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  1. Thank you and much appreciation for the responses and input! I was thinking the same thing about the capacitor, there was no 'evidence' of it blowing up. I have seen videos of what blown capacitors look like. My brother went ahead and ordered the new mainboard and a new SC model cutter for his home, and I will get the MH and put it back together! That's what I do, I am the more technically adept one and he is the creative one!
  2. I am looking and cannot seem to find anyone talking about that White, SC series USCutter plotter/cutter, why is that? Why should I buy the SC Cutter vs. the MH cutter? My brother and I have a MH 871, 28" cutter however, we had a capacitor 'blow' on our first attempt at cutting a logo (or was never attached and just came off). We had to take the entire thing apart and have subsequently learned all the inner workings of this machine!? What we want to know is how long can we expect to be able to use our cutter for making vinyl stickers and t-shirt images for heat transfer to cotton. I think I want us to buy a new SC Cutter, but cannot find the real differences between the MH and SC versions? My brother and I were so let-down and disappointed that we have a broken machine. We want to use this to start our business out of our garage/workshop!