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  1. Is there a way to just save a vector image as just .svg and not have it saved as vinyl master doc? I want to be able to send just the created vector that can be opened as a editable vector in other programs.
  2. jade63

    An ultraskiff I did up

    Here is an awesome vid of the ultraskiff.
  3. jade63

    An ultraskiff I did up

    These Boats are pretty cool. I own 2. Very stable and very fun to fish from. I actually won this boat from fishinbuddies4veterans and told them I would do it up to make them proud.
  4. jade63

    An ultraskiff I did up

    The Layout First time using a wrap. I might have to try and do more wrap jobs. finished boat.
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  6. Not perfect, but came out pretty good. Still trying to master layering.
  7. I agree that this was under valued. But this was my second attempt at doing a layered decal. My first attempt was my own decal for my boat. These are not perfect and wouldn't feel comfortable charging someone for basically a dry/practice run. Which leads me into why I purchased my cutter to begin with. I was quoted over $250 by a local shop to do a couple of decals for my big boat and my fishing boat. I was going to be charged $85 for just the artwork which I would've provided. Heres the fact...Big shops do not want to do Small jobs at a reasonable price. So the question is "what would you charge for a job of that size"?
  8. jade63

    What vinyl would I need UT Longhorns

    Im bumping this up as I was going to ask this question. Is the nut brown a close alternative?
  9. Just purchased a MH871 and trying to figure pricing. Ive read a couple of different posts on here about this subject, but seems everyone charges different amounts for the same project. When I was doing sponsor packs for what a race car would look like with certain paint and sponsors schemes I would charge a flat rate. This is new to me! The pictures attached is a job i did for a test run (practice) and will probably charge the gentleman for just material and a little time. I'm thinking around $35-40. I did all the artwork and vector work with this. Weeding was a pain especially around the small text, but I'm new and still learning the tricks. Here is the list 3- 8x11 3 color logo 2- 5x16 3 color 1-3x9 1 color 2- 3x9 2 color 1- 3x9 3 color 2- 2x7 2 color 2- 1.5x4 1 color 7- muli sized 1 color logos What are the pros thoughts??? Thanks Jade