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  1. I'm not sure how to even explain this. My Roland's carriage is on the left so I have it set to 0 degrees. When I try to import a cut file over 24" LONG it won't let me cut it because it thinks my vinyl is only 24" long and 100" wide when it's the other way. However, I can't manually swap those numbers because it won't let me make the "width" (y) larger than 47". All of my designs are limited to 47" long which is not an option for me. Any suggestions? If I rotate the image, it gets a red X through it and I can't cut it. Edit: I read another post and realized there was an option tucked up here.
  2. kayhold

    SignCut Pro 2.0 Final Released June 17/2017

    I had to renew and I can't get Signcut 2.0 to work properly, and Live Chat doesn't work, and my email is unanswered. I am giving it the rest of today and filing a paypal claim. I am not paying for a product that will not work as advertised.
  3. kayhold

    No File in the Import-Folder

    Yes, if I export then import, it works fine. The problem is I didn't have to do this in Scpro 1 or the beta, so I know something's off. Doing it like this is a pain after I've got used to the other way, ha I sent an email but every time I go to there page, live support is down, and I can't locate hours anyway. Hopefully they get back to me through the email I sent soon.
  4. kayhold

    No File in the Import-Folder

    I've just installed and paid for a subscription for Signcut 2. However, when I go to launch, send to Signcut Pro 2 , I get this error. I'm not new to sign cut, and it's a vector file I am sending. As a last ditch effort, I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of Coreldraw 8, removed all versions of signcut, removed any related registry files and did clean installs of all. Thanks for any help.
  5. kayhold

    Cut Studio

    Do you perhaps mean SignCut? Maybe previsou versions weren't but CutStudio is in fact a design program shipped with Roland plotters now. It just is not very user friendly at all. I just use Corel and still cut with SignCut.
  6. kayhold

    SignCut Pro 2 Beta

    I am using the beta - well trying to. My current settings won't work in the beta, though. My offset is at .47mm and 1.7mm overcut which is perfect on SCPro1 but in the beta, it leaves me with hangnails and no amount of adjusting will remove them. Hopefully they fix it soon, because I am really loving it otherwise.