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  1. Printer option?

    what kind of luck are u having using the smaller printers for decals? I heard the end product didn't turn out well. I have an Epson wf 7610 ive been wanting to try and print with. What vinyl are u using
  2. Bikemike's picture thread

    as u can tell I wasn't thinking about the 50lbs of the way I normally build overkill, that would b 4x4 legs
  3. Bikemike's picture thread

    sometimes less is more, looks like a good design to me, if it works well no need for a funnel. like I said earlier when I was thinking complex, something similar to my big freestanding blast cabinet. but this is more cost & time efficient to build. instead of the work table u have yours on. I could use some 2x2 legs
  4. Accessing Glyphs

    uhhhh, I was talkn about rock crawling jeeps, off road vehicles. but I do have a couple RCs. old school team associated RC 10 stuff. almost every off road park now has a course for RCs. long story but I haven't been in awhile, I'm wanting to get RC crawler , but I spend all my extra $$ on this. I'm always interested in something I can make a few $s on
  5. from my understanding , the graphtecs don't give much trouble. only ones that really have issues with mother boards is the budget cutters. and I would have the same suggestion for u if u can get a Graphtec for just a lil more than sc or sc2, even tho its used, if it has been taken care of , u shouldn't have any issues with the machine. but there is no warranty with a used 1. so u could be buying a boat anchor. I knew the guy I got my used Graphtec from, so I know how picky he is over his machines.
  6. only thing I see that mayb wrong is the last statement. from what ive seen since starting this, is they upgrade the model cutter and the price goes up. like now , they are liquidating the sc and replacing it with the sc2. and the titan 2 is is updated to a se. just like the Graphtec I just bought. its a ce 5000, now the model offered now is a ce 6000.. now my recommendation of the refurbed sc is only because scalps is $199 and the refurb combo is $269. that's $69 in the cutter, not a bad investment if u end up upgrading and push it n the corner for a spare, or throw it on the int for sell. that wont hurt as much. I think I have 5 prob 6 bills after shipping in the 1 I'm pushing in the corner. will use break it out for big stuff since the new cutter is a 24". I def think this new sc 2 is prob a better cutter, after owning 1, I'm not sure how much quieter 1 is. I figure a stepper is a stepper. I could b wrong, just my thoughts. there is a big difference in a servo cutter and that's why I say if you get into this u will prob be like the rest of us, wont b able to stand it until u get 1,
  7. don't sell yourself short. of course u will have to get it out there of what items you offer, but like everyone said u will be surprised how it works and takes off. again I'm a newbie, didn't start trying to sell decals until summer of 16, and just started doing htv. I have a small rack of stickers in our shop, it is a high end consignment store, clothes and furniture. so I don't have decals all over. I have my enclosed trailer lettered, " custom Vinyl" my first commercial lettering job, a guy walked after his wife had shopped in our store, he asked if I could letter a truck, well did 1, a few days later he came in said he bought another, so did it, then he asked if I would do his store ft. shirts... I had a buddy call on a fri around 4pm saying he needed a shirt for his new concrete business for a meeting with Fema on mon. so it was too late to get anyone I knew to do it and get it shipped to me, I ordered the only press I could get in, amazon had me 1 del on sun. that was my 2nd shirt, I did 1 for our store for practice then did his, well he meets for the meeting on the job site, so other contractors were there bidding for other jobs, guy asked how did his shirts, that dude came wanted 36 shirts and his new enclosed trailer lettered. so my buddy got that very 1st shirt for free. lol. now I have done door magnets, yard signs ,36 shirts and 2 panties and finishing up 2 trailers for my buddy with the concrete biz . my last order of 12 I did for a cust of a local bar, he gave to the employees and owner there for Christmas. 1 of my cust. saw me doing and ordered 2 for her. I wrote all that to hopefully show u how easily it takes off, in between all that is a couple commercial vehicles lettered and a few business signs and store fts.
  8. haven't checked out this post in a day or 2. I also have always been tipped on doing shirts. a guy came in wanting to change a misspelled name on a jersey he ordered offline I had to remove an I and replace it with an R . was asking @Primal Decals advice on how much to charge since I had never tried to remove vinyl before. I think we came up with charging 10-15 , when the cust came in to pik up I told him 15 because it was a pita getting that letter off, he paid me 30. that was my 1st tip and so far everyone has tipped something on all orders. I have started making some shirts for the store, so no tips on those. lol
  9. Bikemike's picture thread

    cool design, simple, and easier to build. I was thinking more cuts and angles like the way my stand up cabinet was made. never thought of building it like that. thanks for the pics
  10. Accessing Glyphs

    Dang , I leave for supper and miss all the good stuff. lol. this is the 2nd , 3rd or 4th time ive seen "hiding something" or whatever being brought up. I'm not sure whats up with that. other forums I'm on, like my rock crawling forum they always say there is more activity and more arguments/ disagreements this time of yr caused by Cabin Fever. Ive talked to @Primal Decals by pm off and on since july of 16 , so far nothing worth hiding. no solicitation for anything, not even sexual favors. but he has wasted a lot of his time helping a clueless newbie. even has stopped whatever he was doing to help me in a crunch. just the other night he gets on my comp thru team viewer to fix an issue with it, after fixing he tells about the migraine hes had all day. I prob wouldn't even answered, no way get on and do anything. and the reason he told me back in july when we 1st spoke thru pm he helps people like me out is, when he started fresh like me with no knowledge, no one helped him. from my understanding he learned most on his own. I see him still ask questions on here. and on a rare occasions ive actually been able to give him a pointer or 2 I'm not taking up for him nor calling anyone out. I'm just saying ive seen something similar a couple times now because he offers to help people out. and 1 of these def seemed like there was some kind of hidden agenda the person posting was trying to say, but nothing ever was. I just hope this clears the air. I'm only on here to keep learning more of what im doing. peace out , and I hope I didn't stir any feathers/bees nest or whatever.
  11. Bikemike's picture thread

    I thought about building 1, time is my issue... not enough of it. but I have a couple of the siphon kits that have the gun and tube u just stick dn in a bucket of sand. it was cheaper to buy those than replacement nozzles. I'm getting ready to do some major rearranging in the back of the shop. we have some many different things going on n 1 place. from moving out businesses in the area that have shut dn my back bay is full of crap, and 99% of it not mine. hoping to bring my 2 post lift sitting on my trailer dn and get it set up. that way some real work can start. lol
  12. Bikemike's picture thread

    I use the cream for now, after I move more of my jeep shop equipment dn I will start blasting. I have a freestanding cabinet , thought about going ahead and buying 1 of the small harbor freight table top cabinets
  13. ive never seen any cutters on FB , ive looked at several on cl . thought about buying 1 of the cutter and vinyl deals a couple of been selling to get out
  14. wow, just lost a whole reply. guess I got too long winded. But I bet u end up like the rest of us on here, u will do whatever that paying job is in ft of u wants. lol. I'm not sure what my longest cut is so far, but my sc has handled it. I'm going to guess 12'-16' . Ive lettered work trucks, vans, enclosed trailers, and store fronts. ive posted it on the forum before, but the only reason I have a 54" sc is the 3'x12' sign on my building and me being a newbie thinking no way do I want to attempt tiling something that long as my 1st project. been doing this for around 2 yrs and i have still avoided tiling. maybe I should go ahead and do a " test" 1 tom. as far as software I think that's an each his own thing. the guy I bought my Graphtec from is a diehard Flexi user about as much as @Primal Decals is with scalps 4. I have both, a copy of the basic VM that came with my cutter, and that's what I learned on and used for several months. because of a few issues with the program shutting dn on me. I decided to get scalps. I feel like its more of a cut program, and does better on intricate and small cuts than VM. I mainly use vm for things I have saved in it from the beginning , I'm too lazy to move any of it. lol. when U S and VM had upgrades at half price over the holidays I thought doing an upgrade and started using it for a week and I had the pesky pop up saying it had to shut dn daily. so I skipped that idea. that's why I feel the refurbished 24" sc is such a good deal @ $269 with scalps, a $199 program so your into a cutter for 69 bucks, don't see how u can bet that. wished I had seen a deal like that when I started. I would've learned to tile. lol. so with your info gathering, have u made a decision on equipment yet?
  15. What tranfer tape should i buy? oracal 631/651/751

    thanks for responding, 2 of my orders were messed up before I caught on the site was doing it. a rep was able to help me on 1, but the other wasnt. its been too long to rem all the details. after that I just rem to keep a close eye on my cart. especially if 1 of my customers come in and take me away from the comp for a bit