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  1. Seaside Embroidery

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    Where to get 50/50 cotton/polyester, v-neck, and scoop neck shirts? I need light colors for sublimation. I buy my crews from
  2. What do you think is best Vinyl Master Cut, Ltr or Sure Cuts alot pro4? I have a small business from home, I do vinyls and sublimation. I'm buying a SC2 vinyl cutter and it comes with Sure cuts lot4 pro and I currently have a MH 871- MK2 and vinyl master cut. Just want to make sure I'm making a good decision. I'm wanting a cutter that does contour cutting.
  3. Seaside Embroidery

    What is the name of this font?

    Thank you so much! I downloaded it from dafont. How did you make it just the outline? And what does stroke and wrap mean?
  4. Seaside Embroidery

    What is the name of this font?

    I'm doing some decals for the coffee shop I work at. They had a graphic designer make the design. I've made the shirts, but I need to make decals and can not figure out the font.
  5. Seaside Embroidery

    Contour cutting

    I 'm using vinyl master software and it has a wizard for contour cutting. I line every thing up as it shows but when I start to cut it runs off the paper.
  6. Seaside Embroidery

    Contour cutting

    Does anyone know if you can do contour cutting with the mh-871 mk2? I'm using Vinyl Master Cut, and the software supports it. I found a YouTube video of someone doing CC with this same plotter, but I'm not having any luck!
  7. Seaside Embroidery

    Printable vinyl

    I'm doing some shirts, Tumblers, and water bottles for a new coffee shop. I've Never did anything like this, and I need help. The design is super busy! It is 9 colors. I've tried just making it all one color, but is still alot of weeding. I tried a ink jet htv, but it looked terrible. Also I was wondering if anyone knew of a good printable waterproof vinyl to use for the tumblers? Also the shirts that I'm doing are black!
  8. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    Should I tried a different format, instead of SVG?
  9. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    Yes, I do select all the letters before I hit the weld button, and I tried welding some random shapes together and they work fine. I paid $10 for a pkg. of fonts. I will check on buying the $20 Package. It will be worth spending a little not to be frustrated. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    Here is what I'm working with. I did find another weld text button when I went to the cutter screen, so I tried it and it still didn't weld it.
  11. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    I'm using Vinyl Master Cut 4.0 that came with my cutter, and the Monogram design I purchased from Etsy and it is a SVG Document. The design shows as a outline.
  12. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    I hit the Weld button and my monogram disappears? Should I hit the weld button before I do my monogram? And sorry for being rude, Thank You for helping me!!!!!!!!
  13. Seaside Embroidery

    cutting issues

    I got a MH 871-MK2 for Christmas, and I'm having trouble with doing monograms! I have No clue what I'm doing wrong. How do I make it cut as one decal? I can cut a name or design but if anything overlaps, like the vine monogram it totally starts messing up. Please Help Me!