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    . I hate to bother you but I have a Graphtec CE5000-120 and was using cutting master from graphtec to work with illustrator. I updated to Illustrator CC2015 and cutting master stopped working. I have a large job I need to get out asap and now I have no way to use my plotter. I downloaded the vinyl master cut 4 but cannot figure out how to get files from illustrator to vinyl master. I have always used Illustrator (15 years) so I don't use the vinyl master for any drawing or making files, just for getting my job to the plotter. Is there a tutorial for just that?. The only videos or instructions I can find are for building files. I am about to pull my hair out with stress trying to figure this out before I have to start giving a lot of money back to customers because I can't get their jobs done. Any help is appreciated dgfgraphics