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  1. Greetings! i have Vinyl Master LTR. I keep getting an error message that reads : "Error saving Settings File" when I try to change "mm" to "in". Can anybody help me through this? It is a bit frustrating. Thank you!!!
  2. yenned45

    Where is knife and eraser tool?

    Thanks for replying.That is what I thought also. I have gone over the program looking for it to no avail. i was thinking it would have been a standard tool. It is a good program and i am happy with it with the exception of that aspect, Thanks again.
  3. Greetings! i am using Vinyl Master LTR. Where is knife & eraser tool? I cant seem to find it. Am I overlooking something or are they not included? Thank you!!!
  4. yenned45

    fine cutting settings?

    Greetings! I am using a UScutter MH-871 plotter. I am cutting a project that contains fine points within it. My question is; what is the recommended settings to ensure a better cut to weed? My current settings are: cut speed 020 mm/s; cut pressure 100g; up_speed 380 mm/s; baud rate 9600. Thank you for any and all help regarding this matter.
  5. yenned45

    making straight lines

    Works like a charm. Thank you!!!
  6. Greetings community! I am using Vinyl Master LTR. When I am free drawing a line say 36" across, what is the method to ensure it will be straight? Thank you all very much!!
  7. Greetings! I am using VinylMaster LTR. I cant seem to add any fonts. Can I add new fonts in LTR? I am also using windows 10. Frustrated I am!!! Please Help! Thank you very much!!!!
  8. vinyl Master LTR is a good program. I am now stepping up my "game" and I need more fonts other than what is provided. PLEASE how do I add the fonts that will make my business become more successful. I Hate saying "NO I DONT HAVE THAT IN STOCK" to a customer. This is something I have been working on having invested all I got in this awesome field.
  9. Greetings community! How do I embolden or thicken lines after using the freehand style drawing? Better yet, How do I make lines on a form that has some thickness. Nothing major just not looking like a hair. Thank you!!! I am using VinylMasterLTR
  10. I am using vinylmaster ltr. I am needing to punch out an object. When I select the object to punch out, I then open the welding menu to select punch out. For whatever reason I can only activate the weld option. punch out does not activate. Please help me figure this out!! thank you
  11. I have got a solid svg tree. I am wanting to separate the top from the trunk. the trunk I want to run in brown not cut out as one piece ( yellow). How do I separate this? Thank you very much!!! I am using VINYL MASTRE LTR
  12. I have recently downloaded Vinyl Master LTR and I am happy with it. After designing a sign for a new client I want his approval before preceding. I tried sending it to him after exporting it to a file. It seemed to work when I gave it a test run ( sent an email with attachment to my self). my client said he could not open it. Have I missed something or could it be that he just don't know how to open it? HELP!!! Thanks