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  1. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    Thanks, I'll give it a read later.
  2. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    Thanks for the input, completely understand where your coming from as well as everyone else's concern. I think your last paragraph summed it up well though. "You decide on how much chance you are willing to take and what you will risk"
  3. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    I just bought a bunch of vector packs the other day ago, didn't know you were talking about those. I'll check the link you left. Thanks!
  4. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    Can you point me in the direction of these "legal images". Like I mentioned before this reply, there is people/companies out there that make their living off of mopar/dodge decals I'm aware of several due to me being in the car scene.
  5. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    Your right, I probably shouldn't have watermarked them. Oh well, won't do it again. Only did it cuz I didn't want someone else grabbing it and going to make the same thing but in reality they could just use google. So it was kind of pointless. Ha
  6. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    Messed with my pinch roller tension a little bit and added some guides to the back of the plotter, it's working for now, I'm getting very minimal tracking no more then 1/4" of movement. I don't expect to get it down to no movement being that it's a budget cutter.
  7. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    I know I'm not the only one here who has/does/used to cut trademarked/copyrighted stuff. I fixed my tracking issues, thanks guys.
  8. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    There are other companies out there that do nothing but dodge, mopar, and other "trademarked/copyrighted" stuff then what I have up. Really not worried about it honestly. But, I appreciate the concern from you and everyone else, even though it had nothing to do with my OP.
  9. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    MH721 tracking issues

    So, I'm beginning to regret not buying a higher end machine after looking around on here and Facebook forums. I am having almost a 2" drift on my vinyl and no matter what I do to adjust the roller arm tension it doesn't help, I'm at my wits end. Is there a better "budget friendly" machine that is a lot better when it comes to this issue? I'm still a new company but I can't have this kind of unreliability. However I did notice that 2-3 of my roller arm rollers has VERY slight play in them. I haven't had this machine for more then 3 months yet. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Vinyl Printer help

    Appreciate the thought out responses. looks like i will be outsourcing any print jobs that people come to be with. right now anyways, the cost just wouldn't be worth it for me.
  11. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Vinyl Printer help

    So, I'm looking for a printer/cutter combo that isn't big and bulky (desktop size?) and that wouldn't require the same maintainace as those large printers. I just want something that I can use every once in a while when someone wants some small stickers that could be made using a 8.5"X11" or 12"x12" vinyl/sticker sheets. Doesnt need to be high end just as long as it's not complete garbage, it won't be used to often. Let me know what ya think! Thanks!
  12. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Cut preview doesn't match actual cut

    I keep having this issue! Messed up some major vinyl!!! I am running V4. Just recently got my cutter and software. Soooooo mad!
  13. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    How to create an arc text?

    I have VinylMaster Cut how do I make text arched? I've only been able to make straight text. I've been having to make the lettering in photoshop and transfer it over and vectorize it.
  14. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Hello from San Antonio

  15. Trooper_vinyl_solutions

    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello all, new to the vinyl world in terms of cutting my own. I had some questions but I was already able to answer some of them for now using the search feature. Hoping to get better and grow and learn with the help of the more experienced. I am running a USCUTTER MH-721 28" w/VinylMaster Cut v4. I also have photoshop but am clueless how to use it, I would like to get CorelDraw as well. Question: I have a large cut job that I had to split into 4 sections, then I will have to align them when I apply them, how can I make sure they will align properly and not be different size pieces? I have the full image but I used a program and split the image into 4's evenly. Each piece will have to be 10h x 17w. I'm probably thinking about this way more then I have to. Thanks guys! And here is my car, the vinyl work was done by someone else (whom I'll never name or use again), which is why I decided to get into it so I can do my own work.