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  1. USCutter PSN VinylMaster Update

    I don't guess there is anyway to go back to the version of VM I had before the update?? If I'm not mistaken I lost a few things I used.
  2. Merry Christmas

    dang, U must have been on the top of the nice list. guess I need to post a pic of mine. I always buy my own since I kno what I want. lol. Upgraded my Milwaukee cordless impact. cyber mon deal!! 700/1100 lb torque. my old 1 was 450lbs
  3. as @Primal Decals was saying.... he had to raise his tool holder on his titan 2 to keep something similar as your issues from happening with some glitter vinyl he was just cutting. we had been discussing something similar to this for my cutter because I bought a couple cheap tool holders off of ebay that the knurl lock ring hits my carriage and doesn't tighten up correctly on the tool holder. the dry run with out the tool holder will tell more. and @Primal Decals, I believe your slipping. even old blind woody could tell that was a titan... lol
  4. used us tech laminator

    I found a 54" US tech Master cold laminator the other day I'm going to go check out tom. seller says it is in working order, works as it should. reason for selling is upgrading equipment. says may need a new foot pedal sometime in the future, but other than that no known issues. I see retail pricing was $3150, with it on sale right now for $2400 . his asking price is very reasonable. what u guys think
  5. New Business Laptop

    ive always worried about getting something while dn loading fonts. when I'm adding fonts I usually make sure my anti virus is up to date or updated before dn loading. I will doing as most have mentioned when I get my new laptop up and going, using it Only with the cutter , and using the comp I'm on right now for dn loading whatever I need off the web and what ever else I need
  6. New Business Laptop

    yep, that's the only issue that came from windows 10 or an update. now running these programs with only 2gb ram has caused some. that's the best @Primal Decals and I can come up with. comp or programs lock up or shut dn , working with AI open, cut program open, with maybe more than 1 open, and possibly vector magic and a internet window open = boom , a lock down or shut down. Vinyl master definitely doesn't like having several documents/ work page open at a time. it constantly has a pop up coming up telling me it needs to close.
  7. New Business Laptop

    yep, was running 10 before I bought my cutter. no problems that I know of with running 10. I have both VM cut and scalps4. I believe the issues I have stem from my comp only having 2gb of ram. $180 dell laptop bought at BB black fri sale 2013 to surf net and use for email. lol. I just purchased my upgrade lap top. so new I haven't turned it on yet. I just saw some decent computers on sale for black fri at best buy last night. 8 - 10 gb ram for less than $500. if not mistaken ,saw 1 for $300 I5 8gb ram I sent @Primal Decals all kinds of sale ads while I was shopping for the replacement to get the ya or na. I ended up with an I7 7500 , 8gb ram 2 tb hdfor $500 and the way I like to buy 0 % interest card. lol
  8. I figure it’s about time I post my attempt of this thing of working with vinyl Customer was sent from another store to me, so of course I had to see if I could do it. Name was spelled wrong, forgot to take a pic b4 I removed the wrong letter . pics loaded in wrong order , talked with @Primal Decals about how much to charge. We both thought $10-15. So I went with $15, customer gave me $30. Can’t rem. But mayb my 1st tip
  9. Newbie Here

    welcome aboard. great forum for questions like your other post. lots of great people that will help you learn with their yrs of knowledge. Ive been a newbie for about yr & 1/2 now.. I learn something new almost everytime I log on. I bought a sc model cutter b4 joining the group. its not a bad cutter, but if I had to do over again. I would've started with a titan 2
  10. Clear transfer tape only picking up black and white

    @Primal Decals where do I order ditto paper tape?? have u been holding out on me? u have never mentioned such an item... lol now on a serious note, I learn something almost every time I log on. I use and I have tried both, a long with several different brands of clear. the 1st I tried with wet apply basically seemed to melt to the vinyl. I now found some that I can use wet, but its still not like using paper. in my opinion it depends on the job what tape I use. but I do like using the clear for layering. and for display at the shop I try to keep the ft sticker on the display in clear so customers can see the decal better.
  11. New SC2 introduced

    ha, yea wouldn't mind the roar of a big block
  12. New SC2 introduced

    o ok, mine almost sounds like a big block running compared to @Primal Decals titan 2. or maybe the space ship on Close encounters movie
  13. New SC2 introduced

    hows it quieter if it still is a stepper motor cutter? I have a reg sc, its pretty loud
  14. Back Lit signs

    well I used to be a cnc machinist and do all types of custom metal fab work in my jeep shop. so i figure hopefully i can handle this. i did have a sign box just like the 1 on my building. i was keeping it until I got tired of it in the way. ive read most have switched to using led in their signs. leds are easier to wire than ballast. I also used to have an aquarium/ fish store, so have built a lot of custom lighting in aquarium hoods for saltwater and reef tanks
  15. Extra License

    let us kno how this turns out