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  1. im looking a wholsaler that doesnt require a business licsence in order to purchase blank tshirts... any suggestions


  2. ready and willing.... lets the learning curve begin.


  3. v1sualFX

    bought a used cutter...

    I am the newest of the greenhorns in the cutter world, i purchased a used Tc model cutter from a gentleman whos uncle passed away. Unfortunately he cannot find any software or any drivers that might have come with it or any that his uncle may have purchased. My question is, where to start? I have flexiSIGN10 however i the TC model doesnt come up when trying to install my Uscutter. am i just stuck with a cutter that wont work because of the lack drivers? Im searching for downloads and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. v1sualFX

    UsCutter TC model

    Can I run my TC cutter with Windows 10?