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  1. cardudenc


    sorry just getting back on here. with VM ( vinyl master) on the tool bar click on the icon for vinyl spooler, looks like the space shuttle. open it and then you will see the calibration tab. again, since your local. if you need any help you can message me on here or call . I def don't know everything, but do have experience with a us cutter machine and VM. I started as newbie in 2016. knew very lil comp wise and none with this kind of software. wasn't getting very far past being able to cut out anything but txt. then asked on here for help with a logo. another member I met on here volunteered to help with the logo. then told me he started with vinyl in 2014, same thing. he didn't know much about vinyl but was comp. guy. so he told me he didn't want anyone to have the issues he had trying to learn. so has been helping me ever since. so its my way of paying it fwd.
  2. cardudenc


    did you calibrate your cutter after setting it up? that's something i didn't do for a long time. well until it showed up. i was cutting something that really had to b to spec. by the measurements on the screen i was at 24.75x5.25 but after cutting that wasn't the case. i bet it was over a yr b4 this came up, but everything i make is mainly my design, txt or whatever. so never had to fit exact, so i never checked after the cut. i make a lot of decals to sell at the store. so if i thought it was 5" long and it was + or - a lil bit it never really mattered. so if u haven't , check it out and c how much u need to adjust it
  3. cardudenc

    Transfer Tape

    yep, at the start i just cut it off however. no telling how i might cut a decal. now i almost have them all perfect square or whatever. but if multiples all r def same size. and for laying app tape sticky side dn and static creating issues, i use scotch double sided clear tape. can get it any where
  4. cardudenc

    Myrtle Beach SC Nebie here

    our landlords original store is in Conway, the Wild West Western store. we r b side him in surfside.
  5. cardudenc

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    ive watched a few videos on home made cnc .
  6. cardudenc

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    I have a plasma cutter. so have been looking n to getting a table set up for it. as i get n to this more, it def has me wanting a cnc router set up. not familiar with a carvewright, so hitting up google now
  7. cardudenc

    White Aluminum signs

    ha, i was eating, shows how well i multi task when food is involved. lo.l when i 1st started i bought up several of their pre cut signs n different sizes. still have a few of those , actually a lot of them left. mainly because i started cutting a few of odd sizes out of the scrap i had left over from different projects. will look if i have a pic of the last i just made for a friend, a double sided open/close sign for her greenhouse. it just depends, from the reg painted alum .040 to max metal. but seems i end up with more max metal than anything. kinda gotten used to working with it. ordering a sheet next week for a commercial sign job.
  8. cardudenc

    Myrtle Beach SC Nebie here

    welcome , I finally have another MB peep on here. my 1st cutter was an sc model from us cutter , and the 2 programs I use to cut with is VM which came with my cutter, but then I upgraded to scalps 4 , i save all my work as an svg file where u at dn here? we have a store in surfside
  9. cardudenc

    White Aluminum signs

    main1 and where my rep works out of is Charleston sc, but had a few things come out of Greenville sc, and also have picked up from greensboro nc since my house is in NC
  10. cardudenc

    SCALP 4.074 just screwed me

    I can get u in touch with who I would call the scalp wizard, he was banned so cant get him on here anymore. which I believe hurt the forum, anyway he doesn't mind spending however much time to help u get things straight. I will ask him about the update. I haven't used mine in a couple days , so could check all the settings and compare
  11. cardudenc

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    I use the app tape roller that came with my combo pkg. its 28" but I have 36" tape on it now. I mount it on a folding table with furniture clamps. so nothing set up permanent . for now. the largest I did was basically my 1st big job...… our store sign 3'x12' wont ever forget it.. did it wet apply , with help and it depends. any large I guess im using the roller the "correct" way sticky dn, for smaller stuff I have sticky up. each job I try to get a lil better. but for some reason every single time I try using paper tape I wrinkle the 1st 1 or 2.
  12. hmmm!!!! will have to dn load the controller on my comp then and check that out. some parts I have found for the graphtecs are as ive read in other post on here , as expensive as buying a running used cutter. I can pik these up reasonable enough. hoping to find something I could get and fix somewhat reasonable, atleast cheaper n the end than buying a used 1 off ebay or craigslist. just not sure im ready to start collecting parts machines yet. now jeeps, I have that stuff all over the place
  13. he has 3 cutters that need work for sell. the fc isn't lighting up. c the oops above will fix it
  14. like any of my other hobbies I get n to, I somehow usually get n to a lil buying/trading/selling. seems like a few of u on here do the same. anyway ive found a couple used graphtecs with issues. 1 is a ce 5000-120 he says it worked fine and was hooked up thru a parallel cable. he let a friend borrow a part off of it, then when back together it wouldn't work again , says all mechanicals on the cutter work, just not the screen the other is a fc 7000-75 he says they used it where he worked and he really don't rem what happened to it , but again screen issues, but this 1 isnt lighting up mayb above my knowledge and abilities. but wouldn't mind giving them a try. that is if I can find pieces/parts and either repair manuals or schematics. I didn't ask if he was a member on here or not.
  15. cardudenc

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!