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  1. Our shop is in Surfside Beach. Will have to stop in next time your dn
  2. so about an hr from where I'm at now. I'm from western NC
  3. to me it really acted weird after being ran hard for around 8 hrs. I'm prob just paranoid since its now out of warranty. I shouldn't even mentioned that 1, that's a sore subject for seeing that was the last tin US dropped the ball for me. where are u in NC?
  4. if I had worked this right, I would've, could've, should've already been able to upgrade cutters. I even tried VM tonight. still a different noise.
  5. o yea, would like more info on everything used for that job... inquiring minds wanna
  6. just wondering...... I ran my cutter pretty much all night the other night trying to finish a deadline.I failed , so its had a day of rest and now i just turned it to finish up. I think it sounds a lil louder than usual. never thought about it before. anyone know how long you can 1 of these budget cutters non stop? any other sc owners out there ran long periods on your machine?
  7. I'm not exactly sure who that cardude guy is, but ive heard he just recently learned how to power on a computer. so that 5-8 hrs a night @Primal Decals is usually with me trying to teach me how to jyst power on the computer. lol so back to the post here. I have an SC model cutter. I haven't timed how long it takes to cut a design in all the different speed settings. but there is a difference. when I 1st started I accidently had bumped the speed up to 500, it flew thru that design.ive never cut at that speed or higher again. I'm usually cutting at 300. I had 1 design having an issue with pulling up vinyl, I tried 200 and then 100. I noticed a difference in each speed. I'm using scalp4, I also have the basic VM that came with my cutter. I prob haven't cut as many designs with it as I have scalps. mainly just cut txt with it. because in the beginning that's all I knew how to do. then I opened a message on here from that primal guy. now maybe I will start having time to learn how to use these programs and start designing anything I want
  8. gotcha, I learn something everyday on here. I'm considering a Graphtec when I upgrade cutters. so with reading a few of the recent post it seems they require a lot more when setting them up than my budget cutter did
  9. @MZ SKEETERThis is the post I was talking about in the Sc thread.
  10. gotcha, I just got home and logged back on. I usually follow the post about the cutter I have, I hope to give back the help I have received on here to others like me last yr when I started. that's how I met @Primal Decals who I now consider a friend verses just someone I talk to on a web forum. and I'm sure our opinions are not the same on everything vinyl related. lol but if I'm not mistaken Primal posted he called craftedge about the compatibility with that model graphtec I saw the 2 post and program discussion/argument earlier today.
  11. oops, @MZ SKEETER the Graphtec scaling problem is a different post . but I understand, Ive never witnessed this type action on this forum before. Sorry but I feel the brand software debate is similar to the old Chevy or Ford which is better arguement I have used/use VM and Scalps4 with my SC cutter . my opinion is my opinion on either. I can say this from being an absolute newbie/computer illiterate person trying to cut vinyl, I started with VM because it came with my cutter and that could be the reason I think being the comp. dummie I am some things were easier in VM. But now that I have learned a little in the last 14 months I feel that scalps4 does a better job cutting and there is several things I like better using it. and of course scalps4 pro has a lot of features my basic VM program doesn't have. so on that part I don't believe its a fair comparison on that part.
  12. to @VinylMaster is there anyway to check if that box was checked when i installed the program
  13. unfortunately for @Primal Decals he is my go to... i.t. tech, graphic designer, just about anything guy now. lol
  14. i never get on fb from my comp anymore. yrs ago it seemed i picked up something every time i did
  15. weird, now its typing norm and i haven't done anything other than hitting submit post