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  1. SOCVinyl

    having Problem

    it was a virus just got everything back thank you
  2. open some files and this messge shows up how do I fix it?
  3. SOCVinyl

    Work with?

    Thank you glad to hear that!!
  4. SOCVinyl

    Work with?

    Will Flexie work with a us cutter model SC Cutter?
  5. SOCVinyl

    Vinyl Spooler Rest?

    Thank you slice & dice for your help!!!
  6. SOCVinyl

    Vinyl Spooler Rest?

    I bought an sc model so I thought they all came with the same programs. Vinyl Spooler came with the cutter it is where I see all my jobs I have done. I was just wondering if I can rest the job numbers does this help sorry for and confusion
  7. Hello everyone I would like to organize my jobs easier now and I would like to do it by job number in vinyl spooler is there a way to rest the job numbers? thank you