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  1. You wouldn't believe all this dude does for me. Cant say enough positive/praise for Primal.
  2. @Primal Decals you just added more calls & txt from me. lol. we have been messing around with setting up a website for the store the last couple weeks. checking out the pippin decals site now.
  3. look for the card that has the product key on it or the email from when you bought it
  4. welcome aboard. Primal is def a GREAT friend to have in your corner, I'm sure u have prob already figured this out by now since he is the 1 that invited u here.but by no means am I lowering any of the guys and gals on here. I have learned a lot in the past 9 or 10 mnths from being on here from all of them. I was brand new to this world and all but comp. illiterate. all I used a comp. for was surfing and emails. Primal has went way out of his way of helping and spending who knows how much time now teaching me, I met him on here shortly after joining, but its like we have been friends for yrs.
  5. that's another subject that has been discussed over and over on here. I too am a newbie with limited resources and learning as building up my business. later I am also looking to get into a printer. with that being said do a search on here and you find a good link showing a comparison of the roland combo printer/cutter verses having separate printer and cutter. the 2 units out preformed the the combo. but I guess that again is 1 of those things that is whatever the user prefers
  6. I need the new rubicon font 2016 and tj style Jeep logo font
  7. hopefully this is in the right topic. we was just talking about having some printed so I thought I would see who on here does these and get a quote . I have a local supplier, but would rather give $ to those on here that help all of us.
  8. I have a bunch of trans. vinyl here if you would like to see how it worx. I can send u a some to sample. like others said the color it is on will change it. it changes color mounted on the white lexan, and when it is backlit I didn't see any trans. vinyl being sold by the ft. so I had to buy rolls to my sign. plus I figured I was jumping n to this with both feet, hopefully I would use it on customers signs.
  9. I found Papilio website awhile back and meant to ask about their products. I ordered cartridges and ink for my Epson months ago. I google the subject whenever I have spare time. I think that was 2 mins worth in feb.
  10. I don't think size is the issue either. Ive cut some .300 letters with no issues other than weeding with bad eye sight. lol. and 110% agree about the knowledge on here. I would say 95% of what I know ive learned from here, or from whom ive met on here. so 75% coming from him.
  11. well theres an issue I haven't encountered. even after buying a cheap roll of app tape off of amazon. issue I had with it was the app tape not realizing the decal. but that was a clear tape and me trying it the 1st time for a wet apply. that 1 is still hanging on the shop fridge for a reminder. I have about all my newbie mistakes stuck somewhere around the shop as reminders. greenstar paper tape came with my cutter, along with some transfer rite . now ive bought all different brands of tape for different material and to learn what works best for me. I like the clear for displaying decals in the shop, to me shows off the decal better. but like several have posted, u will have better luck with the paper tape. especially with wet apply.( just come by and checkout my fridge. lol) no matter which tape is on the decals I sell at the shop, I go over the application process with the customer. At that time I re - squeegee the tape as I'm showing them the process. seems to worked so far.
  12. leave it to @Primal Decals he will always find a solution. he is my go to guy!!! which I may go to tooooo often, but he is always there. so basically u can have it run vinyl like 1 of our cutters. hmmmm? ive been wondering about 1 of these to take mobile.
  13. most of mine will be for my use only doing signs. wood and metal. doing vintage and distressed . so some of the wood is really rough
  14. Maybe a dumb question that I should already know. But was just looking to bid a sign job and they want to keep it looking as it is now. I have a supplier to get flat acrylic/plexi for back lit signs. where do I get these expanded panels a lot of these signs have?