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  1. Hi I have a PCut 700 I posted this q in the wrong forum earlier! But when I try to cut something, the plotter blade lifts up in the middle 100mm on the machine. It does this all the time, and so the middle section of the design doesnt cut. I have checked communication settings and they are all ok. But this happens no matter what I try to cut...and always in the same part of the machine - the middle 100mm. Any ideas please?
  2. Hi If I try to cut something which is the width of the vinyl, say about 500mm, the blade will cut, until it gets to a specific spot (about 100mm in the exact middle of the machine) and the blade lifts up, goes past the area, and then drops down and carries on cutting. This happens regardless of the image it is cutting. I have a ProCut 700 machine. It is my first time posting on here...I hope someone can help me please