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  1. There is a way to adjust the pressure of the pinch roller? I'm actually on the setup/videos section as I type trying to brush up more on the technical aspect of the equipment, so far haven't found an adjustment on the roller yet.
  2. Thanks! It was just a reflex worry about trying a new machine and seeing those indentations but good to know they are normal. I was just surprised I got everything set up properly. The hardest part was getting the cross bar installed on the stand because the screw kept falling inside lol.
  3. Thank you both for the response. I thought I was doing something wrong, but glad I actually got it set up without too much headache. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I hope I'm posting it in the right area - this forum seem to have a good amount of traffic so hopefully it can help. I apologize if it's not. New to decal/vinyl making, and got my SC Cutter 34" set up in no time today using Sure Cuts a Lot Pro 3 for Mac. Got the machine going and software set up, and made my very first print without too much headache - except for one minor issue: The pinch roller is leaving textured marks on the vinyl after a cut (attached is a photo of the finished piece after weeding - if you look at the B you can see the what I mean about the roller putting textured marks where the vinyl is being pushed down on the textured silver area). I'm using the 12"x5 yard Greenstar vinyl. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated