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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm tryng to find the cutter settings to cut .5mm Mylar templates. I've gone through the topics and don't see anything helpful. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  2. Thank you. I haven't check here for awhile, but appreciate your time and efforts. I've downloaded the files and will try this.
  3. Hello Everyone, I currently have a Graphtec CE6000-40 and doing great stencil cutting business on eBay. I've been toying with the idea of getting a larger cutter (24") to maximize my cutting ability.(I cut a variety of stencil, not custom) I'd like to get a CE6000-60, but am also looking at other brands that may be less expensive and will do the job. My issue is that all my staple artwork is stored as ".gstudio and I'm don't know if they will be compatible. Any suggestion on equipment and/or saving options. Have a great evening! Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone, I current use a Graphtec CE6000-40 and love it, but I want to go to a 24" machine. My issue is the graphics that I already have (1,000+) are all cut jobs with .gstudio extensions. If I go with a Roland, or other brand how much trouble am I getting in to trying to use my existing cut jobs on a different brand of machine. I'm finding some good deals on way cheaper machines than the Graphtec line. Thanks for any help you can render here.
  5. I made an offer on this CM-400 and it was accepted. My worry is how difficult it's going to be to convert my Graphtec layouts to a Roland layout without having to redesign them all.. Anyone have any advise on this? TIA
  6. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    Just an update on this cutter I bought back in April 2016. I have ben using this thing like mad as my stencil business is building on eBay, and locally. This CE6000-40 hasn't missed a beat. I'm now looking at expanding with a Roland CAMM-1 PRO CM-400. I don't know how old it is, but from researching it, it must be pretty old as the connections are not USB, and the Drivers are Win95-98-NT. Anyone know how old it might be? Thanks again for everyone's great advise.
  7. Hello All Does anyone know when the Roland CM-400 was produced. It seems to be pretty aged as it shows drivers for Win95-98-NT I have the chance to buy one for $950 that claims to be in GREAT shape and I was just wondering if it's worth a 3 hr. drive to look at it. Thanks
  8. I have a chance to buy this machine and owner wants $750. Used very little, pictures look good, but I have not actually seen the machine. Any thoughts on if this is a good price, and does this model function anything like the CE6000-40? Thanks for helping
  9. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    Sorry, It's a CE6000-40 and I bought it. It was new and I think it was a great deal from what I can tell.
  10. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    OK,found a deal locally and hopefully buying a NIB Graphtec CE63000-40 for $800. It's a print shop selling it, and I'm a little concerned about it being NIB. Any ways I can be positive that it is? Thanks
  11. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    Wow, those stars are really nice. Thanks for all the info. I don't plan on more than just cutting stencils for cerakoting / duracoting firearms so I'm thinking a 15" machine should be good. I'll probably take all this solid advice and go up one size on the width.
  12. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    Thanks, I sorta figured that.
  13. 1rogerl2

    New to cutting vinyl

    Any help on getting started with equipment to cut Avery yellow mask stencils for Cerakoting firearms? I'm looking at MH and SC equipment but Us Cutter Sales recommended much more expensive Titan 2....not a lot of job starting out so just need something that will cut camo, skulls, Kryptech, and so on.. Thanks in advance