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    USB and serial ports

    No I forgot all about that. I will try that as well. would it be a driver update if one min it was fine and next min nothing? but I will try it still thanks.
  2. fireman42

    USB and serial ports

    It came with a null cable but I've never used it. it worked fine with both cables usb or serial to USB. oh and everything works on the cutter just fine. it just won't talk to my computer when I send it.
  3. fireman42

    USB and serial ports

    I have heard an read that the sc model connection board is very touchy an seems like a lot of ppl have this issue. my machine is only 3 years old. I do disconnected the cable every time which I can see it wearing out but I don't know how to test it if it's getting power or if I can even test it with a multimeter
  4. So I had my pen in place and drew out my design on paper sent it to cutter with USB connection. double checked my sizes then set up sc cutter with blade and media vinyl went to send it to cutter and nothing. tried a few times no connection, USB seems to be lose on cutter inside connection. so plugged in the serial to USB cable an still nothing. does that mean I need to buy the new board. took end cap off an visually everything looks fine ribbon cable is secure. any ideas. thanks. ps I am using sure cuts a lot n cables were cables you can buy from uscutter an program is set up for my sc cutter