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  1. artisculture

    New Work

    Congratuations on incorporating and great work!
  2. artisculture

    First Dye Sub issue

    Your image quality is great. I bought a Epson wf-2630 recently and I was wondering if I could adjust my image resolution some way?
  3. artisculture

    How To: Comprehensive Pricing Guide

    This is wonderful thanks a lot!
  4. artisculture

    Hello From Long Island NY

    Welcome! YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE! Say or read something 3x's and it will most likely stick. Peace.
  5. artisculture

    Another Newbie in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Welcome! Not knowledgable on our topic just spreading vibes.
  6. artisculture

    Noob from Illinois

    Thanks Wildgoose. I have been searching the forum for answers and I found that sublimation printing is the alternative as well as printing on vinyl. Whats you guys take on these options?
  7. artisculture

    Noob from Illinois

    Would that also work on dark materials?
  8. artisculture

    Noob from Illinois

    Dakotagrafx Thanks for the info and greetings. Looking into it now.
  9. artisculture

    Noob from Illinois

    Hello All, I've been cutting vinyl for about a month now and I see a big demand for photos on shirts. Hows the best way to do this with limited funds?