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    hello from milwaukee

    Used the pen to illustrate the problem...the column on the right was done first (perfectly) then the machine did the column on the left and overlapped and cut letters on top of each other...
  2. Regards, My name is John and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Bought a used Titan 15" tabletop from a pro sign maker and as a retired hobbyist am learning it's use. Did my first cut today and to my surprise wasted only a foot of stock before I got a usable product. The machine came with Sure-Cuts-A-Lot Pro 3 which leads to a question... When I tried to cut what I saw on the screen in SCAL3 (2 columns of text) the first column cut OK. The second column seemed to overlap the first and wraparound to some extent. It did not look like that in SCAL3. So... is my problem using the USB connection or maybe trying to cut too wide. Does this cutter genuinely cut a full 15 inches wide? Should I allow wider margins when cutting columns of text? Is SCAL3 truly a 'WSIWYG' product?
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    newbie introduction

    I re-entered in the introduction section here: Pictures there offer a better explanation. I did use origin.
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    hello from milwaukee

    Thank you all for the welcomes! (What a nice group.) Used an older MSI 32 bit touch screen computer with Windows 10. I can switch to other computers but this one was closest to the cutter. If the USB is the problem I will have to switch as the MSI has no serial port. Designed in SCAL and the text appeared inside the grid. Screen shot and source file attached. The tip on the pen tool is helpful... thank you! test.scut3