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    Really Need Help

    So I just purchased the Titan 2 cutter and some oracle 631 I am new to all of this stuff I tried to do my first cut and its performing the test cut perfectly it cuts the vinyl leaving the backing intact so i assume my blade setting is good. Now I am using my iMac and the software provided which is the Sure Cuts A lot Pro 3 I am trying to just cut out a name as a sample and it first cut out a strait line, second attempt it swallowed all my vinyl and went side ways. Can someone please help I just spend $1,400 hoping the process wouldn't be too difficult and I am starting to feel like It was a bad move. I currently create and sell custom shirts, denim vest and converse mainly for children using transfer paper and a heat press I wanted to start new creations using vinyl but I am just completely lost and frustrated because I literally know none who is familiar that can be o help to me. So any help tips and info would be super helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I sell on etsy and I do very well, its the reason I actually purchased a cutter. wanted to offer new items being that i am already established. They charge fees but they advertise so well I have tons of traffic.
  3. DJB Customs

    Hello From Long Island NY

    Thanks I was browsing around the forums I'm sure I'll find some help.
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    Hello From Long Island NY

    I just received my 28" Titan 2 cutter and I am absolutely lost, frustrated I just feel like I am ready to throw in the towel. Little background of what I do. I create custom shirts, denim vest, converse daily for children. I use Heat Transfer paper for the vest and it was just so much cutting I figured a cutter would be beneficial and also open new possibilities as far as creating custom items for adults as well. I just feel so lost I don't feel like there is much help on the site as far as for beginners I might have jumped right out the window purchasing this huge machine but I know i can get it I just have to be patient i guess.