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  1. decca591

    Creating Stripes

    plus you can add text or diagonal lines to make it even snazzier, no fun in just getting a roll of narrow vinyl - might as well use masking tape and a tin of spray paint :-) Decca.
  2. decca591

    heat press not heating up

    Hi Guys I have a plain heat press that does not heat up. There is power to the press, the countdown lights up and works, but no lights on the temp controller and no heat. Pulled and waggled everything I can see and feel - all seems connected ok. Transformer doesn't light up, but if I take it off, put 9 volts thru it then it does light up a bulb that I connected to it, don't know if this helps, but not much else I can check - any ideas as where I should poke and prod next ? Decca Just thought I'd add a couple of pics, the two images show my controller on the left, and the one sent as a replacement on the right - questions is, is it possible that the controller on the right can be wired given the configurment of the wiring on mine ! The other difference is that the replacement is about a third deeper than mine, though height and width are same and they both fit same slot ! Decca