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  1. cardudenc

    VM cut error shut down pop up

    im not much of a designer or comp guy, so when VM cut came with my cutter. that's what I used to do it all from. then as far as saving , I always just clicked save n VM and typed a name for each project. now using a different program because of this constant error issue . I mainly only open the program to get to designs I made in it early on, or look up a font from an old design. I will have to check what type file all this older stuff is saved n looks like here C:\Users\Public\Documents\VinylMaster_USC Files\Samples
  2. cardudenc

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    your correct on that. I believe I learned a lot of newbie lessons by starting with a cheap azz unforgiving cutter. def using a Graphtec over my SC model is like climbing out of a dae woo n to a Porsche. lol
  3. cardudenc

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    yep, def better than crack!! lol atleast it makes $$
  4. cardudenc

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    awesome!! way to start out. I started with the dae woo of cutters and moving my way up. I have another used ce 5000-60 coming. im hoping to mess around with a few used cutters working my way to the new 1 I want. which I thought was the ce 6000 now I wondering, someone had to bring up summa. so been reading up on them. and the fc8600 , im sure I will have my mind made up by the time the $$$ is made
  5. I always leave mine without pressure on grit roller. on every 1. my new 1 was shipped that way, I was told that's the best way, last I read on here to leave them up.
  6. cardudenc

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    Graphtec???? so did u order 1?
  7. cardudenc

    Intro for you all

    more room just means more junk!!! well does for me. I started doing vinyl at my wifes consignment store, something for me to b interested n for free labor working the store all day. we have a back office I started setting up as the vinyl room and a bay I lettered a few vehicles, but being here alone 80% I moved the cutter up front behind the counter with me, and now the office and back room has so much of customers crap back there I couldn't letter a bicycle back there.i moved the big cutter home in the spare room upstairs. and a 24" cutter in its place at the shop. Hmmmm! I guess I could now use both rooms upstairs since the step daughter moved out . wonder what the wife will think about taking out the daughters bedroom furn and moving n screen printing equipment.... lol. im sure we all kno the answer I will get to that 1.
  8. cardudenc

    Intro for you all

    welcome aboard. seems ive already posted on a different thread of yours or something. Im always late to the game . lol. we def need more jeepers. that's my other biz, used to just build crawlers, but when I jumped n to it full time I will build whatever they pay to. serious mall crawlers. spare room or not, looks like you have a nice set up
  9. cardudenc

    VM cut error shut down pop up

    do you design in another program or VM ? the 1s im worried about were created and saved in VM. I cant even open them from my other cut program, but of course that could b me. im not a comp guy. I know just enough to do a lil vinyl work, but learning daily. that's y I consider myself a newbie even after doing this for 3 yrs
  10. cardudenc

    Hix and Frusion vs PowerPress and BetterSub

    Agree with Goose. Swing arm is the way to go, even tho I never used a clamshell press But it’s kinda easy to tell it’s a quick to get burned. I push my swing arm way... way out of the way. I’ve stayed with your tip of charging at least $3 a press.
  11. cardudenc

    VM cut error shut down pop up

    sounds about right. Ive now gotten to where I can tell when ive pushed it long enough that will shut dn. pain. what will it do to all my files if I uninstall
  12. cardudenc

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    anytime pawdell. there was a guy on here that basically taught me 75% of what I know about this biz . I would hate to say how much time he has in helping me now. weve became pretty good friends since meeting on here 3 yrs ago. I believe in paying it fwd, so don't hesitate to hit me up. Im up all hrs of the night. I def don't kno it all but sometimes can still find an answer. the bad is Im not a comp guy. so I still consider myself a newbie. Eh.….Ive grown to hate the beach. liked it better from my house in the mtns of nc. should've just kept going back and forth every few weeks.
  13. ok. I wondered. the pic makes it look almost as big as mine. the sc 53". I was going to look at mine and get a few pics last night. but I laid dn my bike fri and by the time we got home last night I was too stiff to try the steps. lol
  14. cardudenc

    Hix and Frusion vs PowerPress and BetterSub

    Ive been using a cheap Chinese heat press for 2 yrs now. plans are to upgrade to a fusion when the business pays for it. I paid for the starter equipment out of pocket , then let the business justify upgrading. Like Dakota said the main difference is the uneven and fluctuating heating, and with mine im basically guessing on pressure. I also use an infrared gun to double check the heat. so must of the time I will do a 2nd press. so as with everything else , you get what you pay for. a friend of mine started with a fusion. he doesn't have any of those issues. you set both pressure and temp and don't have to worry about any changes.
  15. what size is your cutter? isn't that a 24" roll of vinyl on it?