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  1. vinylking

    Seike SK1350T 54"

    I guess now I have a windows 10 not a mac. They gave me a 3 inch broken disc that never worked and Artcut software. I put that in the computer and doesn't recognize it.
  2. vinylking

    Seike SK1350T 54"

    I have OS, I tried getting back on the seike site from my computer and it tells me the site is not secured My husband looks at me and laughs because I have been looking for days. I just found this site again to see if anybody had advise. Thank you for this info.
  3. vinylking

    Seike SK1350T 54"

    Bought a Seike SK1350 off the internet, of course the 3 inch driver was cracked. I have know how I did it but I got my plotter to work, my business was going great. Then BAMMMM.....Something happened to my computer and said "Good Bye". I lost everything in the computer, pictures, music, passwords. Of course, I'm not like my kids, SAVE everything on other disk?? I need to know if I have a paper weight now or if anybody knows how I can get a new or used or compatible driver to get this thing working again?