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  1. Back Lit signs

    well I used to be a cnc machinist and do all types of custom metal fab work in my jeep shop. so i figure hopefully i can handle this. i did have a sign box just like the 1 on my building. i was keeping it until I got tired of it in the way. ive read most have switched to using led in their signs. leds are easier to wire than ballast. I also used to have an aquarium/ fish store, so have built a lot of custom lighting in aquarium hoods for saltwater and reef tanks
  2. Extra License

    let us kno how this turns out
  3. hopefully posting in the right section. info may be already on here but I didn't see it. with back lit signs, do you guys build all your boxes or is there a supplier that you can order to specs? just had a real estate co ask for a unique design. they want it in the shape of a house. Ive replaced panels in back lit signs. I just haven't tried to build 1 from scratch yet.
  4. Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    welcome to the forum, u found the best place to learn about vinyl before making a purchase. lots of wisdom and helpful peeps on here. I wished I had started here. my machine was ordered and on its way when I found the forum. mine isn't terrible, it has done what ive needed so far, just would've been nice to been a servo machine. a us cutter salesman talked me out of getting the lazer point. and into an sc. if could do over would've started with the titan 2. now U S has a great deal on a Graphtec. but as far as what cutter will be best for you is like the above asked, what are you looking to make
  5. USCutter PSN VinylMaster Update

    so whats up with the site? I tried to dn load 1 trial versions of any of 1 other versions of vm other than cut. said it was emailing me a link , never got 1
  6. Graphtec Question

    sw....sign warehouse
  7. Graphtec Question

    the small detail is y I was leaning Graphtec, I was going to buy a titan as my next step up, but if I can grab 1 of these while on sale I believe would be a very sweet deal
  8. Graphtec Question

    y they so expensive???
  9. Graphtec Question

    that was a great deal. there is a GCC RX series cutter on 1 of the online sites here for 1500 obo
  10. Graphtec Question

    well theres 2 votes.. I have about convinced myself...... so now to just find someone to loan me 1500. lol I kno @Primal Decals cant , he just spent a wad on some other toys for him.
  11. Graphtec Question

    On US cutter? 1395 def has me looking. I'm not really ready to upgrade yet, but sure thinking about it
  12. how to load straight

    since its so frustrating for u changing over to the titan, I will sacrifice and let u sell it to me cheap so u can start over. don't want u hurting your self throwing it around. lol. Just kidding. I definitely understand the frustration switching and learning new equipment. I hate just switching cell phones. the factory measuring tape on mine is off also. of course found that out the hard way, looks like everyone posting did too. I have a metal yard stick laying on top of my cutter for several uses, #1 starting the vinyl straight. then I cycle it thru a few inches back and forth, especially if its a long cut. something 2 or 3" I don't worry about so much. I think after u get used to the titan u will love it, @primal decals does... U will def like the led light upgrade. several of us on here have followed primal on this. I have an sc model, hoping to upgrade soon to a titan 2 , but also looking at the Graphtec. but for the $$ seems the titan is hard to beat. and welcome to the forum!! I'm also a newbie, around a yr and half old now. lot of knowledge and great peeps that will help a newbie out on here
  13. well I finally re installed VM. looks like to me I lost a couple things from the previous version.
  14. Can you sub on canvas

    a lady at the flea market here runs canvas thru an Epson 7610 printer. not sure if that's what your looking to do. can get some pics of what she sells
  15. Hey Hey Beautiful People

    Awesome!! And Good Luck with this biz venture. sounds like you have plenty going on should draw attention. we have a consignment shop with a lil of everything and build,refurbish, paint furn. and of course vinyl. I recently purchased a heat press and added that to all we offer. where our business is here at the beach, we have more restrictions, codes, permits and red tape bs than anywhere I have ever heard of. the city held us up 3 weeks over my sign permit. your sign permit has to pass before you can get your business license here. and some how the woman in that dept got " confused" over our paperwork. so everything had to go thru a re review, which was 4 times the cost of the review. I really think we was just having to pay our "dues" because we are new here and was doing our own sign work . welcome to the forum, if not for this forum and the good peeps Ive met on here, I would prob still only be able to cut txt.