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  1. used us tech laminator

    I picked this up, and so far haven't used it. what is 1 of these worth
  2. Help with a Roland PNC 1000

    just seeing this, if I'm not mistaken he was running sign blazer and something happened/ shut dn or something like that it. I didn't kno he was trying to set the old roland back up. I will have to get with and him and see if we cant get it back up and running
  3. new member

    glad u brought life to this post, I haven't seen zip on here or n person n mnths. will have to txt him see whats up.
  4. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    ive went thru several brands to find a clear tape that I can use with wet apply. I still have a customers phone # decal I made for his truck stuck on the side of the shop fridge with the 1st clear trans tape I bought that def wasn't good wet. it basically melted to the vinyl. I keep a lot of my "newbie" mistakes... n hopes to learn from them. lol. I also have 1 clear tape that I would call SUPER high tack. actually cracked a piece of glass after applying the decal dry and peeling the app tape
  5. New guy 1st post

    welcome aboard!! as u should b able to tell, a lot of knowledgeable peeps on here that don't mind helping others out and to learn this biz. I met and ended up with a friend from on here. he had started n this vinyl world about 12 mnths b4 me, he as went beyond out of his way to help and teach me the vinyl trade. as mentioned above, I have also considered the table top titan for a mobile cutter. I'm hoping to end up with everything set up n an enclosed to b able to hit festivals and car shows and events. but sue also has a pretty good idea, spend most of that time designing and not dragging around equipment to set up and tear dn. then that's another good idea from slice. that would work for that mimaki cutter I was looking at from a friend of mine. he didn't have a stand and was just cutting from sheets of vinyl instead of rolls. I had just planned on buying a stand if I bought it. but ended up with a used Graphtec instead. he still has it as of now, I may pik it up for this mobile venture I'm wanting to set up
  6. New on here

    cool!!! me too, 2 yrs ago. welcome aboard
  7. Newb questions about my new SC2

    oops, guess I could've pitched my dd. its an 04 tj, 4.0 auto. with an atlas. with 38s dangling on a d30 ft with chromos and an arb/ d35 with the super 35 kit. have another set of hp 44, & 9" 5.13s, locked and chromos. waiting for the $ for coilovers and will b putting them n and prob a set of 40s
  8. Newb questions about my new SC2

    hmmm?? @Wildgoose not sure I knew u was a crawler. 40s and tons.... now we talkn. jeep motor or v8 swap? I build them from mild to wild. my new crawler is sitting in pieces at my barn. linked yj frame, don't rem if its a cj or yj tub, but a cj hood and grille. a set of cucv tons and an old school 4 bolt main sbc hoping it cranks out over 450hp, may end up with an ls 6.0 by the time it gets built. prob run a set of 42-43 stickies. whats funny is the rig ive been wheeling until I moved south and these health issues started kicking my azz is a 94-95 yj hp 44, 9" rear chromos and locked, sitting on 37s pushed by the mighty 4 banger. should c some of the big boys faces when I raise the hood after wheeling with them all day. lol
  9. Newb questions about my new SC2

    yep, vinyl a lot cleaner and lighter. lol. building the jeeps has ended up with me having 3 hernia surgeries and a back surgery scheduled for july. awesome collection. I wanting to build a crawler with either a yj or tube chassis and a willys tub. guess I could post up mine but its prob a 50/50 split of personal and business in that collection. lol. vinyl is prob close to the jeep addiction, and easier to work with
  10. Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    @Scratchthejeepguy awesome idea. I think its awesome for a newbie to come up with some cool ideas like this. I too r a "newbie" don't rem if ive had anything to add or not yet. I rem what a big deal it was to me when I had the answers for the guy that has took me under his wing and taught me a lot, plus spent a lot of time off the forum working with me teaching me this biz. again that's what I feel like a forum is for. and again sorry if I derailed your post yea man, been lying low I guess. . Ive had a few issues here, most with the actual company , 2 were warranty/service issues, a couple with ordering/shipment. then just a few on here. I tried to get a resolution with the co. but no luck. the issues on here ive debated about posting something up. but I'm not 1 to stir a huge forum mess where u get all types of keyboard warriors , and opinions fired up n to a huge mess. but it has caused me to lose interest. the bad is I feel this is the best forum for what we do, especially the best for others helping out others whatever way they can. def a lot of knowledge on here. Ive looked up and joined prob most of the vinyl and t shirt forums out there on the web.
  11. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    I'm late to the show as usual, haven't been on here a lot the last few months. I'm n a bit of a disagreement of something that went dn on the forum a few months back and so guess I have lost interest. but b4 this ive had a few issues with tech support and orders, I guess nothing to major, just a pita. my best advice is ... if someone tells you they will find out something fo ryou and get back in touch, don't wait on them, stay on top of things , or more than likely it will dropped off to the wayside, then its usually too late
  12. Newb questions about my new SC2

    well Hate to side track the thread, but since I have nothing to add. what kind of jeeps we talkn about here???? I'm wanting to eventually add a plasma table to the shop, right now I just use my hand held for the work I do n my jeep shop
  13. Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    @eprcvinyls as u go along u will have tools for this all over , I'm not sure how many of everything I have now. I had to move my cutter up ft in the retail area of our shop since I'm there alone 80% of the time. I have a vinyl room with my different tables in back. so have all types of tools for vinyl work back there. with having the cutter up ft I have converted 1 of our display cabinets into a lighted table , plus have a self healing mat on it to be able to do everything right there beside the cutter. lg decals still have to b done in the back. that's also where my heat presses are at. But I also have a sm. tilting table beside the couch at home to be able to bring stuff home to weed and tape. as soon as I have time I will be setting up my new comp and the Graphtec I bought off a friend at the shop and bringing my 54" sc home to the spare bedroom, then setup a complete work area there. Vinyl maybe a bigger addiction than drugs. not sure, Ive always been 1 to only waste $ on things I could make $ from
  14. Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    u will c on here a lot of people have added stuff to their cutter or stand. I'm adding some angle iron to the bottom of mine where the rollers are to make a shelf to hold an Epson 7610. look up @Primal Decals old post for the leds he added, a lot of us have done that 1 now
  15. Diamond plate ????

    I see 2 types. The other says mini, I believe I have a piece of it at the shop. And it is smaller than real diamond plate. Anyone know what size this is.