cut all the way through. I've upped the pressure and it still doesn't help, I'm even doing 2 passes. Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice to provide a good easy weeding cut without lifting the corners. BTW I'm using a MH-871
  17. Dakotagrafx

    USCutter is cutting the design twice...

    did you check to see if you have one image laying directly on top of another - think that is what skeeter was saying - not that the cutter is set for 2 passes - if there are 2 images it will cut both of them but to the naked eye it looks like one
  18. Ok I'll check it out. It just sucked because I'm doing 18 decals in one print and have some registration marks because I'm doing two colors. So it will cut all 18 decals but before it cuts the registration marks it goes over all 18 again. I could stop it early if it didn't wait til the end to do the registration marks. But I'll look and see about the 2 passes thing.

    USCutter is cutting the design twice...

    It is usually double paths on the designs. Ai files will do that,, If the background is white, it thinks it is a color also. So it will cut 2 times.... See if you can delete part and there is another design under it.. And make use you don't have 2 passes checked in your software.
  20. I purchased vinylmaster xpt. Which listed the L25500 in the demo. Once i activated the full version, I went to setup the L25500, and I got a little pop window saying the driver is pending or something to that effect. I was then given the links you listed and downloaded the driver. It now lists the printer. I have installed a few profiles into the media profile. I was wondering does vinylmaster xpt allow you to adjust the settings of the printer, such as drying temp, curing temp, and how many print passes to set the printer to?
  21. busterbay

    Photo tex self-adhesive cutting question

    try two maybe three passes with normal pressure, trying to hog through in one pass may be your issue. I have never cut that material but that is how I cut multi layer multi material projects.
  22. xyzsniper

    Inkscape to vinyl cutter help

    I drew a design using the bezier curve and circle tool in inkscape. I would like my vinyl cutter to trace the pattern one time as viewed in outline display mode...real simple. If I select everything and assign a 1px stroke width, the cutter will make 2 passes (sees the line as having width) If I select everything and assign a fill color, I get 5 extra vertical lines where the stripes meet the circle (cuts what you would see in normal mode) even though the segment there has been deleted. Maybe I'm going about it all the wrong way or missing something obvious. Rsample.svg
  23. Tenfour86

    Best way to cut coroplast

    Not necessarily true that Coroplast will emit HCl or Cl gas if laser cut. True Coroplast is not a vinyl product. According to the MSDS, it is polypropylene. PVC (vinyl) molecules contain chlorine which produces HCl and Cl gas when vaporized. Polypropylene molecules only contain hydrogen and carbon. Though it probably wouldn't be a great idea to directly breathe the fumes from laser cutting, it doesn't appear to produce anything too detrimental to people or equipment. I've never tried cutting it myself, but I have a spare piece that I can try out. I've read that it is rather flammable if cut at too high of a power setting, but multiple passes at a lower power can remedy that.
  24. busterbay

    SC 34" Inaccurate Cuts

    I have less issues cutting through cardstock, mylar, & layered decals when I make multi passes with nominal change in pressure vs 1 pass with the force cranked up. What slice said - I misread the question... ooops

    Double Cutting

    Most cutting software has an option to cut the same design 2 or more times,, This is mostly done for thicker materials, Too thick for the blade to cut through the first time, So you would have the cutter make 2 or more passes to cut through it.