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  1. cardudenc

    Equipment Advice Please!

    I was doing this a few yrs ago. I ended up buying a 54" sc starter combo. I felt like being a newbie never cutting vinyl before, this would be the easiest way to make my own sign for our business . no heat press, just all the tools to start cutting vinyl. maybe the sign shop combo. but always had intentions to add htv . I even ordered htv with my initial order. so 6 months or so later after learning how to cut vinyl a friend came in on a fri wanting shirts for a biz meeting with FEMA by mon. Quickest thing I could get because of amazons sun del was a press from there. so I didn't see anything I really was interested in so didn't want to spend a lot. in the jam I ordered a $125- $150 9x12 swing arm press. I def made my $ back quickly. have now upgraded both cutter and press. with that being said, I would def do it different if I was starting from scratch again, and that is starting with higher quality servo cutter from the start. there is a difference. like others have posted , it really shows in larger cuts. I had to redo my 1st BIG commercial job. I didn't catch the error before the customer did. so that was a tough 1. starting out with the cheaper stepper cutter you will def learn all the tricks to getting clean cuts. then really appreciate a servo cutter when you get there. my upgrade to servo was with a pre owned cutter, but if doing it from the beginning , Ive seen the Titan 2 on sale at affordable price for a servo. a friend of mine loves and swears by his, less than half the price of a Graphtec or Roland.
  2. cardudenc

    Registration marks

    vinyl waste is why ive never used reg. marks. so will def have to check this moving them out. ive never checked for that, I mainly use scalps 4 , plan on upgrading to 5. but I still have the copy of VM that came with my cutter. I only use it now for designs I created n it before getting scalps. been too lazy to make copies of the files. lol. I have a couple back lit set ups I use for layering. I had some big plans, but space slowed that dn. so the 1st 1 I built is 2' x 4' table. mine isn't as cool @Primal Decals , check his old post on here. really cool set up. then for small stuff I placed a led light in 1 the display counter I work off in the ft of the shop. its really too bright, going to tone it dn.
  3. cardudenc

    Creation Kingcut

    all I have is a usb port, and not a printer port like on my sc or graphtec . a reg usb port just like on my laptop, no other port that I can find
  4. bringing 1 up from the depths. what do you guys think 1 is worth now? 4 yrs later
  5. cardudenc

    Creation Kingcut

    well, gotten no where with this. dn loaded the driver and tried a few things , but nothing
  6. cardudenc

    Roland color camm PNC 5000 vs PC 50

    a guy is dropping off a pnc 5000 for me to check out. I don't think he ever used the printer part of the machine. so ive been researching these a lil bit in my not so spare time. he as it and the creation king cut I posted up the other day
  7. cardudenc

    Creation Kingcut

    ok, so with saying generic drivers would work. how do I set it up
  8. cardudenc

    Creation Kingcut

    I tried dn loading that when I joined the forum a few yrs ago. don't think I had any luck, will have to check that comp. I know I never used it.
  9. someone dropped a sign warehouse kingcut cutter by the shop for me to checkout. so looking at all markings on the cutter it looks like this could be made by creation. anyone familiar with this cutter? 1st issue was it uses a usb male to male cable. just picked 1 up, but now don't see it in any of my cut program list. im using VM cut and scalps 4
  10. cardudenc


    sorry just getting back on here. with VM ( vinyl master) on the tool bar click on the icon for vinyl spooler, looks like the space shuttle. open it and then you will see the calibration tab. again, since your local. if you need any help you can message me on here or call . I def don't know everything, but do have experience with a us cutter machine and VM. I started as newbie in 2016. knew very lil comp wise and none with this kind of software. wasn't getting very far past being able to cut out anything but txt. then asked on here for help with a logo. another member I met on here volunteered to help with the logo. then told me he started with vinyl in 2014, same thing. he didn't know much about vinyl but was comp. guy. so he told me he didn't want anyone to have the issues he had trying to learn. so has been helping me ever since. so its my way of paying it fwd.
  11. cardudenc


    did you calibrate your cutter after setting it up? that's something i didn't do for a long time. well until it showed up. i was cutting something that really had to b to spec. by the measurements on the screen i was at 24.75x5.25 but after cutting that wasn't the case. i bet it was over a yr b4 this came up, but everything i make is mainly my design, txt or whatever. so never had to fit exact, so i never checked after the cut. i make a lot of decals to sell at the store. so if i thought it was 5" long and it was + or - a lil bit it never really mattered. so if u haven't , check it out and c how much u need to adjust it
  12. cardudenc

    Transfer Tape

    yep, at the start i just cut it off however. no telling how i might cut a decal. now i almost have them all perfect square or whatever. but if multiples all r def same size. and for laying app tape sticky side dn and static creating issues, i use scotch double sided clear tape. can get it any where
  13. cardudenc

    Myrtle Beach SC Nebie here

    our landlords original store is in Conway, the Wild West Western store. we r b side him in surfside.
  14. cardudenc

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    ive watched a few videos on home made cnc .