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  1. im unsure what you mean but im using the vinyle master i got with it and the sc 50inch as far as ik everything matches up my mom installed everything then i got voted to do the vinyl end of our business. so Iv been kinda playing with it and doing some stuff iv wanted and some signs we need before taking on work. that way if I mess up I can either accept it how it looks or start over. no need for anger customers. Ill try restarting again plug it in while off and go from there. Should I have the cutter on while starting up my laptop im assuming
  2. I did some searches on my issue but atleas no help. I have an hp laptop running windows 10 with my uscutter sc seris cutter hooked up via a usa cable. I have been cutting vinyl for the last week and a half with no issue. Then about three days ago I started having to unplug and replug my cutter in to get it to do a test cut or cut. Hour later it popped up said windows does not recognized the usb device device malfunctioned. I unplugged it shut my latop down and the cutter and restarted both. It worked fine up until today with me just have to unplug and replug it a few times. Now everytime I plug it in it says the same thing and will not work. Can anyone help me, got some things i need to cut and tech support is off till tuesday.