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  1. No Parking Sign Blanks

    Does anyone have a good outlet for sign blanks? I'm looking for "no parking" size either 9x12 or 18x12 in either aluminum or plastic. This project is still in research mode. One of the car clubs is think about doing signs for their awards this year at their annual car show. If this goes, I'll be doing 40-50 signs depending on how many award categories they come up with. Blue vinyl for first place and red vinyl for second.
  2. What do you all suggest that would be good to use for stencil masking for automotive paint that I can cut on my plotter? I remember seeing something a few years ago, but that was a long time before I even thought about having a vinyl plotter and you had to use a razor blade to cut the stencil instead of a plotter.
  3. Go-C Graphics

    So, do you have a second website to offer the acrylic engraving services?
  4. Logo design feedback

    I really like the bottom right one (the red one). To me, it seems to be a classic/modern style that would still look in style 20 years from now.
  5. Second Chance Automotive

    Did three of these in trade for some automotive work on my '63 Dart. I had to take his original color art and create a single color image. Two of them are approximately 12 x17 and the third is about 14 x 20. The weeding was kind of a pain for me. I'm not use to having to pull so much empty space vinyl (since most of what I do is just fairly simple stickers I sell on ebay), plus it is white vinyl (I have a tougher time seeing the cuts on white than any other color). I still need to apply the transfer tape (wish me luck with that) and he is gong to put them on the windows of his work van himself.
  6. Matte Black Vinyl Suggestions

    I need some suggestions on some matte black vinyl for automotive use. I have a few people asking me to cut some decals for their cars, but they want them in a matte black that pretty matches the factory decal stripes on their cars.
  7. Millennial Anti-Theft Device Installed Millennial anti-theft device 4sp Millennial anti-theft device 5sp Millennial anti-theft device 6sp
  8. Need Help with Dodge Scat Pack Font

    Thanks! I think that is close enough.
  9. Does anyone know what the Scat Pack font might be? Or something very close?
  10. Android Robot Android Android Robot.eps To avoid any confusion about copyright on the Android Robot image: "The Android robot can be used, reproduced, and modified freely. The color value for print is PMS 376C and the online hex color is #A4C639."
  11. 2017 Tacoma bumper inserts

    I do not know what the font is. I think it is a custom one. I did find a website that has that lettering. It may or may not help. Hopefully it does help.
  12. Help Needed

    EPS File: RMS.eps AI File::
  13. So, if the current width between two points is 2" and you need that distance to be 9", you can use that ratio to resize your entire image. Lets say that the total width of your image is currently 5". Here is the math: DesiredWidth / CurrentWidth = RatioMultiplier RatioMultiplier * CurrentTotalImageWidth = NewImageWidth 9 / 2 = 4.5 4.5 * 5 = 22.5
  14. Iron Man Mopar Hand

    My wife picked up a 2012 Dodge Avenger RT yesterday. Since it is an Avenger, she wanted something Iron Man. So I threw this together for her real quick. It's nothing spectacular, but I wanted to share anyway. She's going to put it in the back window.
  15. help needed with a jpg. ...

    Thanks. I needed to take a break from programming financial queries in BI Publisher for a few minutes.