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  1. I’m beating my head against the wall trying to get these images to wear I can cut them. I’m making Cornhole boards for a local police officers cancer benefit and I’m running out of time. Any help is greatly appreciated. I use vinylmaster and have searched and searched and watched videos, etc. just can’t get them to look right. Thanks for any help. The second photo would only need to be the badge and “vinnie strong”. Don’t need the sponsors.
  2. Jhamelton

    Help with font please

    Any help with this font? I’m not having any luck. Thanks in advance
  3. Jhamelton

    Time for a new laptop

    I guess it’s probably getting slow due to every one of my files I’ve ever done is on the computer. Never thought of transferring files with a usb drive. But one of the USB ports doesn’t work, charge port sometimes doesn’t work, and sometimes you have to open and close it several times for the screen to come on. Lol. I just wasn’t sure if there was something specific I needed or just basic.
  4. Jhamelton

    Time for a new laptop

    Looking to get a new laptop that I will primarily use for my vinyl cutting. Any suggestions on things I should look for when buying. I currently have a toshiba satellite that has been awesome. It’s just older and getting slow so it’s time to replace it and I want to make sure I buy what I need. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hey all, just throwing this out there to see if you guys have any ideas for me. Long story short, I made some shirts for a local cell phone company awhile back, boss loved them, decided to propose an agreement to me. He added my family cell plan onto their business account and they foot the bill, in return for merchandise for them to give away as promotions. Great deal for me, but I’m looking to find some different ideas for something new. I’ve done shirts, coozies, tumblers, and drawstring bags. Thanks in advance
  6. Jhamelton

    Ideas on this font?

    Hey all, really starting to get the hang of this vinyl stuff and loving it. Doing a lot of shirts for my baseball team and these forums are a huge help. I'm having trouble with this font I've attached. I've looked and looked and looked to No avail. Ideas? Thanks a million
  7. Jhamelton


    I have an SC cutter and it took me awhile before I got the glitter speed/pressure set right. At first I wouldn't even be able to peel it. Like they said, all cutters will be different, but for a reference point, if you would like, I cut regular HTV at 300 speed/30 pressure. The glitter I have found I have to take my speed down to 200, and the pressure to 150. Cuts and weeds perfect. I am fairly new to this but have done 5 glitter shirts in the last week and It worked perfect.
  8. Jhamelton

    New heat press help

    just using heat transfer vinyl with it. not printing
  9. Jhamelton

    New heat press help

    Awesome. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure.
  10. Got my new 15x15 clamshell heat press this week. Gonna use it for the first time today. I can't find much info on it. My only question is the thick black pad that's in it. What's that for? It was stuck to the top platen originally, but I noticed it fell off. Is it supposed to be on the top? I'm thinking it was just stuck there and it's supposed to be on the bottom and that's what you set the shirt on. I just want to be sure. Thanks
  11. Jhamelton

    font help please

    so far im learning a ton. still cant find a font to save my life. lol. so much time wrapped up in the littlest thing. any help here?
  12. Jhamelton

    Making an image one cut?

    Awesome. I'll give it a try tonight. Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hey all. I'm making some memorial stickers with a plane on them. I got the look right and cut one out on a scrap piece to see how it looked. Is there anyway to get it to just cut the outside image of this plane (I've attached the image.) I don't want to deal with weeding all the detail, just need the look of a plane (silhouette??) I put it in wireframe mode to show the cuts. I'm only doing them one color. I'm learning, but still way new to this. Lol. I'm using vinylmaster cut. Thanks
  14. Completely new to the vinyl world. ive had my cutter for about a month and I am absolutely loving it. ive ventured into the heat transfer vinyl a little and made a couple shirts for me and my daughter. I just used an iron and it has worked fine. I'm starting to get interest from my baseball team and my daughters softball team for shirt orders. im not mass producing shirts with an iron. lol. so ive started looking at presses. im completely clueless on them. what are some things to look for/have to have/stay away from, etc? this wont be a full time business type deal. more of a side hobby for me and make a few shirts for friends and family type deal so I obviously just need a low budget one. I searched ebay and amazon tonight and checked out several different ones, but im not even sure what I am looking for. I saw several that were less than $100. seems like a no brainer, but didn't want to get one that cheap and it not have something I need or wrong size, etc. any help is appreciated, as I know there will be. this forum is a great asset, especially to a newbie. lol. another thing, what does everyone use for shirts? my first couple I did I just ran to the local fabric/craft store and paid astronomical prices just to try it out and was pretty happy with it. nice to have something local if I was ever in a pinch. ordered some siser easyweed and am in the process of making some work shirts for my dad with that. just didn't know if there was something else out there that was a little cheaper and still worked good or not. we all know even if its not a business, the more profit the better . so what does everyone else use or stay away from? just trying to get a little background on this stuff so I can at least pretend I know what im doing thanks again everyone!
  15. Jhamelton

    New to the cutting world. Vectorizing help needed

    Amazing advice. I'm really liking this forum. You all provide a ton of help. Hopefully one day I'll be able to rattle off all that stuff you just told me :-) Right now I'm starting to think I will never understand this stuff and I wasted my money LOL. I will give it a shot. On a sidenote, what is a good way to match fonts? Besides looking through every font, is there anyway to match up a font?