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  1. Hi, i am from DigitizingNinjas

    Hello and welcome to this forum Steven. Hope you will have a good time being here!
  2. Video of How to Install a color Profile

    Thank you for the corrected link, its really helpful.
  3. Hello!

    Sorry I have not replied this message before. The weather is not so hot and also not so cold here!
  4. serialized numbers

    I guess its possible in Excel.
  5. Vectorizing Sites and Members

    Have you tried them https://www.vectorize.pics/ , I have heard about them recently so just suggesting.
  6. Remove background Help needed

    I have just used the magnetic lasso tool for selecting the edge of the image and then removed the background. Here it is
  7. Hello!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome
  8. Hello!

    Thank you Cal
  9. Hello!

    Hello All, Its James Cooper, a newbie to this forum. Its nice to meet you all, hope to get all kinds of help from here.