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  1. I do banners anywhere from $10 for a single word to $100 for multi color with some designs on it. Also charge $10 is they want it installed.
  2. Tks_Designz

    Clear Transfer Tape Exist Yet? I bought this stuff and its really sticky. Also, its pretty clear just a little foggy
  3. Tks_Designz

    Thank God for Backups

    I need to back mine up...if the computer were to crash i'd lose hundreds of hours of work... actually i'm doing that now. Because if that would happen i might be tempted to quit.
  4. This isn't my first rodeo lol. tbh i'm going to hate life and want to neck myself after 10.
  5. Don't know how to post pics... they are roughly 2" x 4" and take a minute to weed so that 16.6 hours of weeding. So thats $25.20 so lets just say $21 a hour after material costs.
  6. Tks_Designz

    Vinyl vs. Rear Window Wiper

    A new trend with the import scene is putting banners that usually go at the top of the windshield, right above their wipers... they seem to be holding up well too.
  7. I just noticed where you live. I used to live there a years ago. Not same town but a few hours away. You ever consider moving out of that town and closer to the twin cities? St. Cloud for instance. The city will be were all the wraps will be at...also competition. However, Normal metallic vehicle wraps are becoming popular. The car culture is going to be more saturated in the twin cities. Buy a house in st. cloud with a attached or detached garage hell if you buy a house on a decent amount of land build your own shop.
  8. Tks_Designz

    Was this a good trade?

    Not even done with the design yet. The deadline is the end of july. So we are not in much of a hurry atm.
  9. Tks_Designz

    Was this a good trade?

    Shit i should ask...i haven't started cutting yet
  10. Tks_Designz

    Windshield lengths

    This actually helps me out a ton, Thank you. This would also help with decals for other parts of the body also. You think autozone would have glass dimensions on their website...
  11. I got a deal with a dealership for 1000 dealer tags. i'm charging $425.00 is that to low? What do/would you guys charge?