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  1. I make lots and lots of stencils for wood sign workshops. The exterior of the design weed boxes are a necessary feature that I am very grateful for as it allows the guest to put their stencil on straight with the help of a t-ruler. My blade depth is great, I feel very confident in that part of my cutter, thankfully! I've not had problems with these same files/dimensions until recently. But interestingly, when I did rotate the design to fit on a 12" roll of vinyl, it cut perfect. Leading me to wonder about the tension rollers. However the vinyl does pull thru straight when fed forwards and backwards prior to sending the cut job. I appreciate your comments and if you can think of anything additional, I'm wanting desperately to fix my issue.
  2. Titan 2 user for two years, with SCAL Pro4. Lately for large cuts that require 24" vinyl, i am getting horrible cuts. Cuts are misaligned/shifted over. Cut preview looks perfect. I do always use a weeding box around designs. My carriage is ending to the right of the set point, off the vinyl. I have a new cutting strip, new blade, redid the grounding wire, shut down/rebooted both the cutter and PC, freed up memory off my PC, I am at a LOSS! I will take any ideas out there :) :) HELP! pics are just one example. On another design, it's off on the left area of the image. I'm getting to my busy season and need to figure this out.
  3. I am cutting oracle 631, with red 45degree blade. I have letters that are 1/8 inch in height. I cannnot find the sweet spot to get a cut without the vinyl sticking to the blade. I've tried various speeds and force. Is there a guideline out there for setting guidelines?