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  1. I am looking for software for our beginning business. We currently do sewing and embroidery, heat transfer, and vinyl application. I would like to track our sales to determine which products are selling the best so I know where to invest our money later. I would also like to track our orders to know what needs to be filled and who has paid and who not. I would prefer one software for both applications. If there is a free trial version would be great. At this time I don't feel like I need the extra bells and whistles that most programs offer. ie; tax stuff, profit loss margins or graphs. I just want something simple with a quick learning curve. I have read that some use quickbooks for the invoice process. I use quicken deluxe but would need to upgrade to home and business ,$60, to utilize it. My fear is that it will not be detailed enough. I have not found any good tutorials yet. I know there are many free excel downloads but I do not currently have office on my computer. While it would be helpful it's $100 a year. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.