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  1. How do you install your printer profiles in Vinylmaster pro?
  2. How do you delete sections of a curve in vinylmaster pro?
  3. One thing I would change on the Titan 2, are rather add to, is the number and spacing of the vinyl clamps. It only has 4. There is a roller for a fifth, but not a clamp for it. They should have six spread out, so you could use different size vinyl.
  4. How can you cut one file after another without going to the file, cut it, then having to go to another file and cut it, so on and so. Just setup your plotter and go.
  5. How do you increase the space between tiles, when you increase the quantity to 2 or more. Thanks
  6. dave1510

    Spacing on cut file.

    When you go to cut, it gives you an option of the quantity you want to cut. How to do increase the space between the cuts. For example you chose to cut a quantity of 3, I want to increase the space between the 3 cuts. I have pro.
  7. dave1510

    Bubbles in vinyl

    Anyone know a trick to get bubbles out of vinyl applied to aluminum?
  8. dave1510

    Printer profile

    What ended up doing is going to the contour cut mode, saving it as a pdf, then loading it into photoshop elements, then printing it out after adjusting image, then contour cutting it out on my titan, using vinylmaster. I know that's a run on sentence. sorry.
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    Printer profile

    cobra ink pigment If I print out of Gimp or Inkscape it's fine.
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    Printer profile

    Sorry I have an Epson 7110.
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    Printer profile

    I have pro. It may not have RIP, but it has a print icon. The colors is off.
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    I'm trying to print an photo using contour cut wizard. I'm trying put my cut line into the boarder but it vectorizes the whole image. What I want is to put cutbox around the photo so I can adjust the cut-line.
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  14. dave1510

    Laser printing with white in image

    How can you use a laser printer to print an ink transfers with white in the transfer?
  15. I'll be cutting up a storm then all of a sudden when the blade gets close to the edge, the vinyl will bunch up. I don't think I have my rollers in the right position. I'm cutting HTV @ 400 with 90 pressure.
  16. How do you delete spans or lines between nodes, and how do you connect two different lines together?
  17. Still can't do it, but I did make a video>
  18. dave1510

    Pausing Titan 2

    thank you
  19. How do you pause a titan 2?
  20. When I hit combine, the gap closes.
  21. Thanks for all your help! I still can't join nodes together. If I draw a polyline, go into node editing, and try an put the end of that line onto the end of another line, they do not connect.
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    punch Out

    From the album: Untitled Album

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    Untitled Album