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  1. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Store Front Pricing question

    She wanted cash instead to be paid. So what I did was charge $400 installed and also making another sign for her other door that people use on accident. Hopefully that works out. After buying materials and such I should net about 300. Going for a wet install here since I will get some wiggle room.
  2. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Store Front Pricing question

    Owner's request, but I could bring that up when i get there for the "quote" this week.
  3. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Store Front Pricing question

    That's exactly what I was thinking! See what they say.
  4. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Store Front Pricing question

    I was definitely going to heavily discourage the 651 since its calendared. I know 751 is the minimum go to typically so I was going to really press that. Happy to hear that. Nothing old to remove, just basic larger lettering and about 2 hours work sounds fair for me and any learning curve. They want another smaller decal on the door so I'm thinking $400 should do it. We are going to need to board our dog for 2 weeks next month so I'm hoping we can put that $400 towards it in credit, or they can just do it one for one (fingers crossed). Since it's going to cost us $825. That would definitely be a good savings off for me at any amount close to half that. I'll definitely have to buy 2 rolls for this just in case of mistakes so that's about $106 from a local supplier. Not too bad still.
  5. Alright guys, so this is going to be my first large decal and install for a customer. I just do this on the side for fun and passive income mainly. The place where my wife and I take our dog for boarding found out I did decals and they reached out. I haven't gone and measured it exactly yet, but I imagine each panel is 4-5' wide and about 2-3' high. I'm going to offer 651, 751, or 951 as options with the "up to" life's of each given. I was planning on doing a wet install with Rapid Tac (maybe just pick up some Rapid Tac II based on what I've been reading). Any input is welcome. From what I have read here on other threads, it seems most charge around the $10 per linear foot range. I estimate this to be about 30-35' of lettering so, $300-350 just on material cost to customer for 651. I'm trying to figure what I would have to charge for the 751 or 951 if they wanted it. Also, I have never done an install like this (or really ever but it doesn't deter me), so I'm really struggling with what to charge for the install? I'm thinking maybe $100-150, so maybe in the $500 range for the 651 install with supplies and misc costs figured. Does this sound fair or is it way over? I have included a very rough mock up I made. Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Titan 2 questions

    I did the Titan 2 with the Sure Cuts Alot! It works great. I just needed to dial it in more. Haven't used it in several months. The Cameo has been working for my small projects I need.
  7. For 100 of these decals: oracal 651 1.75" x 12" 2 colors
  8. AmericanWarriorDecals

    2 color decal runs

    I'm using a us cutter Titan 2. I e always had trouble pricing. I've heard 1$ per and 1/2 that oernadditijnal color. I also installed it for him.
  9. AmericanWarriorDecals

    2 color decal runs

    Just for the large! I'm not that generous...
  10. AmericanWarriorDecals

    2 color decal runs

    They weed with ease. Big bold lettering (thank god). I'm also doing a 6"x39" decal of the same for my buddy that negotiated the deal. I'm only charging $50.00. I feel that's fair.
  11. AmericanWarriorDecals

    2 color decal runs

    Ok, I will give this a shot, I know I had tried for the samples and the registration marks from one lined up, but the others didn't. I'm guessing I have to be certain that the vinyl is feeding perfectly straight (such a pain some times).
  12. AmericanWarriorDecals

    2 color decal runs

    Hey guys just had a question for you all. I may be having a large order of 2 tone decals for a tuning shop. I told them as a 1 man show I can do about 200 of them even though they may want thousands (I had a friend doing the talking with them as their customer and he didn't really understand what my capabilities were). When he told me that I said there is no way I can facilitate a large order like that. I also told him with those kind of numbers they would want to go printed (He said 15k at one point and I started laughing). Any who, besides that, they were still interested in the "smaller" run for now My question for you all is: Does anyone have any tips on layering multiple decals at one? They are only 1.75" x12" decals with no overlapping layers.
  13. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Layering 4 layers and bubbles

    Haven't followed up here, sorry. Each color was a different solid layer so yellow bottom, then white, then maroon, then yellow again. I was having issues with the 651 on the helmet anyway and just farmed the job off to another local company and had it printed on auto wrap vinyl since they were more capable. I have adopted the parchment paper trick since researching and it has been a game changer. So much easier for me. Thank you all for the input. These were just going to be sent to a buddy of mine as I don't typically do installs. Thank you again!
  14. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Layering 4 layers and bubbles

    Gonna post this here before I go and pick up parchment paper and try the trick I saw here. I've always had this problem with bubbling around an areas where I place the text and in general. Doesn't seem to matter how slow or precise I go. Any tips or tricks? ive been trying to line up the reg marks (im now using at-75 app tape) but always seem to slightly offset them. Also the curve in the backing always seem to be an issue. It all looks good at first, until I look closer after its done and see that. There were 4 decal attempts to get this one which isn't even good. I'm kinda going crazy here I will be ordering oracal 751 since its for a motorcycle helmet and I want it to be easier to apply for my customer the 651 I got to work but with ally of effort to get it on as a test
  15. AmericanWarriorDecals

    Pricing question for 951

    So that is to track your costs I see, do you use something to calculate what you charge? Really good spreadsheet though, I might have to borrow this, thank you!