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  1. thanks for your fast response. Yes I accidentally typed print, i know it cuts, sad that is the main focus of your response. but yes, I did install the usb chip-set, its called FTDI CDM correct? if so please, next step
  2. I am at a loss, I like tons of other pages, no idea what I am doing. I have been using signblazer on my old laptop for about 10 years. I got a very decent computer, and decided to use it instead of my old laptop. Its just a new windows desktop with windows 10 64 bit. I could not figure out how to get it to get a connection and cut, so I kept using my laptop, but now! i got a new/used cutter. i now have the 871-mk2 and same thing, I cannot get it to work. I have installed the driver, does not work. sighblazer does not show the us cutter, but while searching I see you can use redsail rs720c still nothing com settings do not show anything like I have. everything i search, every video I find is all old versions of windows, and all the link no longer work, please help mw
  3. What about ink master, then copy and paste?
  4. Hey guys! So, I am wanting to move forward a bit, and looking into getting a cutter/printer in one. I am thinking 24inch is the size I would like, and I will need to look into laminating as well. But, just to mess around, what is a good deal on a cutter/printer combo? I am wanting to spend under 2 grand shipped if possible, thanks! -Russ
  5. Thank you for your response. any links to tutorials on vinylmaster pro? or youtube links etc?
  6. Hi all, looked through the forum, saw some older posts about this, but would like to hit this topic again, as hopefully new solutions. I am looking into trying to Print with my inkjet printer, and then laminate it, and then cut it in my Graphtec FC7000-100. SO questions are.... 1. What program could I use, that hopefully you have experience with using (can be paid program obviously, does not have to be freeware) 2. what materials would you recommend? 3. The overall process you do, and how well does it work? thanks in advance! -Russ
  7. I use Sign Blazer Elements, so not sure? I will see if I can find this setting. Good thinking peeps!
  8. Still a NeWb here... So, my cutter keeps going to some hard default. The speed is my main concern, it keeps jumping to 35, and sure it cuts it good, I just like it to go at a slower speed. I press conditions, set it the way I want (speed 7) Cuts the full image and works perfect. Then, I decide to cut a 2nd image, and it jumps to speed 35 again. I have really been watching it, and it will show speed 7 and as soon as the blade hits the vinyl, it jumps to speed 35 again?? Or am I dumb that I want to slow it down? In my mind, i just pitcure more friction, and heat at the faster speed, and maybe dull the blade faster?
  9. Well Cutters, It WORKED!!!! I got new Vinyl and had to set blade a tad bit deeper but it cut all the way across! So pumped. Thank you so much everyone, I am glad I asked, because I was about to take the whole damn thing apart haha.
  10. hahaha ok! I am getting it. Thanks so much guys! Be home in about 2 hours, and will jump on to try it!
  11. ign 5

    Graphtec CE6000-60 HELP

    Not sure, but to me sounds like maybe your computers updated, and you need to install the newest driver.
  12. Whoa, whoa whoa...wait a sec. If I am reading The SKEETER's post correctly, the top movable rollers, I don't have to put them on the bottom rollers? (sorry for bad terms) When I met with a guy who taught me how to use it, he said I have to put the top rollers centered with the bottom rollers. Maybe I should make a new video showing what I was taught, maybe you guys could correct me? yea?
  13. ign 5

    Vinyl Master Pro Ver 4

    Restore to factory settings haha. That's what I do whenever I get dumb issues. just remember or take pictures of your condition settings and you are good to go. If you do decide to go this route, it is very simple. You hold some buttons while you turn the machine on, Just do a search on this forum.
  14. Thanks everyone! I cannot wait to go home and try moving the roller, it will be hilarious if that is all it is! The current cut depth is perfect on the half that it does indeed cut, so that should not be the issue. I have attempted to move the very last roller on the left (looking at the machine) and the machine freaks out. I have a link to the owners manual, I may have to look at that, seems like that last roller is so pointless. I will attempt to cut something tonight and post results.
  15. Hello, New to plotters, and new to this forum. I have ghosted on here awhile, but need help. I have an FC7000-100 and got it used. I have done a full restore on the machine, and got a new blade, and a new blade holder. Whenever I cut anything, it works perfect, until it gets to about half of the sheet, and then it is like the blade does not go deep enough. I am thinking maybe one side can somehow be raised up? some sort of config? I have turned whatever I am cutting to cut the long way, and it works, but wastes so much material. Any help on this would be amazing! I made a video showing it, but for some reason I cannot copy and paste on this forum? I will try to type the youtube link hopefully that works? Thanks in advance, Russ