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  1. TwistedJeep

    Snowstorm Camo Graphic

    I understand that.. Just looking for anyone that know of any places selling them for good prices...
  2. TwistedJeep

    Snowstorm Camo Graphic

    im looking for the Bushwolf dvd also... Anyone have any good deal? I have ALOT of other Aurora dvd's/..
  3. TwistedJeep

    Aurora Graphics

    (content deleted by moderator - advocating piracy.)
  4. Are you still looking? I know its been a while..
  5. TwistedJeep

    HP Latex 110

    I have had one for about 6 months.. Love it.. I have not had any problems at all. Easy to use and download color files. Drop me a line if you have any questions.
  6. TwistedJeep

    Grunt Style Shirts

    Anyone have or seen those Grunt Style shirts? They are the perfect fit. Anyway, Anyone know where they get the blanks from or know of any shirt blanks that fit like they do? Tight around the arms and lose around the body? Super soft blend.
  7. TwistedJeep

    Muscle car cartoon Drawings

    awesome thanks...
  8. TwistedJeep

    Muscle car cartoon Drawings

    Anyone know of a good place to find some good HD muscle car cartoon drawings like the one pictured without the watermarks? Would love to find a whole pack.
  9. What material do you use for the "fathead"?
  10. TwistedJeep

    Pinup Girls Full color

    Those are Awesome... Perfect.. Thanks Chrisa
  11. TwistedJeep

    Pinup Girls Full color

    Hey everyone, Im trying to find some high quality pin up type girls (old school bomber nose art) to make a few fridge wraps and Gun safe wraps. anyone know of where to find some good images? Thanks