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  1. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Mh721 Possible weak/intermittent carrier?

    I had an issue with my MH721 that started with intermittent cutting issues that progressed to not cutting at all. Found the ribbon cable to the carriage had pulled out. Here is a link to my original thread on this but the photo links are dead. Might be worth checking on yours, sounds like a similar issue.
  2. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Font Viewer Utility

    Looks like a nice usable tool. I downloaded and will give it a try. Thanks for posting that up!
  3. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    What Are Some of Your Favorite Christmas Themed Songs

    Here is a couple I enjoy.
  4. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Iron on vinyl question

    I have been using Siser Easyweed have done a few garments with it. Works great, no issues cutting and good looking results. Many shops use HTV.
  5. Athena's Gifts and Garden


  6. Athena's Gifts and Garden


    I can't help you with the settings but when I tried to cut the stuff it made a horrible mess, glitter flaked off and plugged up my blade holder, glad I didn't invest in a lot of it.
  7. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Silver Reflective?

    Should have read closer.....yep typical of the Chinese listings!
  8. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Silver Reflective?

    I did some Googling and the only retrorefective I came up with is this printable vinyl on Alibaba I could have sworn our ambulances had silver retroreflective in the graphics but for the life of me I can't find any on line either.
  9. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    Greetings from Salem, Oregon

    Welcome from just a bit south of you!
  10. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    making straight lines

    I couldn't figure out how to snap lines in VM, not sure it has that feature. I have been doing that stuff in Inkscape and transferring to VM. I too would like to know if that is possible.
  11. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    US Cutter MH1351 MK2 cutter is acting up

    Could this be a static issue? Have the machine well grounded? Although not a cutter issue but with my sheet-fed printing press customers as the air gets colder, making the inside air dryer we see a LOT more static issues with print quality and paper transport. Higher humidity will help mitigate some issues with static electricity.
  12. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    B 29 Superfortress Silhouette Request

    That is correct! DOC just recently became airworthy after restoration. They are quite a machine! There are a few on static display....Dad's old bird is one of the survivors on static display at Barksdale AFB from his days in the 582nd Resupply and Communications wing. He has some great Cold War stories and they also did some things that he still can't talk about today.
  13. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    B 29 Superfortress Silhouette Request

    Excellent. Thanks everyone, I have some directions to go now!
  14. Thanks! I didn't know they were made by refine
  15. Athena's Gifts and Garden

    B 29 Superfortress Silhouette Request

    Hi all. Google has not been much help for me on this one. I would like to make a decal for my father, he was a radio operator during the 1950's on the B29 "My Gal Sal" out of Wheelus AFB in Tripoli (he was present for the US withdrawal of Libya). I am looking for a silhouette of a B29 that will make a decent vinyl decal set for him to honor his service. The files I have found have been too small to be a useable size. I am hoping that someone on here might have a file that could be used. Thanks in advance!