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  1. cutting issues

    Should I tried a different format, instead of SVG?
  2. cutting issues

    Yes, I do select all the letters before I hit the weld button, and I tried welding some random shapes together and they work fine. I paid $10 for a pkg. of fonts. I will check on buying the $20 Package. It will be worth spending a little not to be frustrated. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. cutting issues

    Here is what I'm working with. I did find another weld text button when I went to the cutter screen, so I tried it and it still didn't weld it.
  4. cutting issues

    I'm using Vinyl Master Cut 4.0 that came with my cutter, and the Monogram design I purchased from Etsy and it is a SVG Document. The design shows as a outline.
  5. cutting issues

    I hit the Weld button and my monogram disappears? Should I hit the weld button before I do my monogram? And sorry for being rude, Thank You for helping me!!!!!!!!
  6. cutting issues

    I got a MH 871-MK2 for Christmas, and I'm having trouble with doing monograms! I have No clue what I'm doing wrong. How do I make it cut as one decal? I can cut a name or design but if anything overlaps, like the vine monogram it totally starts messing up. Please Help Me!