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  1. I have vinyl express R series 2-31, I purchased the keyspan adapter online, connected it installed driver etc. NOW I am trying to add it to my set-up on production manager and whatever COM i have it on it disappears and does not give me that COM as an option, how can I fix this has anyone had this issue before? Thank you in Advance.
  2. I have a question and have searched high and low for the answer, tried nearly everything EXCEPT tomorrow I am heading to invest in a KEYSPAN adapter just wanted to know if anyone else has faced the same issue and did the keyspan do the job? My cutter has been working OK, since I've gotten it, it is beyond frustrating. I have things due and it put a huge delay this passed weekend. It sends the item to get cut, moves and then goes offline and turns red etc. I have turned off firewall, turned off bluetooth, gotten driver, matched coms, switched coms etc, everything that is asked to do to allow communication. NOW it is not cutting at all, every single time that I send anything to cut it does the exact same thing moves, says it is cutting and it is not OR says "write port error" or "cannot find port". WILL the keyspan work? Is there something else I must do? Currently just using the USB it came with.