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  1. new member

    lets welcome a new member local to me here in myrtle beach @zip2it just found out he joined the forum awhile back. an old sign blazer user.
  2. ce5000-60

    whats the differences in this model and the ce6000-60?
  3. ce5000-60

    lets hope so, I'm not the sharpest tack n the lot. lol
  4. ce5000-60

    I haven't messed with a Graphtec product b4. I did hook it up and do a cut with it the other night. It seems it will b another learning curve to run it
  5. ce5000-60

    how old of a machine is the ce5000? short/long story, the ce6000 I was getting is a ce5000. so would like to know the good/bad/and ugly of it.
  6. ive been using a different program, but months ago I saw there was a update for VM so I thought I would try it. well 1st I noticed a few things I used with my original version of VM program weren't there. so with that and the program wanting to shut dn a lot I never used the updated version. then in dec I started using it for some files I originally made in VM. started having troubles with small and intricate designs, especially weeding them. yest when the guy I bought a Graphtec from was showing me flexi program, I opened up both cut programs I have. we found 1 issue. I guess the update cut off over cut. and if not mistaken its location is different. so is cut by color. still not sure if I was able to get that option to work since I didn't do a cut with it. i know I'm a newbie to all this, but it seems like there should've been a warning or something about the update and the overcut issue. I have the cut version that came with my cutter
  7. just wondered if it was the same issue I was having
  8. roland sc 540

    speaking of the router, i had a guy in that does that in Gatlinburg. now hes started with a lazer doing acrylics and such. so yep, that thought is in the back of my mind. on the other, i try to learn from others mistakes. that's y i ask so many questions 1st now. like i ve posted in a couple post when new peeps are asking which cutter. I really believe if i had been on here 1st I would've started with a servo cutter. so i really appreciate all u guys on here help.
  9. roland sc 540

    just had someone offer me a roland sc 540 on trade for 1 of my vehicles. can someone give me the scoop on this machine? common problems? what to look for? what i can expect cost wise to run it?
  10. roland sc 540

    he says he does a test daily. when i told him i wasn't sure about getting a printer yet because of having enough work to justify running and heads stopping up, he said just to make sure to always a test daily. so how much is it worth?
  11. roland sc 540

    well i mess with a lot of vehicles, so i trade around a lot. sounds like this might not b something i want to deal with. he says no issues with the heads, and does a daily test on them. says he bought it new and replaced the scan motor recently. and is throwing in a comp. with the rip program on it
  12. what program are u using to cut with? I just opened my version of VM cut and was having this issue. come to find out, the way things were changed in an update .... overcut was cut off.
  13. ce6000-60

    1 day while on the phone with Primal he heard my sc cutting. really no way u can miss the noise it makes. so he did a cut with his titan 2 so i could hear the material cycling verses the machine sounding like the space ship off close encounters I got a lil xtra perk buying the Graphtec i didn't know about, while we was at my shop I showed him the hat press I just picked up. was talking about the issues with it so far and he said he had 1 with extra lower platens that he would give me. so that's a better score than the 1 last week. lol
  14. ce6000-60

    well most know i have been wanting to upgrade for over a yr now. have posted up a few used servo cutters to get opinions on. kept an eye on the titan 2 deals. prob should've pulled the trigger on 1 of those when i found 1 online at a deal a few months back. well i guess i will stop looking for awhile now. Had a used Graphtec ce6000-60 fall in my lap today. will hopefully start getting set up next week. will post up after i get started with it.
  15. ce6000-60

    thanx, cant wait to see how a servo cutter cuts,
  16. Cutting HTV with CE6000

    did u get this figured out? I know @Primal Decals cuts plenty of htv on his titan 2
  17. New cutter ????

    Ive been looking at both of those cutters. I already know what the sc model will do. so the is sc2 is supposed to be better. but i figured hold out for a servo instead of getting another stepper.
  18. flexi users

    I'm sure several on here use flexi. the guy i picked up a used Graphtec from uses it and he did a quick run thru of it with me today. he loves it. a lot of options i saw on there seemed really cool. what do you guys think of this software?
  19. New cutter ????

    you definitely found the best place to ask question and get good knowledgeable help. I ordered a sc model which came with vinyl master cut. I was looking at the LP 2 and when i called in to U S cutter the sales rep talked me out of it. his thoughts were either start with 1 of the cheapest because if you like doing this you will want to upgrade to 1 of the more expensive servo cutters. He actually recommended the MH series. after researching those I went with the sc. another reason in my choice was the 54" model and price. didn't know anything about this, so I wanted a cutter large enough to do my sign in 1 cut. and i could get it in my starting budget. I was trying to get my equipment and everything to do the sign at our shop for the price i was quoted for a sign shop to do my sign. within 2 months I upgraded to sure cuts a lot pro 4 cut program. i wasn't a member on here before ordering or asking questions. even though the sc has done everything i needed, including what you asked about. i think I would've started with the titan 2 for the servo motor. recently I have found refurbished titan 2 for under $700.
  20. hat press- CL score

    I did a dry run without vinyl, really just pre heating and wrinkled the shit out of that 1. this is the 1st hat off the press, still ended up with a wrinkle
  21. hat press- CL score

    Been keeping an eye out for a hat press on CL , fri night was talking with @Primal Decals about it and looked on there . a guy less than 5 miles from me posted 1 he made 2 hats with. $80 and its at the shop. hopefully it wont take long for it to pay for the new 1 I have been eye balling.
  22. hat press- CL score

    well just tried to do my 1st hat press. Can I get some advice or tips? yep, 1st hat wrinkle.....
  23. that's where I order mine. I usually put together a decent size order that I def win on the 9.99 shipping. I have a dist. about 2 hrs away that delivers to me next day for free. but unless its a big sale I can still beat their prices at U S
  24. yep, these guys steered me to siser easy weed and easy weed stretch. I feel its the easiest to use and forgiving material I have used. but the only other htv Ive used was an unknown brand I got with a used bulk vinyl purchase. I have 1 of the cheaper Chinese heat presses, so the heat of the platen fluctuates , the pressure settings is just a good guess, and knock on wood Ive had no issues so far. could be newbie luck, but I don't have good luck . so I figure that shows how forgiven siser products are.
  25. Great prices on Oracal 651 at UScutter

    when setting up business accts with suppliers , oracal vinyl is how I price checked competitors pricing to US cutter. and it depends on what and how soon I need it. a major supplier is a lil over an hr from me. $50 gets me free next day shipping. so if a couple rolls of vinyl is all I need it ends up being about the same price when I add the shipping from US , and I get it a day sooner. but usually I will put together an order of vinyl and stuff from U S specials list and make it really worth while. lol