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    I am debating on Vinyl Master ( not sure which version yet) or I-DesignR for Graphtec only... ERR I wish I could just snap my fingers and figure it out - I hate choices
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    Bikemike I am willing to pay for a great program, just not $4000.00 and only have one use( 1cutter+1 computer) combo... I want a good program that will do what I need, but not break the bank... I know there are a lot on the market and just so unsure about which one ... I don't have an immediate ( like as in next week emergency) so kind of just searching for the future...
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    My daughter did the trial version and LOVES it.. she had it up and going in 15 min . she is the BRAIN around here... but found she did need the upgraded versions ... but seem to do fine...Still got to make the purchase but trial was enough to know if it was what she wanted to go with...
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    Oh before I begin on it do you know if Vinyl Master is a design and cut from program??
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    Thank You SOOOOO much... I have 7 cutters and 7 computers the sign blazer is currently on.. so I am not in the desperate mode at the moment , but God forbid I should ever get there... lol I am planning ahead for a smooth transition as I realize it is forthcoming.... even 5 yrs down the line... as far as SLICE. currently I use the Square feature in Sblazer and then use Signblazer white and weld to hold the middle of my lettering in such as P O R D B A Q and such ( making a stencil) and then WELD...I am sure it will do it just a matter of figuring it all out ... Thanks So much for your help
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    Hey Y'all I am new here SO please excuse my ignorance~ I have been using Sign Blazer for almost 10 yrs... I realize it is no longer available , and I am looking to the future of my business so I am not left out to dry when the time comes and I can no longer use the SB program ... I am looking to get a new design program and need certain features.. I do not want to pay and are and 4 legs, but need input so I have landed here for you guys expert info... I have never used anything but the Sign Blazer program so YEAH not to savvy so please bare with me ~ I need a program that I can import SVG or EPS I need it to be able to save my files as EPS OR SVG as well I need a program I can EXPORT JPG or photo in order to show my customer their previews I need a weld, a slice and a distort feature any suggestions or input is welcomed