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    SC 24 Freezing

    Found the problem.!!! A gentleman on youtube helped me name Alaskan Wild posted a video on replacing the USB port, here's what he said. For the freezing issue you may try the following. Open your device manager and while the cutter is on. You should see the COM port the cutter is using, say COM3. Right click and uninstall this. Unplug the USB cable and then turn off the cutter. Got to ftdichip.com . Go to DRIVERS then VCP DRIVERS. There will be a table there then choose the operating system. If it is windows based then go to the right to SETUP EXECUTABLE and run this. If it is a Mac just click on the 2.2.18 depending on 32 or 64 bit OS. Run this. Then plug in the USB cable to your cutter. Next power on the Cutter and the COM port will reinstall. In the program try setting the BAUD RATE to say 38400. Most cutting programs ou can change this. Go ahead and try again. Now it works great, but the laser is still a question.
  2. jaydeetol

    SC 24 Freezing

    Very simple. I'll insert.
  3. Can anyone tell me why my SC 24 won't cut more than 3 jobs at a times? It will either freeze up or just do some random stuff when I try to do something more than ten inches. Also: The laser won't calibrate or successfully contour cut. Using Apple mini OSX 10.11.6 and SCAL 3 pro.