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  1. SC is my cutter. Silhouette Connect is a software plugin for Illustrator or CorelDraw. On my mac in the software(Silhouette Connect) The US Cutter SC is connect by the USB is not being recognized. Just trying to see if anyone has had this issue...
  2. I recently purchased Silhouette Connect so I could have the plug in with Adobe Illustrator. Everything downloaded correctly as it should, but.... My USB cable is not recognizing my SC plotter. The program says that no devices have been recognized. Any ideas friends?
  3. I appreciate your help so much, thank you! The wheel was off the roller, I couldn't tell that it was until I moved the carriage all the way to the left haha Thanks again guys!!!
  4. This is how I have it, any suggestions on this. I keep trying different pressures but I get the same result. Also is the ribbon normal the way it looks? 20161204_174925_174018703275358.mp4 20161204_172918.mp4
  5. Now it is making some test cuts but it is being weird with the pressure. I don't think the pressure should be up in the 170's The blade is place as specified (half the hight of a credit card, the blade just doesn't do a smooth cut.
  6. I appreciate the responses from you guys! Being a newbie is a bit rough.
  7. The blade doesn't even touch the vinyl, it's flush.
  8. The blade doesn't even touch the vinyl, it's flush.
  9. I've tried all the suggestions and the blade still doesn't go down all the way. Any videos that I can look at to verify that I'm on the right track?
  10. I just go my SC Plotter and I tried to do a test cut, the blade doesn't go down all the way to make a test cut. I'm sure there is an easy explanation for my issue. Any ideas? 20161203_203131_143159502977194.mp4