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  1. VinylMaster

    another rookie question...

    You can make any shape a Registration Color:
  2. In Object mode you will see the padlock here:
  3. How do you install icc printer profiles on vinylmaster designer? 

  4. VinylMaster

    Delete Line Segments

    If the object is curves and is not grouped you can work in Node Edit mode (click 1 below) and use Break Curve (at two points, see 3 below) to create a segment (Tip: set the curve Object to wireframe fill, by selecting it and clicking 2 below). Next click the Curve (menu) > Break Apart (4) and then delete the segment.
  5. VinylMaster


    Please see this guide: I have bought your software but cannot locate the original owner?
  6. VinylMaster

    Pulling my Hair out

    That is the VinylMaster Help Manual. Please open and read through it as it explains what to do such as select the item to see the Knife tool etc.
  7. Your can also use the Node edit tools on bitmaps i.e. modify the shape and if you have PRO or above click the Images (menu) > Edit Pixels
  8. VinylMaster

    Pulling my Hair out

    All explained here:
  9. If you have PRO or above you can draw a square over the parts of the jpeg you wish to cut out, select both items and hit Punch out from the Weld Tools. Works the same for bitmaps as it does vectors: Punch Out - Quick Lesson
  10. Click the Help (menu) > Help Topics Note: PRO, DSR & XPT Only
  11. VinylMaster

    Pulling my Hair out

    Place it above the camera icon, select both and click Punch Out from the Weld tools. Punch Out - Quick Lesson
  12. Also, not all fonts are for cutting i.e. many are for distressed artwork for printing and are designed to be rough as an effect.
  13. VinylMaster

    Vinyl LTR

    Also, please refer to the FAQ for this question here:
  14. VinylMaster

    USCutter Expo

    A big thank you from USCutter and VinylMaster to everyone who attended the USCutter Expo on November 9 and 10 in Memphis. We all enjoyed ourselves and everyone went away with a big smile!
  15. There is an Outline tool (single outline) and and Outline Effect (multi inline or outline). Look it up in the Help (menu) > Help Topics.