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  1. Hi all, I typically make shirts and decals but a local little league team wants me to make them some small removable signs. The stick in the ground type for next years sign up and such. I am not sure on pricing. any basic rule that those of you that make these signs use for pricing. If I make them they would be blanks with vinyl put on them, any help is much appreciated.
  2. Who just cut me?

    Axle, driveshaft, grabber

    Hello all, We do a local charity offroad clean up event every year and I usually make decals and shirts. This years design I am planning on a parts cross bone as part of the image design. I searched and did not find what I am looking for so I am asking what maybe some of you have I could use. I am looking for axle shaft broken or not, driveshafts broken or not and also possible garbage grabber silhouettes or anything the like that might be a good choice someone is willing to share. Thank you all in advance!
  3. Who just cut me?

    T-shirt mock up software

    Is there a good t-shirt mock up program that is free? I have been using photo shop but the results are just ok. I have saw alot of programs some low cost some high cost.
  4. Who just cut me?

    Multi color heat transfers.

    I need to get about 50 heat transfers made, Anyone on the form willing to take this on or should I pick an online vendor.
  5. Who just cut me?

    Wheel decal.

    I am looking for a vector file for a Decal that looks like the "Red line option" Chevy offers.
  6. Who just cut me?

    Small order pricing.

    I understand what you are saying Dakota and that it is not a profitable business model for the supplier. Maybe I worded My question incorrectly. So, Is it just stranded practice that if you are going to do a very small order you take the hit or pass the shipping cost onto the customer? I am asking to see what the people with many more years experience in shirt the business do or have found that works best for small runs or custom small orders.
  7. Who just cut me?

    Small order pricing.

    How do you deal with the shipping cost on small orders. Like only 2-3 blank shirts. when the shipping is just as much as the products. I have done several large orders and those get free shipping from supplier. However, I cannot seem to find a supplier that ships small orders for free or cheap. Ideas or what works for you?
  8. Who just cut me?

    Layering designs.

    Got it, thanks!
  9. Who just cut me?

    Layering designs.

    What produces the best results, can I press a background color, then layer lettering over top of that color?
  10. Who just cut me?

    help for the new guy!

    What materials are the shirts made of/ brands your using? What temp is the machine set to and have you checked its temp gauge vs the actual temp of the pad? How long are you pressing the vinyl for?
  11. Who just cut me?

    Design alignment.

    Hello People, Well now that everything is in effect I am getting through the learning curve. Thus far my shirts are turning out quite well and have held up well to all my tests and the ones people now have seem to love them . However, as I am a stickler to details I am trying to find the best ways to ensure the most correctly centered install of designs. I currently use the adjustable t shirt t square. It does help but I have had a couple shirts that I was not satisfied with placement and put in the oh crap pile. I have noticed from videos some people use the technique of fold the shirt and creasing the center slightly with the heat press then folding the transfer and creasing the transfer medium slightly then just centering the creases. What is everyone else's technique? Thank you in advance!
  12. Who just cut me?

    Help with product.

    Well I liked the reviews on the Hanes 5.2oz 50/50 Ecosmart t-sirt so I ordered one to test it out.
  13. Who just cut me?

    Help with product.

    So I have an upcoming volunteer event I am making shirts for. Using men sizing and most people are average middle aged adults. What shirt works best in sizing and fit for this crowd. Alot of the men are xl ish and the rest vary. Looking for a comfy shirt the stays close to size and everyone will like. It seems like alot of the all cotton shirts shrink and feel like cardboard. Suggestions from the experienced is appreciated.
  14. Who just cut me?

    What to stock?

    wildgoose, I will be doing this by the order as well, mostly online. I just feel like customers would be more satisfied not waiting several days for processing of lets say a single or few shirts. I have been making decals for a long time and now have been practicing HTV and feel I am ready to put some designs out in the world.
  15. Who just cut me?

    What to stock?

    Let's say some of you likely have been making shirts for a very long time. What would those of you that have, suggest someone starting out to stock and offer their clients? Obviously, I'm trying not to tie a large chunk of change up in shirts that will just sit on my shelf, also what has been personal feedback on brands and size? Thanks, in advance!