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  1. Any idea as to why my SCAL is all of a sudden not working correctly? It was fine yesterday. I loaded a previous file and the work that I've done does not show. The work is there though. I made sure the fill color is on black, even the stroke color is on. I can drag on the work but I still can't see it. Does this make any sense? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. VinylTeez

    Work space?

    I should have been more specific. It is a walk in closet that I will be turning into my work space. The doors will be taken out.
  3. VinylTeez

    Work space?

    Hey guys, I have a (7ft wide x 3ft) space in a room where I can make into a small home workspace. Anyone have any pictures of their workspace that would be similar in size? Just looking for some ideas on how to utilize that space. Thanks!
  4. VinylTeez

    A little help

    I took your advice goose and did the circles (it took a while to figure out how to cut it out). I added the circle then did PATH and BACK MINUS FRONT, then deleted the no good parts, then UNION it. This is what I got so far. now I need to make the P a little longer and add the rest.
  5. VinylTeez

    A little help

    You guys are so helpful! I've used inkscape trace before on some images. I try to get the font before tracing it.
  6. VinylTeez

    A little help

    Thanks Dakota I use SCAL and Inkscape. I was able to take out the Mike Will but the smokey black around it was giving me problems. I don't usually do any photoshop or image editing. My main thing is pretty much just text. I'm definitely open minded and don't want to be "fed". I like to try to do my own thing before asking for help.
  7. VinylTeez

    A little help

    Sorry, I mean I would like to remove that and stay with the rest of the image
  8. VinylTeez

    A little help

    Can someone assist me in removing the "Mike will physique" and the surrounding black it's in? I cannot completely remove the black. Thank you
  9. VinylTeez

    Gyro sandwich

    Lol so why have a graphic request thread? I did not find one I liked.
  10. VinylTeez

    Gyro sandwich

    Hi, does anyone have an SVG of a Gyro sandwich? Thanks!!
  11. VinylTeez

    A Swimming Chicken Nugget

    Hi, Does anyone happen to have an image of a chicken nugget swimming (weird request...I know lol). Thank you!!
  12. VinylTeez

    font help

    Thanks mb20!!
  13. VinylTeez

    font help

    Can anyone help me with the name of these fonts? The "WASHINGTON DC" font looks familiar to me but I cannot think of the name. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  14. VinylTeez

    Big order...need some advice

    Thanks for the reply wildgoose and xpaperman! Well, I got the "give me 2 weeks and I'll get back to you"..... The person wants to use these HTV cutouts for a DIY project and put them on hats. Lets see if they get back to me.
  15. Hey guys/girls I got a request to do 300 htv that are 4in by 2in each, simple arched text. What would you charge for this. I've never done this many for one person. I will be using easyweed. Customer will apply the htv themselves Thanks in advance for any help!