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  1. Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    As Pixelpusher said, cutting master has new version 4.2 ( i updated and everything works fine now) that works with new windows and coreldraw. I use coreldraw at work in new job, so haven't had a chance to try out graphic pro studio. I am happy to hear it is made by SAi, as I used to own a cobbled together graphtec and Mac ver. Flexisign Pro. When it stopped working with my computer and SAi stopped supporting mac, my life was skewered. Now I have newer, faster, more accurate, equipment and software, and more than one way to skin a vinyl cat. Thanks Skeeter, I had almost forgotten we had graphic studio at work and now at home. I will try it out today.
  2. Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    I have IMac with parallels software to run Windows 10, since both Coreldraw and Flexisign stopped supporting Mac. Got a new Graphtec CE6000+-120. When I installed Cutting Master 4, it does not show up in my Coreldraw taskbar, as old versions did, or under the new plugins heading. Do in need to reinstall or move a .gms file maybe?