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  1. here is a screen shot of it , just happen twice in 10 minutes Fullscreen capture 7112017 45757 PM.bmp
  2. i have the vinyl master 4.0 titan edition and i try to open a flie and get a pop up saying main program has stopped working and the program closes . is this a bug to fix ?
  3. i am using vinyl master titan 4.0 with a titan3 and was looking for how i can advance a job after the cut so there is more space , cant seam to find it , and currently it cutting about 1/4" in between orders.would like to make it more . Also is there a way to stop the Anti-static rope from going into the pinch rollers during a cut job ? thanks for any help michael
  4. nynhhrxr

    How to create an arc text?

    how do i get this for titan edition ? cant do arched text like i been seeing.
  5. Square , does inventory items and easy if someone wants to buy something